The Evidence


 AE911Truth's - Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction (33-min. version) 

This is the 33-min. version of the original two-hour Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction presentation.  Richard Gage, AIA of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth takes you through most of the scientific forensic evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the destruction of WTC was accomplished with explosive controlled demolition.



Explosive Testimony


Physicist Jeff Farrer is one of the scientists who found thermite in the World Trade Center dust. He discusses his process of discovery using the scientific method. 

Total Time: Approx. 45 min.

Physicist Steven Jones is also one of the scientists who found thermite inside the World Trade Center's dust. Chain of custody of the WTC dust and nanothermite are discussed in depth. 

Total time: Approx. 30 min.

Chemical Engineer Mark Basile is another scientist who found thermite in the World Trade Center dust. 

Total Time: Approx. 14 min.



 These and other experts are featured in our latest documentary "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out" 

The one hour version of the film is below...


Physics - WTC7 Free-fall

Physics teacher David Chandler uses simple scientific software to understand and show the free-fall demolition of World Trade Center Building 7




'The North Tower Exploding'

An examination of the North Tower exploding



'Downward Acceleration of the North Tower'

David Chandler's exploration of the downward acceleration of WTC 1



WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Free-fall (Part I)

In its draft report, released in August 2008, NIST attempted to cover up evidence that WTC7 fell at free-fall, but the cover-up was transparent. In its final report, released in November 2008, NIST finally acknowledged free-fall, but couched it in a bizarre framework that continues to deny its clear significance. This video displays the brazenness of the NIST WTC7 cover-up.



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NIST Admits Free-fall Part II (5:40 min)


NIST Admits Free-fall Part III (10:17 min)




9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate

Jonathan Cole tackles the thermate debate. Can thermate actually cut steel or is National Geographic's 911 show correct?




118 Witnesses: The Firefighters Testimony to 
Explosions in the Twin Towers




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9/11 Coincidences - Who Benefited?  Cui Bono?