Steve Storti's Stories


1. first sighting of plane.
2. belly of fuseage appears to glide on top of building
3. only tail fin visable
4. Sheraton National appears behind and above the plane,
5. passes in front and below the Navy Annex,
6. plane banks sharply right, left wing tip rises then falls, full throttle roar,
7. 2 small puffs of smoke or dust, light poles?,
8. impact.
My line of signt obscured by south corner of West Wing. Explosion then tail fin appears even with building,
9. I enter west lot via South Eads Street underpass,
10. stopped and detained by federal Agents.


Blog - PumpItOut

You may question the accuracy of my memory but please take into account I am formerUSMC and in fact was stationed at Henderson Hall, next to Navy Annex in 1979. I was a firefighter for 23 years 8 of which was spent doing arson investigation. I was trained to observe details. Additionally, I have been a substance abuse therapist for 24 years and am used to high stress situations. My account has not changed since approx 9am on 9/11/01. I have pretty much stayed silent, never sought to capitalize on my position and never took advantage of any of the benefits to be had by those affected. I paid a hefty price for what I saw that day, spiritually and physically. I know there are those which would seek to disprove my account, but I saw what I saw.

My response to those persons near next to or in the navy annex, I can only say that when a plane that large passes next to you, in a manner which defies your logic, you brain, hippocampus will code that memory in a certain manner. When you recall it it is filtered by your subconcious which tries to comprehend and intergrate the event. The plane flew close by, but next to them, not over them. To those on the North side of the NAvy annex. The plane was on the opposite side of the building, from their perspective it may have appeared to fly over the northeast corner of the annex but in actuality it was more over the citgo station. That is explained by simple perspective, trauma and possibly the need to be recognized or acknowledged. There was no flyover, it didn't double back, it wasent a missle or a bomb. It was an American Airlines jet piloted by somone who had at least rudimentary skills and very possibly a AAA map.

To this day I am convinced that the pentagon was a secondary but symbolic target. Given its trajectory and altitude its logical targets would have been the Lincoln Memorial, the washington Monument, possibly the Capitol.

The Lincoln Memorial was an easy hit. The Washington Monument would have required an increase in altitude. The Capitol would have required an even greater increase in altitude due to the Washington Monuments height.

The White House may have been an ideal target, but at the altitude which the plane was flying it would have been impossible to see the White House. Possibly the flagpole on top, but even then, its one flagpole among dozens. It would have required maneuvers which would have challanged any aircraft save for a helicopter. Remember the White House is in kind of a man made hollow between buildings which are at least 2 stories higher.

As far as any other aircraft in the vicinity, I saw nothing for at least 4-6 minutes after the plane hit. At that point I heard rather than saw a fighter Jet. It was shortly followed by at least 3 others flying concentric circles at different altitudes. At one point I did see what might have been something that looked like an AWAC or modified C130. The helicopters arrived moments later as did probably 40 blacked out surburbans and similar vehicles.

I did hear what I though sounded like a secondary explosion about 5 minutes after the initial blast. It seemed to come from Foggy Bottom or the State Department area. I did notice a newly paved section of road on I beleive 17th street, not sure, adjacent to the State Department. Who knows, probably coincidence.

To coin a phrase, "thats my story and I'm sticking to it."