Why 9/11?

Oliver Stone confirmed that "Mr. X" in the movie JFK
is actually Colonel Fletcher Prouty, and used this scene
to bring out actual correspondence with Jim Garrison
There are so many facts brought out quickly in this scene,
YouTube is the only way the American public can get it all,
raising questions such as why was Lee Harvey Oswald's
military file destroyed?  Who could do that?  (He mentions
the phone outage in DC, but in every city people called
friends to talk about the murder, overloading the sytem.)
The smoke filled room scenes were carefully chosen to
bring out such points as General Max Taylor's assignment
to McNamara, intended to control Kennedy, but backfired.
JFK issued National Security TS Memos 55, 56, and 57
turning over all CIA covert ops to the miltary. Kennedy fired
Allen Dulles, General Charles Cabell,and Richard Bisell, 
over the Bay of Pigs.  He angered General Ed Lansdale
(who used to push Vietnamese out of choppers to get
"confessions")  He insulted Admiral Lemnitzer for
Operation Northwoods, transferring him out to NATO.
Colonel Fletcher was Chief of Black Ops, but sent to
the South Pole by General Y (Lansdale) one week after
the assassination of President Ngo Diem and 2 weeks
before Kennedy's.  Mr. X is Stone's "composite character"
to talk about violations of routine security precautions.
Someone ordered at 112th Military Intelligence Group at
the 4th Army's Headquarters at Fort Sam Houston not
to help the USSS, over the protests of the unit commander
Col. Max Reich, violating standard operating procedure.
USSS Agent Samuel Kinney order the removal of JFK's
bubble top. Emory P. Roberts ordered Agent Henry J.
Rybka not to ride the back of JFK's limousine as usual.
He was perplexed, ordered never to make statements,
and died of a suspicious heart attack at age 32.
No one in the USSS was fired or demoted.
On his way back through New Zealand 11/23 at 2:00pm
(7 hours of time zone ahead of Dallas), Col. Prouty read
in their newspapers (published early mornings) that
Oswald was charged at 11/22 7:00pm Dallas time with
the murder of Offficer Tippet. They already had his full bio.
In 1949 the US defense budget was 10 billion.
No war.  No money.
In his letters Col. Prouty encouraged Garrison to ask:
1. Why was Kennedy killed?
2. Who benefitted?
3, Who had the power to cover it up?
That was 1963, and the perpetrators got Johnson's
National Security Action Memorandum 273
effectively reversing Kennedy's NSAM 263,
the day after he was buried, starting Vietnam War.
The JFK movie got many Americans thinking,
but evidently not enough.  In 2001, about 38 years
later, it was time for another budget booster.
They call it a "fund raiser" in this prophetic movie.
1. Why did 9/11 happen?
2. Who benefitted?
3. Who has the power to cover it up?