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Re: Thanks for bringing civility to the debate. Suggestion to arrange uploads, 20th on top

I looked at the pulverizing dust argument, one which I agree is misunderstood. I have read that at first, most of the dust coming out of the collapsing towers was probably gypsum dust. The concrete was smashed and crushed and only gradually pulverized, which is part of why the dust cloud gradually increases in size during the building's descent. Look at a classic controlled demolition and the dust clouds start big right off the bat. 

BTW I have also already created two playlists so people can watch everything in sequence, without interruption:

The two playlists for YouTube:
Section 1 Twin Towers (2 hours 9 minutes total)
Section 2 Building 7 (1 hour 35 minutes total)

I don't know how to make these easier for people to find.

Thanks again,
Chris Mohr

PS I'm corresponding with Kevin Ryan re another WTC dust test.
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Re: Thanks for bringing civility to the debate. Suggestion to arrange uploads, 20th on top

Hi TruthMakesPeace,

Thank you! Yes, the Chandler attack video on YouTube stung. He has said worse to me personally. 

I'll see about arranging the videos. Also, I have hesitation about releasing my 235 reasons publicly, because they are tied in to the YouTube videos and I really want people to get the whole context of what I am saying, but since you asked here they are.

235 Reasons for Natural Collapse and Against Controlled Demolition on 9/11

Section One: The Twin Towers
Part One: What Initiated Collapse of Towers?

Reason #1.) Planes Hitting at 450-550 mph
#2.) Planes steeply banked, max damage
#3.) 282,000-lb Planes
#4.) 60% of columns on crash side destroyed
#5.) Fire Insulation Stripped Off
#6.) Cutoff of Water Sprinklers
7.) Collapse Safety Factor of 3 Reduced
8.) Eccentric Load on Surviving Beams
9.) Structural Damage Throughout Building
#10.) Fast-moving Fires on all four faces in 15 minutes
#11.) Smoke quickly choking occupants on top floors
#12.) 1000 Windows Break out; 12,000 sq ft ventilation
#13.) Explosions Radiating Every Direction
#14.) 90,000 Liters of Jet Fuel
#15.) Fires Radiate to All Four Faces Within 15 Minutes
#16.) Jet Fuel in Elevator Shafts
17.) Thermal limit of steel 750o
18.) Leslie Robertson didn't design WTC for fuel explosion
19.) What We See Outside Is Small Part of Explosion
20.) Jet Fuel Explosions on 77th and 22nd Floor of Lobby from Elevator Shaft
21.) Fatal Fireball in Lobby Due to Elevator Fires
22.) Inward Bowing of Perimeter Columns
23.) Huge Temperature Differentials along Individual Beams
[2750o Steel Melts
20120 Colin Bailey, max fire temperatures
15000 F max temp of hydrocarbon fires?
1800o max temp of WTC fires (NIST)
1400o max temp of WTC fires (Thomas Eagar)
800-1500o jet fuel burns
11000-1200o, steel loses 50% of its integrity
1000o Steel begins to glow red
800-10000 steel girders are routinely bent 
750o thermal limit of structural steel 
5720 steel loses resistance to distortion (creep strength) 
3000 steel will begin to expand in length
140o railroad tracks need expansion protection]
Reason #24.) Bright orange flames in tower: evidence of 1800 degree fires
Reason #25.) Major Fires in multiple floors; smoke rising hundreds of feet up
#26. Lattice of Inward Buckling of Perimeter Columns by 55 Inches
Reason #27: Sagging Steel, Inward Bowing Breaks Connection
#28.) Heavy Bowing 1 Min Before Collapse
#29.) The building with twice the weight above crash site collapsed twice as quickly.
#30.) 10:20 a.m.: NYPD aviation-- "the top of the tower might be leaning." 
#31.) A minute later, North Tower "is buckling on the southwest corner and leaning to the south."
#32.) At 10:28 a.m.: "the roof is going to come down very shortly" The North Tower collapsed seconds later.
Reason #33:) Richard Gage claims that near the end, "The fires were diminishing severely." But they grew from 3 to 14 floors in less than an hour.
Reason #34 : Hat truss near the top held up core momentarily, then dropped and dragged antenna down with it
#35. If thermites at the top, then no one could have walked on the debris pile
#36. In classic controlled demolitions, no smoke comes out the top
#37. People on top floors suffered smoke inhalation because hot smoke rises
#38. Smoke and dust had no significant upward velocity
#39. How is "Smoke rises" proof of a CD?
#40. They took the towers down using demolition charges on the roof? 
#41. Mild smoke ejection at the top not indicative of explosions
#42. 2x Weight Above crash site fell 2x as fast.
Reason #42: Collapse Onset Bellows Effect: ½ million cubic feet of air/floor pushes massive influx of oxygen on fires, creating large "ring of fire" around the building
Reason #43.) NIST: "No building in the United States has ever been subjected to the massive structural damage and concurrent multi-floor fires that the towers experienced on Sept. 11."
Reason #44: 13 Story High Façade... Why Didn't Nanothermites Pulverize This?

