7 Questions about Building 7

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Point Description Notes Commentary
1 Foreknowledge How did BBC, CNN, and firemen know the building was coming down?  
2 People in building What happened to Barry Jennings and the NY Corporate Counsel  
3 Building damage How did the building's internal damage occur?  
4 External damage How did the external damage happen to WTC 7?  
5 Rapid descent How to explain the speed of collapse?  
6 Pull It What did Larry Silverstein mean by "pull it"?  
7 Cover Up Dr. Shyam Sunder attempts to mask the free fall  

Official Conspiracy Theory on WTC 7

Dr. Shyam Sunder and Dr. John Gross prepared the
National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) Report on WTC 7
Dr. Zeneck Bezante (Northwestern University)
Ryan Mackey (NASA),  Chris Mohr

Point Description Notes Commentary
1 Foreknowledge There was no foreknowledge.  There was "concern" about WTC 7 coming down  
2 People in building There were no people in the building who heard any explosives  
3 Building damage Damage was caused by WTC 1 collapsing, including the tower, plus intense fires  
4 External damage There was massive external damage  
5 Rapid descent The building did not come down too fast.  
6 Pull It Larry Silverstein meant to "pull the firemen" from the building  
7 Cover Up There was none. The NIST Report was fact  

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Steven Jones, PhDNiels Harrit, PhDRichard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth,
Dr. Steven Jones, Dr. Niels Harrit
Physics professor David Chandler
Researchers Kevin Ryan, Jim Hoffman, and most Truthers

Point Description Notes Commentary
1 Foreknowledge There foreknowledge shown by BBC, CNN, Firemen and Officials  
2 People in building Brian Jennings and Corporate Counsel Hess witnessed explosions around 9:00 before collapses  
3 Building damage Pre-placed nano-thermite and other explosives brought the tower down.  
4 External damage Dust from the WTC shows traces of exploded and unexploded thermite  
5 Rapid descent Standard Controlled Demolition with explosives near the bottom.  
6 Pull It Larry Silverstein slipped up and showed he knew WTC 7 was coming down  
7 Cover Up NIST lied and manipulated data to try to show it was a fire based collapse  

Other Theories (incomplete)

Jesse Ventura, Judy Woods

Point Description Notes Commentary
1 Foreknowledge    
2 People in building    
3 Building damage    
4 External damage    
5 Rapid descent    
6 Pull It    
7 Cover Up    

The Perpetrators' Emergency Plan for WTC Building 7
A Script

#1 Everything is going according to plan.
#2 No it's not. I just heard that Flight 93 was shot down.
#1 Damn! What happened?
#2 We don't know for sure.  Flight 93 was not responding to Remote Control.  Apparently the pilots figured out how to over-ride the RC, perhaps by shutting off the power and rebooting. They restored manual control and it had to be shot down.
#1 That leaves Building 7 full of high tech explosives
#2 There's too much security in that building. The explosives will be discovered!
#1 Then the whole plot will be exposed. We're cooked.
#2 We can declare it off limits due to the security in the building
#1 No, the fire men and investigators will get approval to be in there
#2 We have to bring it down anyway
#1 Let's think of our options
#2 We have to think of something quick
#1 The best laid plans often go astray!
#2 Yeah, first Flight 77 gets blown off too far north to the Pentagon, and now this!
#1 How could a building come down by controlled demolition when it was not hit by a plane
#2 We could start fires and knock out windows so the flames are seen
#1 Get on it right away!
#2 It might take hours though
#1 Hurry up. We have to do it soon or it will look suspicious
#2 Roger. No later than 5:00 pm
#1 OK start preparing a report to distribute to the TV stations. Tell them that WTC 7 already collapsed, so they will not try to film it. We don't want any cameras on it.
#2 Ok sir
#1 Now we have to quickly think of an explanation for Flight 93 going down, and bringing WTC 7 down.
#2 We could say that the passengers overpowered the hijackers
#1 Good!  I like that.  It will make a heroic tale to tell America
#2 We could say the Building 7 just collapsed due to fire
#1 No one will believe that
#2 We could say the antenna of WTC 1 hit WTC 7
#1 No it is too far away
#2 People will not notice.  The news will show it today, and maybe a few time, then people will forget it.
#1 OK, we have to make sure the media only shows the WTCs collapsing today, and not in the future
#2 Roger.  I'll tell Rupert
#1 We better get everyone out of Building 7 before someone discovers the explosives
#2 Ok I'll tell the Fire Department commander that 7 is weakening so he will clear everyone out.
#1 Get me Larry on the phone to tell him what to say.



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