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As a volunteer for the Trump campaign, I hope to have the opportunity to tell him about the PhDs in physics who say the collapse was impossible by Newton's 3rd law of motion - equal and opposite reaction, and the 2000+ architects & engineers who are petitioning Congress for a new investigation.

 and board of director positions

Bush will do what GW Bush did, take a country recovering from debt, and put it in deeper debt and wars.

 which had been used for Rand Paul's visit to Fairfield

The Des Moines Register claimed they were banned from the event after publishing a critical editorial.  Maybe they did not receive an invitation.  But they could have walked in as I did.

The Washington Post, Mother Jones, and Examiner news sites wrote articles about my question.

I enjoyed hearing his stories again. 

, Mother Jones, and Examiner

Like a human body, we are bleeding our jobs overseas. 

He could retire and never have to work again. 

Trump has been against every war, as far back as LBJ's undeclared war in Viet Nam.  Trump is for a strong military, so no one would consider attacking us, but is a man of peace.  He has been criticized for getting deferments as he attended Wharton Business School. But he did what America should have done at the time, mind our own business, improve our education, and become wealthy.  Viet Nam ended up becoming communist anyway, and is a trading partner and tourist spot today.  What if the 50000 lives and billions of dollars could have been saved?

Trump was also against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He publicly called George Bush a liar, and the wars "a disaster".  Trump was proven correct, when no weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) were found in Iraq.  Sadly, more soldiers have died by suicide than in the invasions, as the reasons for the wars are questionable.  Dick Cheney's Haliburton and other defense contractors were the main beneficiaries.

Trump has also been criticized for the bankruptcy of his casino business.  It is good karma to be out of a business that hurts people with a habit.  He never filed for personal bankruptcy.  He used the available laws to restructure debt with the banks, with no government bail out.  Trump's main business, high quality business buildings and hotels, is how me makes his money.  He has hired thousands of people. No other candidate has. 

Trump speaks his mind.  He doesn't speak for a wealthy elite.  He is not saying things to get elected, then flip flop later.

We have been lead by too many politicians who accomplished little in daily life.  Donald built a real estate empire in the most competitive market, New York City.  Currently we have a president who has gotten more people dependent on government, diminishing their dignity.

Trump wants everyone to enjoy prosperity.  On his reality TV show, The Apprentice, he inspires the candidates, and the audience, to become all they can be.  His show is all about giving others the chance to become rich too.  This is the American way that will make our country great again.  The establishment that let US jobs slip away, and put us into debt and wars hates him.  So Trump must be doing something right.

If you want politics as usual, the powers that be will provide two of their choices.  If you want real change, vote for Trump.   Only a new seed will raise a new crop.  A video about my trip, and the complete press conference may be viewed at www.ANETA.org/TrumpIowa