Jody Gibbs, MArch

Bachelor of Arts in History, Yale. Graduate, Architectural Education at Yale and Harvard. Master of Architecture at Yale.
Loeb Fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Design
License in Architecture and General Building and Heavy Construction in Arizona.
Work Experience:
2 Years, Ministry of Education, Sierra Leone, West Africa
Director of Tucson Community Development/Design Center, Non Profit Architectural and Planning and Construction and Development to low income groups in Southern Arizona.
Consultant in basic human settlements to United Nations Habitat Program.
Adjunct Faculty Graduate School of Architecture, MIT
Coordinator, Voices of Opposition, Community Public Lecture Series 2003-Present
Member, 911 Truth Tucson 2006-Present
911 Statement:
Any experienced architect or person knowledgeable in building construction who will examine the information available cannot concur with the official story.

Jody Gibbs is an Architecture graduate of Yale, Harvard, and a faculty member of MIT  36:21
36:21 minute point of Experts Speak Out on Colorado Public TV