9/11 Double Standard

Trusters of the Official Theory often apply a "Double Standard" when it comes to evidence and theories about September 11, 2001.
There are Two Stands - an easy one for the Official Conspiracy Trusters, and a difficult one for 9/11 Truthers.

Official Conspiracy Theory

Remote Control Jet Takeover / Controlled Demolition

is considered a "given" as fact automatically is considered to be suspect automatically
majority rules the minority view
do not have to produce any evidence must produce verifiable evidence by 3 independent labs
must randomly select independent labs, rather than based on their qualifications and reputation.
allowed to hide evidence any hiding of evidence would be sharply criticized
no suspicion must overcome great suspicion
no questioning allowed or required must answer all questions
does not have to jump any hoops must jump through higher and higher hoops
witnesses can disappear without suspicion suspicious deaths of Barry Jennings, Hunter S. Thompson, Danny Jowenko, etc.
does not have to publish any peer reviewed papers
it is ok if it is a Government sponsored report
must have peer reviewed papers in several recognized scientific journals before being considered.

There is nothing wrong with being strict.
It is great. You have high standards, and well you should.

The more strict the requirements, the more reliable the knowledge
But you should apply your strictness to BOTH sides EQUALLY

Which one are you?

Dogmatists Scientists
closed minded open minded
don't do experiments do experiments
oppose new studies welcome new studies
don't read new info read papers
lame excuses no excuses
do not get physics understand physics
majority rules know truth can be known by a minority
cite unread papers read whatever papers they cite
include no links include links to verifiable references
think they know it all humble and know there is much unknown