Urban MOving SystemS IncorporAteD

This is one of the most bizarre incidents from September 11, 2001.

Hypothesis: This drawing on the Urban Moving company truck, of a plane crashing into the WTC,
is so obviously trying to implicate the company, possibly setting them up as "backup patsies"
to potentially take the blame, just in case the public did not accept the Bin Laden story.

The truck was stopped by police, found to contain "tons of explosives", then the men were released.
They returned to Israel and were interviewed on TV saying they were there "to record the incident".
(How did they know there would be an incident to photograph?)

The story of the truck near the George Washington bridge was covered only briefly in the news on 9/11.
9-11 Mossad 'Mural Van' - NYPD Radio Transmission Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9 -11

Hypothesis: Once the Bin Laden Story as a "go", then Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik
(presently in jail for various corruption charges) said the truck report was "not confirmed".

The "5 dancing Israelis" may have been instructed to photograph the plane crashing into the WTC,
then get caught doing so, to show fore-knowledge, and "set them up" as patsies.

Of course this truck incident was not discussed in the Official 9/11 Commission Report.
Possibly this was for control of Israel:  "Do as the USA says, or we will blame you for 9/11."