AE911Truth Petition Signer Summary

Quantity and Quality - Highly Educated Professionals Question 9/11
by Rick Shaddock

There are over 2000 architects and engineers who have signed the petition at since 2006.  The petition to Congress calls for a new investigation of the events of September 11, 2001.  A new investigation should be done by scientists, not politicians.  The petition list has both quantity and quality of signers.

The list contains signers from an impressive number of professions relevant to getting a new investigation of 9/11 such as Civil Engineers.  The list contains well-educated signers, including graduates from universities in the prestigious Ivy League.  These are people who as students typically graduated with the top grade point averages in their class, in order to be selected for admission. So they are very smart people.

Here is a chart summarizing the number of architects and engineers, by their degrees attained, and by university. 

Summary of the AE911Truth Petition Signers by:

Degrees obtained
University graduation (Ivy *)
Verified Architecture or Engineers

General Signers (Unverified)

Architecture or Engineering
 242 Professional Engineers
 163 Civil Engineers
 157 BS Electrical Engineering
 110 Bachelors, Architecture
  69 Masters, Architecture
  70 Masters, Engineering
  52 Bachelors, Civil Engineering
   8 Masters, Civil Engineering 

Considering All Majors
 513 Bachelors of Science
 191 Masters of Science
  77 PhDs in AE fields

Other Degrees
  99 AIA members
   7 FAIA members

U California Berkeley
Harvard *
Carnegie Mellon
Columbia *
Cornell *
Texas Tech
Worcester Polytechnic
U Pennsylvania *
Iowa State
Yale *
Cal Tech
Dartmouth *
Princeton *
Brown *

In the verified list of architects and engineers, there are over 240 Professional Engineers, 160 Civil Engineers, 70 PhDs, 17 MIT graduates, 16 Harvard graduates, and 5 Yale graduates. For example, Jody Gibbs is a graduate of both Harvard and Yale, and was on the faculty of MIT.  He says: "gravity works vertically, not laterally" referring to the 6 ton steel beam from World Trade Center 1 that somehow was thrown into the American Express building like a dart, indicative of the use of explosives.

Carnegie Mellon University, which specializes in engineering, has 15 graduates who have signed the petition.  For example, David Griscom is a physicist who received his PhD from Brown, worked at the Naval Research Laboratory, and was chosen by NASA, from among hundreds of scientists, as a Team Leader analyze the Moon rocks from the Apollo missions. He has published 193 studies in peer reviewed scientific journals and was a reviewer of the study on thermitic material found in the dust of the WTC.  Dr. Griscom says: "I implore my fellow physicists and engineers who may have the time, expertise, and (ideally) supercomputer access to get to work on the physics of the World Trade Center collapses and publish their findings in refereed journals like, say, the Journal of Applied Physics."

On the west coast of the USA, there are 27 graduates from the University of California at Berkeley who are architects or engineers, and 104 graduates in all.  Berkeley has the greatest number on the Petition, scoring the highest the nation in the "9/11 league" of universities.  The founder of AE911Truth, Richard Gage, received his degree in Architecture from Berkeley.  Nearby Stanford has 13, which is also near the headquarters for AE911Truth in San Francisco. 

Dr. Robert Bowman was a Lt. Col. in the U.S. Air Force, flew over 100 combat missions, and earned his Ph.D. in Aeronauts and Nuclear Engineering from the California Institute of Technology ("CalTech") near Los Angeles. He said: "Scholars and professionals with various kinds of expertise---including architects, engineers, firefighters, intelligence officers, lawyers, medical professionals, military officers, philosophers, religious leaders, physical scientists, and pilots---have spoken out about radical discrepancies between the official account of the 9/11 attacks and what they, as independent researchers, have learned."

In the middle of the USA, we have 4 verified signers from Northwestern near Chicago, 6 from Iowa State University, and 11 from Texas Tech.

If we also consider the 17540 General (non-Architects and non-Engineers) signers, the counts for university graduates are even more.  Harvard might  have up to 58 signers, and Berkeley up to 106 graduates if we also consider the unverified General Petition List.  However, verification of degrees by the Verification Team has only been done for the architects and engineers, so we should only make conclusions based on those.  The Team systematically calls each potential signer, asks them to fax their documentation, and checks the authenticity of their credentials. This is to guard against pranksters, and preserve the respectability of the list.

Many of the Petition signers have come forward to give video recorded interviews stating their views on 9/11.  The Experts Speak Out video has been played for months on Colorado Public Television, reaching millions of viewers.

Richard Gage was the first signer of the Petition on April 3, 2006, 4.5 years after 9/11.  He offered his co-workers at an architectural firm a pizza lunch while he made a presentation about the World Trade Center collapses, and most became the first Petition signers.  The number of signers has grown steadily over the years, and is likely to continue to grow in numbers. 

The numbers were tabulated using a computer program, designed to carefully count specific strings in the Petition Signer database. For example, "Brown", for the Ivy League Brown University in Rhode Island, was distinguished from Brown College in Minnesota. 

The data used was the Petition List as of June 3, 2013.   The summary will be updated every month or so.  For the latest counts and more details, see the web page at

AE911 Truth Petition Summary