Sherlock Holmes,
the Norwood Builder
and Operation Northwoods

In the case of 9/11, 99.999% of the military was just following orders.
They were confused by about 10 training simulation exercises similar to the actual events going on. 

We must keep in perspective that top Generals have plotted false flag attacks before 9/11.
So this is nothing new. Remember Operation Northwoods, declassified in

This plan was approved by all the JCoS, and presented to SecDef McNamara and PotUS JFK.
A Remote Controlled Plane was to be blown up, to be blamed on the Cubans, to justify 
in the eyes of the American public, an attack on Cuba to remove Castro.

Fortunately, JFK did not approve it, and removed Admiral Lyman ("Lie man") Lemnitzer
as the head of the Joint Chiefs.

Where did Lemnitzer get the name Operation Northwoods?
Where did it come from? Cuba is not north. No woods were involved.
Many think it is just a random name. Here's a theory.

Like many boys, Lemnizer may have read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 
One of the detective stories was called the Adventure of the Norwood Builder.
Norwood is short for North Woods.

Let's look at the plot. 
(Note: If you don't want to spoil the mystery for yourself, do not read further.)

Jonas Oldacre, a retired builder from Norwood, names John McFarlane as the sole beneficiary in his will,
and invites the young Notary Public John to his house to sign and notarize the papers. Later that night,
Jonas dies from being struck and burned into a skeleton, identifiable from remains of his clothes.

A bloody fingerprint of Johns, plus his cane, were found at Jonas' house.
Inspector Lastrade of Scotland Yard is certain that John did the murder, and should hang.
John reads in The London Times that the police consider him the prime suspect,
and everyone should look for him. He seeks help from Sherlock Holmes at 221 Baker Street. 

Inspector Lastrade follows a tip and arrests John at Sherlock's home.
Lastrade gloats to Sherlock that he has solved the crime and found the murderer.
The case is "open and shut". John obviously murdered Jonas to get the inheritance.

Sherlock Holmes is the only one in London who is skeptical.
Even Dr. Watson is taken at first by the official story. 
He goes to study Jonas' house, the burnt wood shed, and notices a new bloody finger print.
He goes undercover as a tramp, and learns from a tramp that his homeless friend is missing.
His friend had gone to Jonas' house for food and clothes.

Sherlock and Dr. Watson find Jonas' will which had John's thumb print in wax as notaries did in those days.
Sherlock deduces that the thumb print could be used as a template for the bloody thumb print.

Watson discovers that Jonas had a lot of bills, and transferred all his funds to an alias name Cornelius.
Sherlock deduces that Jonas has faked his own death, burned a tramp (in the Granada TV version,
animals in the Doyle version), and planted the fingerprint, so that he could escape his creditors,
and get revenge on John's mother who jilted him in the past, by getting her son convicted of murder.

Jonas was a builder, and built a special hidden room, known only to his house mistress.
Sherlock and the London police burn some straw and shout fire, to get Jonas to come out
and arrest him for attempted fraud and killing a tramp.

This is a "false flag operation" - doing a crime and setting up someone else to blame.

As with the Norwood Builder story of Sherlock Holmes, Operation Northwoods was to
stage a killing involving a fire, kill innocent person(s), and blame the murder on someone else.

Norwood Builder Operation Northwoods
Faked death of a man Faked death of plane of passengers
Innocent man truly killed (tramp in Grenada version) Innocent people truly killed in Miami, Guantanamo staged attacks
Frame someone (John) Frame someone (Castro)
Justify police action Justify military action
Monetary benefit (for Jonas) Monetary benefit (for war profiteers)
Wise man put a stop to it (Sherlock Holmes) Wise man put a stop to it (John F. Kennedy)


Full story read aloud

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes: the Norwood Builder by Granada TV

Lastrade: (laughing) "You are too many for me when you begin to get on with your theories, Mr. Holmes.
How does this bear on the case?"

Holmes: "I don't mean to deny that the evidence, isn't in some way very strongly in favor or your theory.
I only wish to point out that there are other theories possible. As you say, the future will decide."