Henderson Hall Guy


Uhm, I was standing up here. Oh, are you ready?
I was ah, going up here to Henderson Hall.
I was doing a service call, and ah.
I heard a jet coming, me and another fellow, and we turned.
And it was coming no more than about 50 feet over the trees on top of the hill.
Full powered engines.
Doesn't look like anything was wrong with that plane
I've flown a good bit.
It didn't look like anything was wrong with that plane
and it was like trajectory.
He was aiming straight tof the Pentagon
I'm mean someone down there wherever at first
And I had a clear shot, and I stood there and watched him.
And he flew that plane directly into the center of that building (Pentagon).
I never saw something like that.
Never veered
Wings didn't tip.
Didn't pull up.
The thrusters were full.
He had full thrusters on full.
I mean he as coming over me, and the engines were so loud, I hit the ground.
Because you know he had full thrusters.
It was just unbelievable.
And you know, all those people were down there.
You know, you feel for everybody.
You know, these people are one second, sitting at work and have that happen.
It was unreal.
Things are going to change.
I guess, we're not, um, safe any more.

Pointing to Henderson Hall

Pointing to the Pentagon

Note a guy in white coming down a dirt path.

Where was he standing?


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