Part Two: Richard Gage's 10 Reasons for Controlled Demolition etc.
Reason 45: Total Dismemberment of Steel Structures DID NOT HAPPEN see slide
#46. Minimal Damage to Adjacent Structures????? Major damage picture
#47. Dust Clouds Common to Controlled Demolition and Natural Collapse
Reason #48.) By Definition Controlled Demolition Impossible With Variables Like Plane Crashes and Fires
#49.) Tom Sullivan: Very Hard to Make It Perfect Under Best of Circumstances
#50.) Explosive Sounds In Controlled Demo
#51.) Squibs Appear in Logical Patterns
#52.) Squibs Appear Before Collapse
Reason #53: If lateral ejections from controlled demolition, then ½ mile away you would hear deafening 140 db sounds
Reason #54: All six companies in the world that can bring down tall buildings dismiss this theory. They can't tear down the world's tallest buildings in secret in an entirely new way while a raging fire is going on, tossing in two crashing 767s to randomize structural damage and make the feat even more virtuosic.
Part Three:
History of tall steel frame buildings destroyed by fire
Reason #55.) There has never been a tall building where a large jet with 98,500 liters of exploding fuel hit at over 500 mph creating massive fires where softened steel has had to hold up 180,000,000 pounds above it.
Reason #56.) The World Trade Center Towers dispensed with heavy concrete reinforcement because its weight would have made a 110 story skyscraper unsound. Instead the builders used a spray on fire retardant.
***#57: Tall Steel Framed Building's Very Fast, Almost Symmetrical, Collapse into its Own Footprint after coffeemaker fire 
Reason #58.) Steel Frame Structures Collapse in Fire:
In 1997 the large Sound Theatre in Pennsylvania 
In 1967, the very large steel-framed McCormick Center in Chicago collapsed in 30 minutes
Three four-story-high steel framed buildings at the Kadel Toy Factory in Singapore collapsed in 1997
The Mumbai High North Oil Platform, constructed of steel and seven stories high, completely collapsed after burning for two hours
Interstate 580 overpass near San Francisco, supported only by steel beams, collapsed due to the heat of a gasoline fire after nineteen minutes
Sofa SuperStore Charleston SC, long span roof trusses
WTC 5 had a partial collapse of four floors on 911. 
#59.) People Surprised By Steel Building Collapses Since 1900 (Unsinkable Titanic)!
#60.) Traditional bldgs : steel-reinforced concrete. In fires, steel bends and concrete holds it together.
#62.) Vincent Dunn has "seen twisted, warped, bent and sagging steel. Steel tries to expand at both ends, when it can no longer expand, it sags..."
Reason #63: Barehanded Guys Bending Steel Around a Tree (Sherman's Necktie)
#64.) Robert Berhinig, 1967: "steel frame buildings can collapse as a result of... fire. This is true for all types of construction materials, not only steel."
#65.) If Steel Can't Be Brought Down By Fire, Why Bother With Concrete Reinforcement or Fireproofing of Steel Frames?
