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Scientific Research takes Perseverance

Dr. Benson has been a pioneer with intestinal fortitude, studying the physiological changes during meditation techniques since 1968 as a professor at Harvard helping them become acceptable topics of study.  He persevered through years of ridicule by his peers at Harvard Medical School, and kept doing research and publishing. Dr. Benson and Dr. Robert K. Wallace
published first study,
"A wakeful hypometabolic physiologic state"
in the American Journal of Physiology, 1971

Other scientists joined in.

Dr. Benson became Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Harvard.  Now there are over 600 published papers, including studies funded with over $20 million by the conservative National Institutes of Health, discussed in medical school classrooms.

Now there are 7 volumes of
Scientific Research on TM
Collected Papers
wpe9.jpg (7657 bytes)  (now over 600)

Coming Soon:
Collected Articles on Nine Eleven, Volume I

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