Michael Shermer


C-SPAN Washington Journal host Brian Lamb

"No one like Ace Elevator has come forward to confess to 9/11 and go to jail"
No one has confessed to a cover up ... when the 28 pages on who funded 9/11 is classified
No one has confessed to controlled demolition... when over 2000 architects petition Congress that is was CD
They could not have done X because they could have done Y more easily.
BBC article does not exist (when it does)  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/1559151.stm
Name drops Sagan (when wife Lynn (Presidential award in Biology) and sons Jeremy and Dorion are Truthers)
Name drops CalTech when Dr. Crockett Grabbe is a Truther

Dr. Shermer has an excellent Hirsch Index of 29 and rising


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Professor at Claremont University
USNWR 121, 10001 students


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Shermer on the Skeptics Society Geology Tour on June 8, 2007
Born September 8, 1954 (age 68)
Education Pepperdine University (BA)
California State University, Fullerton (MA)
Claremont Graduate University (PhD)
Occupation writer, historian of science and editor
Title Editor-in-chief of Skeptic, adjunct professor at Chapman University
Website Official website