Part 4: Gravity, Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical and "Near free fall" collapse
Reason #66.) Towers did not fall at almost free fall speed. 
#67.) Towers provided structural resistance and fell at 2/3 free fall: 180,000,000 pounds crashing down at 100+ mph.
#68.) Core with its extra structural supports came down last, standing 25 seconds. The core structure would always get detonated first or the building collapse won't work right.
Reason #69: Force equals Mass times Acceleration
10,000,000 pounds of force becomes 98,000,000 pounds of force in one second;
196,000,000 pounds of force in two seconds
Reason #70.) F. R. Greening: WTC buildings weighed 580 million pounds: WTC II: 180,000,000 pounds on top going 100mph, overwhelming resistance.
#71.) 7 to 14 times the structural load was on the buildings during the collapse. 
#72.) In two seconds, free-fall is about 45 miles per hour.
Reason #73 : average strength during collapse a tiny fraction of static strength "Toughness" = work required to fracture material Much less than the static strength of each member times its length
#74.) Can Explosives Right this 22o Tilting Top??
Reason #75.) Top of the South Tower is tilted 22 degrees into the hole left behind by the plane crash. 
#76.) Explosives would be destroyed 
#77.) Shape Charges Sensitive to Geometry
#78.) Explosives burn, detonate or degrade in high heat. 
#79.) Detonators, receivers, wiring, connections between explosives are sensitive. 
#80.) Demolition crews could not instantly right the 180,000,000 pound building top collapsing at high speeds in mid-course; collapse initiation in a raging fire
#81: Lateral Force vs Gravity: Sideways vs Downward Forces
Reason #82.) Fast descent of building: collapsed to ground before time to tip over.
Reason #83.) Gravity overcame angular momentum and pulled it back.
Reason #84.) The crushed structure resists, reactive force will tend to keep the upper block centered.
#85.) Towers rotated a few degrees, a gradual collapse mechanism. If all the supports had failed simultaneously in a controlled demolition, neither Tower would have rotated. 
#86.) The toppling collapse theory requires crushing to be occurring on only one side, which is implausible.
Part Five: Lateral ejection of heavy objects and Squibs
Reason #88.) Building collapse accelerates, pushing air out faster, causing greater lateral ejection
Reason #87 Lateral Ejection of Steel Beams Not a Sign of Classic Controlled Demolition... Very Little Lateral Ejection at First, Increases With Acceleration
Reason #89: Hurricane Andrew: Impaled Plywood with winds ¼ the speed of wind from Towers' collapses
Reason #90 : ½ million cubic feet of air per floor at 12 floors per second
Reason #91 : Bow-and-arrow effect when inward-bowing columns snap back and shoot "arrows" of steel
Reason #92 : "Pinball" effect when steel falling outside vertically hits another object and deflects horizontally
Reason #93: Loud Explosions can't be Masked
Reason #93a for Natural Collapse: Random Squibs

