Procurement of Materials
for the Falling Concrete Experiment
at The Home Depot of Washington DC

The original plan for the Falling Concrete study was to use concrete with nano-thermite in it, as was found in the dust from the World Trade Center by Dr. Steven Jones and Dr. Niels Harrit.  But they did not have this item in stock.

We are here at The Home Depot to get the materials for our experiment.

Let's go shopping!

Question: "Excuse me Ma'am.
Do you have concrete with explosives in it?

Answer: "No sir, I don't think we sell explosives of any kind,
especially to the public."

Question: "Excuse me Ma'am. 
Do you have Concrete with nano-thermite in it?"

Answer: "Nano-what?  I'm not sure, sir. 
If we do it is over in the Garden Center."

Question: "Sir, do you sell concrete with nano-thermite in it?"
Answer: "No, but we have concrete in the Garden Center."

Garden Center
You can do it.  We can help.

Loading up the cart with the concrete slabs.

All set and ready to check out.

Checking out.

The check out lady asked "Did you find everything you wanted?"
My answer: "No, there was no concrete with nano-thermite in it."

Answer: "Let me check with my manager,
and see when we'll have it in stock."

"Sorry sir, but we don't carry that item
at this Home Depot.  You can try the web."

Now back to the laboratory.

Does concrete turn to dust when it falls?

 A special thanks goes to the Home Depot staff for trying their best to accommodate an unusual request from a customer.
No insult is intended to the staff. Very few have heard of nano-thermite.  Just some "Candid Camera" style fun. : )

Falling Concrete Experiment