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As part of the outreach to the 9/11 Truth Community, we have been asked by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (ae911truth.org) to create and manage a music resource library to identify, consolidate and catalog this music for the use in various modes of disseminating the truth.    We understand that other truth groups /peace groups and others that seek a better understanding of the events of that day and its repercussions that music may be valuable for various projects.

As the lead organizer of this site, my background includes a 42 year career as a musician/artist/writer and the commercial production and release of about 60 songs.

There is a significant library of “Truth/Peace Music”, in many genres, being created worldwide. This repertoire could really enhance our efforts.

AE911Truth has various musical needs for some of their productions. The songs they would chose to use must reflect their specific focus. For instance, they only address events at the World Trade Center and they don’t ascribe blame. Their focus is on presenting the overwhelming evidence of controlled demolition use, the scientific impossibility of the official conspiracy theory and the imperative need for a new, legitimate investigation.

However, we are aware of interest by other activists for leads on material for outside productions about related topics. Thus, the library will cover a wider range of material that, although not necessarily right for AE911Truth, might be right for others.

Our sense is that we produce this music to be shared and we’re not concerned with payment for any non commercial, educational use.

Video Artist / Analogous Written by  Subject matter Style
  Richard Ochs
Bee Gee parody
JuttDisco 9/11 is a lie Disco

Clever rewording of Bee Gee's Staying Alive video.

Sharing the Truth (about 9/11)


Eva James / Marian Galbraith Directed by We Are Change Atlanta and edited by Chris Toussaint in LA:  

It aired on a couple of internet TV shows, the Corbett Report and one or two others.

The mp3 is also available for download at CDBaby.com for 99 cents and all proceeds go to AE911Truth, We Are Change, & NYCCAN:



9/11 Building 7

Martin Noakes



Martin Noakes Building Seven (A more advanced lesson e.g. level 102) A tune by British artist Martin Noakes, in the pop style of Phil Collins. Think “Building Seven 102”

An original music video that explores a few of the myriad of unanswered questions surrounding the events of 9/11. Please rate, comment & forward to your friends. Download a divx version of the video here: http://www.jingle-factory.co.uk/Downloads/911B7Vid2/911B72011.zip (140meg) or a full quality version of the video here http://www.jingle-factory.co.uk/Downloads/911B7Vid2/Master.rar (2.6gig) Also visit http://www.911building7.co.uk as a starting point. MP3 download here: http://www.911building7.co.uk/Audio/911building7-V2-VW.mp3 Broadcast quality version available on request.

Style of Phil Collins
“Building 7 (the Smoking Gun)”

Carl Seeger Henry and Mark Saunders

TruthforPeace@cox.net 860-667-1116 USA


Carl Seeger Henry and Mark Saunders Building 7, relevant questions, and a call to action. An acoustic, folk, rally song suitable for performance in Occupy Like settings. Accessible to amateur musicians, it is also suitable for people hearing about Building 7 for the first time. Think “Building Seven 101”.
Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, pre-electric Bob Dylan
youtube.com/watch?v=VMfMu6USk_U     Washington DC
Tuesday Morning

 Nick Depuy      
Michael, Mohamed and Emily

Gary Fox, Jr.    

This song is dedicated to Gold Star moms. I wrote this song as a message of peace and love to you. I’m profoundly sorry for your loss.

To truly “support the troops”, we must all work hard for peace. We need to hold those who send our brave soldiers into battle under false pretenses accountable for their lies.


Where is the Passion? (A Call to Action Song)

by Carol Hahn. Techno / Dance (!) production with unexpected lyrical content   Production with unexpected lyrical content Techno / Dance (!)


Adapted from: http://let-the-architects-in.org/?page_id=362

More songs and videos at: http://www.911conspiracy.tv

Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness