World Trade Centers on 9/11/2001

What should the WTCs have looked like after the jets hit them?

Even if the top floors collapsed, the floors below the jet impacts did exactly what they were designed to.
They were not under significantly greater weight than what they supported for over 30 years since 1971.
The bottom 92 floors of WTC1, and 76 floors of WTC2, had less than the normal weight on them.
They withstood the 13-February-1975 fire, and 13-February 1993 bombing just fine.
The above graphic simulates what should have been a worst case scenario.

What could have caused them to start looking like this,
which only started collapsing about an hour after the jets on 9/11?

Nanothermite explosives
are one explanation that fits what happened

The floors were Fall Resistance Structures
specifically designed, with strong steel and concrete
to resist fall of materials from the floor above.
Even if the floors reduced the speed by 10%
The collapse should have stopped after 10 floors.

Could it be any more obvious?

If the WTC towers suddenly exploded did this,
no one would deny that an explosives were involved.
The jet planes were a diversion to get our minds off this.
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