Cheney's speech to the Generals

How could Dick Cheney convince America's
top generals to go along with the plan for 9/11?


Before 9/11

Generals, America is in danger.  Other countries are amassing arms that may be bigger than America's.  But the public is unfortunately asleep. They are more concerned with TV shows. We have to do what is best for them.

They do not realize the need for our military.  They take you for granted.  They talk of decreasing funds for the military, for such things as education and health.  What good is education and health, if we are being over-run by the Chinese?

The public does not realize that we are running out of oil, our country's life blood.  Many products are made from oil.  Food is delivered with trucks that run on oil.  Millions of Americans could starve to death.  We need to get control of the Mid East oil fields before China or Russia do.    But the public will not agree to a unilateral invasion.   We need them to attack first, or create an attack.

Sometimes we need to do an operation that shows America how vulnerable we really are.  Unfortunately a few must be sacrificed for the greater good.  We have done this before, with the Gulf of Tonkin incident that convinced America that Communism in Viet Nam was a real threat.    Unfortunately John F. Kennedy did not see the wisdom in Admiral Lemnitzer's Operation Northwoods Plan.  But President Bush is a wiser man, who will see that we need a false flag operation at this time.  We will blame it on our CIA asset Osama Bin Laden who has agreed to play the role in return for various benefits.

We plan to use Scenario J6291 from the list of Training Exercises, developed by our strategists.  4 planes would be hijacked by terrorists, then flown into World Trade Center 1, 2, and 7, and one into the Pentagon.  

Don't worry about the Pentagon.  It is strong and will hold up.  We are currently reinforcing the West wing for such an impact.  Everyone will be evacuated from that building, so no military personnel will be injured.  Anything important will have been moved out for the construction that is currently underway. We need to renovate that wing anyway.

The planes will be remote controlled and empty. Remember, no one will be in the WTCs. We will give them an hour to escape. That's even enough time for a little old lady to get down 100 stairs.  So no harm will be done - only to the buildings.  The landlord Larry Silverstein had fully insured for acts of terrorism. They have asbestos and have to come down anyway.  Larry can build nice new buildings with the insurance money.

The planes will home in on devices planted in Paul Bremer's company Marsh & McLennan, which will be evacuated for "fire proofing renovation".  So no one will be hurt in those floors.

With this attack we will not have to worry about the defense budget. We will be able to ask the American people for any amount, and they will approve it - for their safety of course."

Thank you, and remember this is Top Secret.

After 9/11

"Generals, I am truly very sorry. Gosh.  The best of plans go astray. Unfortunately we miscalculated. People did not get out of the WTCs fast enough. Unfortunately we lost about 1500, though we tell the press 3000, just for impact.

Also unfortunately we could not get the people out of the planes without being discovered. The computer automation took over and we could not stop it. 

There was miscommunication.  A lot of accountants were still working in the Pentagon west wing. They are such dedicated workers - workaholics, trying to find the missing 2.3 trillion in transactions.  They were not supposed to be there.  There was nothing we could do.

It is very sad, but at least now America has a new enemy, giving you job security.  The public will approve the defense it needs, thanks to your patriotism and your silence."