Dr. Fetzer & Shaddock
No Planes vs Remote Controlled Planes

7) 9/11 Debates Experiments published & you can do & Remote Control Take Over

Our moon talk
on All Things Reconsidered

7 talks with Dr. Fezer

www.CAONE.org - Noam chomsly Richard Gage

leaset we see on 9/11 of presitent

911expeirments you can do at home
911 Phone calls from Airplanes

Debate with Craig Ranke

Pentagon pPlane fractured hypothesis
I live near Pentaon annd biked 911 on my bike and saw debris on road

Proposed outline
11:00 Basic introduction of Rick and ANETA  - how to be a member
11:15 Begin video at 1.25 speed (35 minutes)
11:50 commercial break for Moon Rock Books
12:00 Then it would be great to hear your feedback and poke holes in it.

My video incorporates clips from, and acknowledges with thanks to:
Paul Seyhouse of Boeing
Aiden Monaghan
Wolf Blitzer & Brian Todd of CNN (about Boeing's RCTO)
James Corbett report
Operation Terror - Art Olivier
Richard Hall (UK)
Lone Gunman X-Files from March 4, 2001
I purchased custom, licensed music for the theme
(so there should not be copyright issues).

Here are the minutes the video takes
44 min at normal 1.0 speed
35 at 1.25 x (suggested)
29 at 1.5 x

Thanks for the opportunity.


Other topics


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