REASON #94.) Squibs happened after collapse began.
REASON #95.) Survivors felt "hurricane wind" in stairwells.
REASON #96.) No structural deformations from squibs.
#97.) Squibs Start Slowly Then Grow As Collapse Nears
Reason #98.) By The Way: A 110-Story Building of 95% Air Would Leave a Debris Pile of 6 Stories if All Air Removed
Reason #99.) If Squibs Premature Charges, Others Would Not Have Gone Off And Would Be Found
Part Six:
Pulverizing concrete and Steel
REASON #100.) Almost all physicists insist there was plenty of energy to thoroughly but gradually pulverize three-to-four-inch layers of concrete.
#101.) Gage says 110,000 kw hrs not enough energy to pulverize concrete, but it is more than a W-48 nuclear weapon
#102.) 1,000 tons of thermite would blow the tops of the Towers hundreds of feet up
#102a.) Dust cloud could not have expanded thermally 3.4 times of cloud would have been 1300o
#103.) Most of the Concrete Pulverized: Nanothermites Exploding Every Inch? 
#104.) Rescue crews walked on cool rubble immediately. Hot nanothermites would make that impossible
Reason #105: Not All the Concrete Completely Pulverized. Large expanses of medium and small size concrete chunks in sandy concrete not fully pulverized
#106: Twenty Pancaked Floors
#107.) Are those pancaked floor layers in the right photo of this Blueprint for Truth Slide?
#108.) Pyroclastic Clouds Kill Entire Villages
#109.) This Is Not 1100o; Dust a Bit Warm from Fires
#110.) Why didn't nanothermites burn millions of sheets of paper?
#110.) If nanothermites, flying beams would be red or even white hot on the edges 
#111.) If those clean diagonal cuts on debris beams, then why aren't diagonal cuts visible in the pictures of the flying steel beams?
Part Seven: Eyewitness Accounts of Explosions
#112.) no loud blasting sounds on videos
#113.) No 140 db blasting sounds ½ mile away
#114.) Masking explosive sounds by 8db max
#115.) Nanothermites may be low explosive
#116.) I read 50 firefighters' accounts of explosive sounds around collapse time, not before:
#117.) Some explosions before from fuel in elevator shafts and in the basement, crashing freight elevator
#118.) No seismic evidence of major explosions
#119.) White smoke explosions in fires
#120.) Only Ten or so former FDNY firefighters still think bombs were used 
(5000 FDNY employees) 
#121.) Few firefighters can distinguish sound of bombs from regular fire explosions; many are getting trained now
#122.) Firefighters say office fire explosions common
#123.) These explode in office fires (partial list)
HVAC equipment including condensors and compressors
Cleaning supplies
CRT type TV's and computer monitors. 
Large motors that have an oil reservoir for lube. 
Elevator lift motors
hydraulic pistons found in office chair.
UPS battery backups
Tires in vehicles
Steam explosions when water hits a hot fire or molten aluminum
Propane tanks
A metal fire, possibly aluminum, as NIST proposed
After the first collapse, firefighters' SCOTT pack bottles
#124.) If FDNY thought there were bombs, they would have ordered evacuation.
#125.) NIST: 72% smelled jet fuel in stairwells. 
#126. ) Random Eyewitness Accounts of fireballs, or mere flashes, or ground shaking with no other effect. 
#127.) Philip Morrell: ground shaking caused by freight elevator crash.
Part 8: Molten iron/steel in debris and from side of building
Reason #128.) Molten Debris Came From Plane Crash Site, is Discolored Aluminum Soup Mixed With Burnt Office Furniture, Paper, Etc.

