Military Training Exercises

These are very interesting exercises. Many of the scenarios would make great Tom Clancy novels or movies. Some people at the Pentagon have an interesting job, to think of plausible terrorist scenarios. 9/11 was probably one of those scenarios, used as a false flag operation, to get the peaceful American public to support war.

Date Exercise Subject Type Element From To Aircraft Remarks Response
10/25/1998 Vigilant Guardian 99 Deviation HIJACK Outside-Inside SEADS Slomonia Boston IIL62 Demand for political asylum FAA will comply with request and a/c will land safely in Boston
10/25/1998 Vigilant Guardian 99 HIJACK A/C Outside-Inside NEADS Gander Miami B747 A/C will start turning for Boston and square Mode 3 7500.  No contact with a/c FAA requests military assistance.  A/C will land Boston without approval
10/26/1998 Vigilant Guardian 99 HIJACK HK to LAX Outside-Inside WADS HongKong LAX B747 Terrorists plan on using plane to commit suicide run into metropolitan area of SF "Shoot or not shoot" that is the question that needs to be answered.  Either way, the a/c will be shot down or explode over water.  A/C will reach land.  Need NORAD intel to support event.  Objective: Hijack procedures/shootdown
10/27/1998 Vigilant Guardian 99 HIJACK Europe to East Coast Outside-Inside CANR Firkennon Montreal B747 Campaign against US imperialists and minions Picked up on radar by USS Princeton in North Atlantic.  DDO at NMCC conferences FAA and NORAD CD and tasks NORAD to covertly shadow