Write Your Congressman

Dear Congressman _____:

We have been seen that the concrete from the World Trade Center pulverized in to dust. We have been told that explosives were not involved.  We can see the drawbacks of the official conspiracy theory of the 9/11 Commission that does not hold up to scrutiny, or simple experiments that anyone can do at home.  (See www.911Experiments.com)

Exploded and unexploded nano-thermitic material has been identified with a microscope and chemical analyzers in a laboratory by Dr. Niels Harrit of the Univesity of Copenhagen, and Dr. Steven Jones, Professor Emeritus of BYU. The study was published in the Benthem Chemistry and Physics Journal. www.NielsHarrit.org

For the Challenger Disaster, we had an investigation panel within weeks, including physicist Dr. Richard Feynman. For 9/11, it took over 400 days to finally get an investigation, without a single scientist. Most of the panel stated that they did not get the information they requested. Senator Max Cleland quit, saying that the investigation was compromised.

It is time for an end to the mistruths about what happened on 9/11, which changed our country in so many ways. please join with other Congressmen in demanding a new investigation of what happened on 9/11/2001.

We need the truth to stand on concrete ground for the future.

Thank you.

Congressmen for 9/11 Truth:
Dennis Kucinich
Jasen Chaffetz
Cliff Steranes
Maurice Hinchey
Ed Markey
Robert Wexler