Lt. Wayne Madsen
confirms his statements on

National Press Club   April 3, 2013


There are some people who claim that you don't know you are on Patriots Question 9/11 Truth.
Are you aware you are on the Patriots who question 9/11 site?
Do you agree with the statements that are on there?
Have you seen that web site?

Yeah. Most of the people who came to me after 9/11 who told me that it wasn't the way it was reported were from the intelligence community.

I mean I'm talking about senior people.

We are talking about Branch Chiefs at NSA, working in SigInt divisions, people who were
senior analysts at the CIA ,
the Defense Intelligence Agency, and NGA, and a few of
those alphabetical letter agencies.

So there are people who question the official story.

It is astounding how many people have come forward.

Of course, it verified my doubts about what the story was.

Do you think that it is possible that controlled demolition was involved with the
World Trade Center?

Yeah, I think that when you look at the audio, and the eye witness reports.
And any of these people who say it was laser beams.. I think that can be discounted.
Because I think,
Having spoken with people at the World Trade Center
They wired the place up, ironically for wireles
So there was all kinds of stuff being moving in

They had asbestos removal, fireproof upgrading plus the
largest elevator modernization project in history
So there was plenty of opportunity.
Plus the were making it wireless.

There were also

Kevin Ryan's work has been very good about Marsh McLennan


There was a Yemeni Export Agency which wasn't really a Yemeni export agency.
It was run by a country in the middle east, but not Yemen.

Thank you for that.

And then of course the Israeli shipping company, which left.

They shipped out the week before 9/11, broke their lease.

They broke the lease, paid the fine, and moved to Norfolk.

Well, that should satisfy anybody who is questioning (your entry).

Also Saul Eisenberg was Bater
Batar was the first intelligency for the Jewish Agency of Palestine
they were actually trained by the high imperial command in Japan
Because the were base in Shanghai

The rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper
One thing I find about 9/11 is - the more we know, the more there is to know.

That's not appropriate
We have enough to know what it is.
The weight of the evidence is not the issue.
That's not was is standing in the way of a leap in consciousness
It's not the weight of evidence.
It is something else entirely.
It's power of relations, control of information.
We can collect evidence from today until tomorrow.
It all conforms to what it was, what we know it is.
Thank you Wayne.

I think the most powerful lists is Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
which is up to 1820 now, and there is a goal to have 2000 by the conference this

I did find out that Marshall, at least in the beginning, had participated in the
Pilots for 9/11 Truth

Oh very good.

Virtually, I think he ran a list and sent his stuff out to people.

The other question is...
Alan Miller has put together a list called PatriotsQuestion911.

And some have accused Alan of just going the the web and taking pictures, including
yours, and putting them on there without your knowledge.

I remember some years ago, someone sent me an email.
I said really, good luck. I don't care.
I never bought the official story and still don't buy it.
And I think most people in the United States don't buy that story.

And what happened 50 years ago,
that other fake story about Kennedy.

You would agree, it is insufficient to say that we don't believe the official account.

We know what didn't happen.

We do have to get to the point where
What actually happened. We didn't investigate it enough
That's the point of it after all.
It's too late for that.
All right Ray!

The FBI is always indicting people on criminal conspiracy.
But you can't say to the FBI that's a conspiracy.
They say "you might as well believe in flying saucers."
They are not going to accept that charge
But they can use that charge.

Wayne, this is the site I'm talking about Patriots who question 9/11.

You can scroll down to find your entry.

This just to verify, to people when they have Cognitive Dissonance
the grasp at straws saying "These are just some names. Oh, they don't question the
official story."
It has Major General Albert Stubblebine
and Dr. Robert Bowman, and other patiots who question 9/11.


Ok, well thank you for confirming that.



Wayne with materials from his investigation
and being presented a gift of AE911Truth materials
plus the new movie by Art Olivier