# 129.) Why molten debris here only? Why asymmetrical?
#130.) WTC Designer Leslie Robertson said he wasn't qualified to talk about molten steel
#131.) NASA Satellite Images show only 1400o, not 2800o
#131a.) Abundant Aluminum in Debris to Melt at 1200 degrees
#132) Molten Steel Would Have Destroyed the Claw
#133) Regular Fires Can Last for Months
#134) Thermites Burn Out Fast, Not for Months
#135) Fuel oil from generators seeped down on fire
#136.) V. Palmieri Testified he used USGS Maps, 1400o Max
#137.) Steel Girders from Burning Floors
#138.) If temps 2800o, then thermal expansion of water would have caused water explosions
#139.) Diagonal Cuts in Beams in Debris Caused by Thermitics? No, cut by first responders
Reason #140.) Pools of Molten Metal Localized, Not Universal
Reason #141.) Debris Pile 10-12 Stories High/Deep
Part Nine: Iron Microspheres and Sulfidized Steel
Reason #142.) Iron mixed with other metals has a lower melting point.
#143.) Fire burns off materials and leaves higher concentration of iron-rich spheres
#144.) "Thousands of cutter charges" a logistical nightmare which would leave behind:
Steel fractures with high rate-of-strain
Copper around cut surfaces and inside steel
Abundant steel schrapnel
#143.) Thermitics would leave tons of formerly melted iron blobs in the debris pile, not just microspheres.
#144.) In the early 1970s, thousands of very hot welded steel connections were made during construction; this would be a source of countless iron microspheres
Reason #145.) RJ Lee Dust study says iron-rich spheres to be expected in fire
#146: Photo and Spectograph of iron-rich sphere in Tolk fly ash
Part 10 Sulfidized Steel
#146a.) FEMA Appendix C: Corroded Steel, Evidence of Fires Under 1800 Degrees. 
#147.) Thermate Surgically Cuts Through Steel Like a Hot Knife Through Butter?? Picture shows steel corroded in random patterns.
Reason #148.) Sulfidized Steel Melts at Much Lower Temperatures
#149.) Thermate would cut too slowly for precise controlled demolition
#150.) Localized Sulfidized Steel, Not Found Throughout Debris
#151.) Sulfidized steel: all horizontal beams, not support columns; can't explain a global collapse. 
#152.) 911 firefighter Vincent Palmieri: "I understand that there were a few steel pieces that were corroded by sulfur, but in the massive debris piles I worked on I never saw a single example of sulfidized steel." 
#153.) Intergranular melting is not classic melting; 4500 degree thermites would obliterate structure of sulfidized steel
#154.) Discoverer Jonathan Barnett's Possible Causes for Sulfidized Steel: 
-Heating oil
-Construction materials such as gyp wallboard dust 
-environmental sources such as acid rain
Never Mentions Thermate!
#155.) CSWDC Waste Company: Gypsum can create sulfur dioxide when burned
Part Eleven: Thermitics in the Dust?
Reason #156.) 2001: nanothermites in development stage
#157.) Nanothermites nonexplosive? heat not gas?
Reason #158: The least energetic dust sample with The highest ignition temperature (in blue) is plotted against known nanothermite: not a match
#159.) Carbon-based materials burned in air may have caused energy spike, not thermites
#160.) If you found unexploded thermitics then where are the unexploded triggering devices?
Tests Inconclusive Because:
#161.) Burning test should have used argon or nitrogen gas to see if thermites burn without oxygen.
#162.) Tillotson used PXRD in original nanothermite experiment; Harritt et al did not
Reason #163.) Gage flashed spectographs of dust vs thermites, they looked different and he never explained them
#164.) No aluminum oxide in dust sample, which would be residue of exploded thermite
#165.) Not adequately tested for flourine in the dust, which Kevin claims is used to stablize the silicon.
Reason #166.) Everything found in the dust was in the towers (if not true, more proof needed): 
sulfur in the gypsum 
iron in paint and electrical equipment
manganese in steel
flourine in air-conditioning freon
titanium in the planes and buildings
potassium in concrete (bananas in the snack room?... Just kidding!)
Chips claimed to be identical to the chemical composition of the paint, fire retardant, vermiculite, sReason #167.) EPA's Erik Swartz told the Times Union 1,3-diphenylpropane (1,3-DPP), was present at levels "that dwarfed all others," produced by plastic of burning computersound-proofing and rustproofing.
Reason #168: The Next Essential Steps Have Not Been Taken
Richard Gage: We need repeatable experiments on the dust."
Complete the discovery with presentation of findings to qualified scientists
Release dust samples to any one of these independent labs for testing: RJ Lee, EMRTC, MACE, or NJIT's ACN group.
Reason #169: bin Laden said he did it
Section 2 
Part 13: NIST Report on Building 7
Reason #170 for Natural Collapse: At least Six Variations of Natural Collapse Theory, all with minor variations on the NIST proposed sequence. This is normal in science, NOT proof of fraud by NIST!!!!!

