Olson Questions

Some suspect that Ted's new 4th wife, Lady Booth Olson
is actually Barbara Olson with plastic surgery.

It is very difficult to find information about Lady Booth on the web,
other than her marriage to Ted Olson.

Ted and Barb have Wikipedia.org entries, but not Lady Booth.

Is Lady Booth actually Barbara Olson?

Where did Lady Booth go to law school?
Why did an attractive, educated lady not marry until 45?
Why did she appear as if out of nowhere, and conveniently meet Ted?
Where is her photo in a high school, college, and law school year book?
Why is there so little information about her available?
How was Flight 77 substituted for a remote controlled military drone?
Where was Barbara from 9/11/2001 until she met Ted?
Who was at the wedding on 21-Oct-2006?
Were her parents there?
Who was her plastic surgeon?
What are the heights of Barbara and Lady Booth?

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