#171: David Scott, chair of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat wrote, "the failure was caused by thermal expansion but perhaps the critical point of time was as the expanded beam returns back to its original position. This is part of the thermal expansion theory."

Reason #172.) WTC 7 Much bigger fires on south face

Building Seven: Another Raging Fire Picture
#173.) Fire originated on ten floors
#174.) Water Supply Impaired, no firefighting efforts
#175: "It was a huge hole right in the middle of it.") 
#176: First Responders Walking Through Cool Debris Pile While Building 7 Fire Rages: Where's the 4500o Nanothermitic Heat?
#177.) Damage from Tower Collapse
#178" "Meteorite": Unburned Paper!
Reason #179.) The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Director David Scott: "The Council...sees no credibility whatsoever in the 9/11 `truth movement' and we believe, with the vast majority of tall building professionals, that all the failures were a direct or indirect result of the planes...flown into the two towers. We cannot see any credible scientific evidence of a controlled demolition on WTC 7 or any of the other WTC buildings. The Council considers that the `truth movement' is a distraction..."

#180.) Buildings collapse hours after fires go out.
Part 15: Building 7
Investigating Symmetrical destruction/ 
path of least resistance

#181.) face twisted towards the end, rotated southwards as it fell, and the north face developed a visible kink off-centre as the column failures progressed outwards from the initial point of failure

#182.) Controlled demolitions not necessarily symmetrical anyway

Reason #183.) "Path of least resistance" limited to paths that are actually available. 

Reason #184.) Royal Gorge Colorado: carves through mountain with nearby flat terrain.
#184.) If a brick falls on an egg, will it move to the side because that's the path of least resistance?

#185.) Conservation of momentum and lateral force

#186.) WTC Buildings fell through path of least resistance, often bypassing columns and the core instead falling into open office space

Reason #187.) Earthquakes Topple Buildings to Sides Only Because of Lateral Forces

Reason #188.) An object can't just float to the side and into midair and drop that way.

#189.) Thomas Eagar: "The building is 95 percent air and can implode onto itself. A [large] structure has too much inertia to fall in any direction other than nearly straight down."

#190.) Michael Brown: "...Collapses began were tilted toward the weakened collapse points."

#191.) WTC 7 Tilting 6 degrees before collapse

#192.) No major explosions immediately prior
#193.) No squibs prior. 
#194.) No ejection of dust
#195.) Squat building wider than it was high, greater lateral forces needed
#196.) Perimeter wall folded over entire building, not demolished
#197.) WTC 7 didn't fall in its own footprint: there was extensive damage to Fiterman Hall and Verizon building.

#198: 16-acre debris
#199.) Vincent Palmieri personally emailed me this picture: "Richard Gage claimed... the steel columns were conveniently broken into 30-foot pieces... for easy and quick removal. As a first responder, I can assure you that there was nothing convenient about the debris pile we encountered in the fall of 2001."
#199.) Nanothermite Ignites at 825-985 degrees, would go off in 1400-degree fires
#200.) No radio receiver could receive signal to detonate after heating to 1400 degrees
#201.) All three buildings collapsed asymmetrically and into their weakest points
#202.) Smoke pouring out of much of Building 7

Part 16 (WTC Building 7) Eyewitness Accounts; Foreknowledge
Eyewitness Accounts; Foreknowledge
Reason #202 to Doubt the Controlled Demolition Theory: Kevin McPadden's Changing Story

Reason #203: Michael Hess's Changing Story: No Explosions, Compared to Earthquake

Reason #202: Barry Jennings's Consistent Testimony Cancels Out Michael Hess's Testimony

Reason #203: Peter Hayden: Engineer predicted structural collapse of Building 7 early on

Reason #204: Why on earth would BBC be let in on demolition in advance?

Reason #205: Reuters Reported Collapse Midday due to dust blocking view?
#206: Reporters Also Said Camp David had been hit by a plane!

#207: Forbes Magazine: "A car bomb exploded outside the State Department."

#208: CBS: "As many as eight planes have been hijacked and only four have been accounted for." 

#209: The media make mistakes, and there was nothing unusual or suspicious about the BBC's error
Reason #210.) Eyewitness Firefighter Building 7: Fire Chief Nigro

Early on the afternoon of September 11th 2001, following the collapse of WTC 1 & 2, I feared a collapse of WTC 7 (as did many on my staff). The collapse of WTC 1 damaged portions of the lower floors of WTC 7. WTC 7, was built on a small number of large columns providing an open Atrium on the lower levels. Fires on many floors of WTC 7 burned without sufficient water supply to attack them. For these reasons I made the decision (without consulting the owner, the mayor or anyone else - as ranking fire officer, that decision was my responsibility) to clear a collapse zone surrounding the building and to stop all activity within that zone. Approximately three hours after that order was given, WTC 7 collapsed. Conspiracy theories abound and I believe firmly that all of them are without merit.
#211: Firefighter Miller Before WTC 7 Collapse
Reason #212.) Deputy Chief Peter Hayden: We saw a bulge in the southwest corner between floors 10 and 
13, and we had put a transit on that, and we were pretty sure she was going to collapse.

Reason #213.) Fire Captain Chris Boyle: Butch said forget it, there's creaking, there are noises coming out of there, so we just stopped. 

Reason #214.) At 5:20, Building 7 finally falls. There's a 
stampede over pickaxes and oxygen tanks. They head out toward the crushed fire trucks. 
"They're looking for their brothers," says an ambulance driver.
Part 17 Secret Preparation for the Biggest Controlled Demolition in History???
No! #215.) Tens of thousands of workers coming and going day and night 
No! #216.) Thousands of Nervous 1993 survivors still working there
No! #217.) The tallest demolished building ever took twelve people 24 days doing nothing but loading in explosives
No! #218.) 369 shaped charges used for similar sized Landmark Tower
No! #219.) Both demolitions were incredibly loud, and serious muffling impossible
No! #220.) Linear Shaped Charges: Smells and sounds of Welders burning thru steel
#221:) 236 columns like this would need several shaped charges each to provide the "overkill" of Building 7
No! #222.) Major structural supports next to the most desirable offices on outside

#223.) Nanothermites painted on could warm steel but not cause lateral ejection

#224.) Remote controls in core: hard time receiving signal

#225.) Creating shape charges is noisy and smelly. Complete control of the building required for prep

#226.) Nonexplosive thermates pulverize whole building?

#227.) Implication of Mayor, Fire and Police Chiefs, building owner, BBC, "phony" man-on-the-street interviewees, several layers of the Federal Government??
#228.) Someone would have gone to WikiLeaks!

#229.) Larry Silverstein talked about "pulling" in relation to Building 7, but he was talking with firefighters about pulling the crew out of the collapse zone, not talking to controlled demolition people

#230.) If Larry Silverstein had admitted to bombing his own building, why did he get billions in insurance money?

#231.) Conservatives Protect Their Own

Part 18: The Best Explanation I Know of for the Freefall Collapse of the North Wall of Building Seven

Faster-Than-Freefall Collapse of Building 7

2.) Stage One: east penthouse collapsed. 
3.) Debris fell inside building
4. ) Debris pile spread out at bottom
5.) (top.) (Kink) columns about to snap. 
6.) Perimeter columns buckled, transferring loads 
Stage Two of Collapse: Gradual Acceleration Increase to Free-Fall + 
7.) An 8-story chunk of floors torqued down
8.) Clinging collapsing beams functioned as levers
9.) Leveraged faster than free-fall drop.
10.) Stage Three: Debris pile slows it down

Reason #232: This explanation!

Reason #233.) Thermates would have created blinding lights everywhere. 
Reason #234.) Unburned, collapsed perimeter wall: no sign of destruction of perimeter by thermate.
#235.) Entire Structural Perimeter Faces Folded Over on Top of Rubble: Not Cut Apart by 4500o Thermitics
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