Keeping the Spy Games and War Games Going

CIA, International Military Industrial Complex (IMIC) and al-CIA-Duh

The Protection Racket
99.99% of the CIA and IMIC is kept in business by the .01% Al-CIA-Duh
(a mixture of black ops groups, ex-CIA, Al Queda, ISA, etc.)

Homeland Security

Job Security

Counter Terrorism Unit - to find and stop terrorist groups

Terrorist Support Unit - to keep the Counter Terrorism Unit busy and funded by the taxpayers - by recruiting and supporting terrorists

CIA = the good guys that we know and the organization that is presented to the public, of good people sincerely trying their best to stop terrorists.

The CIA and other parts of the International Military Industrial Complex (IMIC) are most important, and funded most, when America is in "danger" and at constant war.

al-CIA-Duh = not literally a division of CIA, but perhaps a mixture along with Mossad, ISI and GIP (Arabia's Intelligence) that hires guys to go around the world pretending to be terrorists, leaving trails, and sometimes planting bombs to put on a good show, scare the public, and recruit other guys who truly have a hatred for America. It is a mixture of sincere and phony terrorists, to appear realistic.  So some innocent people have to die, for realism.

The purpose of al-CIA-Duh is to create work for the CIA and the IMIC.

Military hiring and spending more than ever

Weapons are the perfect money making products
They are expensive, disintegrate, go obsolete, and need constant upgrades and replacements.

Spy Games

Lt. Anthony Shaffer, Coleen Rowley and others were "too good" at their jobs.  They were only supposed to detect the "actor terrorists" of al-CIA-Duh guys, to build the Official Story, but not to actually apprehend them.  They got too close.  They had to be pulled back by Robert Mueller, George Tenet, and others who were "in the know".  The International Military Industrial Complex (IMIC) needed them to be free to carry out the 9/11 False Flag Op.
The public sees all the world's intelligence agencies a separate and competing. But like the Unified Field, there is a lot of covert collusion going on behind the scenes, at a deep, fundamental level.  All the Intelligence Agencies have a vested interest in playing spy games, to keep their own Government and citizens funding them.

International Intelligence Community (IIC)

Saudi Arabia
and more

al-CIA-Duh (Terrorist Actors)
International "terrorist" organization providing the reason for the agencies above to exist and be funded

As kids, we played Man from UNCLE in our neighborhood.   We bought and created cool gadgets and secret codes.  My brothers and I were FORCE - the Federal Organization for Reconnaissance and Counter Espionage. Some other boys down the street were UNI - United Network of Intelligence.  On the next block were the Eagle Eye guys.  We were friends, but we had to pretend to be enemies, for the sake of the game. It was fun, and cool. But we grew out of it. 

Some guys in the worldwide Intelligence Community have not grown out of it. Their spy toys are bigger, more expensive, and deadlier - at tax payer expense.  Under the guise of "protecting America" they can develop such things guns for darts that cause "natural" heart attacks.


Any sport is like this. Friends divide into teams, and compete against each other, to keep the game going.  We also had wrestling matches, like the WWE.  The more the teams snarl at each other, the more the public pays.  If they stop competing, the funding and money immediately stop.  If there is no need, or perceived needs for the Spy Sports, the public will not fund it.  Because the results are Top Secret, the public has no way to judge if the spy organization is necessary or not.  Of course, the public is assured that it is a top requirement for national security.

Of course, real terrorists are more convincing than fake terrorists.  Fake terrorists are only needed to "get the ball rolling" then Predator Drone strikes on civilians, and bullying occupied countries creates enough real ones, who want revenge for killing their brothers, and putting military bases on their holy lands.  Al-CIA-Duh (the collective network of international intelligence agencies) keeps a calculated balance of terrorist - just enough to justify their existence.  Too many, and they stomp them out with the CIA, FBI, Military, etc.  Too little, when the public starts demanding less funding for the IMIC, then they activate some phony al-CIA-Duh terrorists. 

Like driving a car, sometimes the IMIC steps on the gas.  Too fast, and the apply the brakes.  But the car keeps going, and their funding keeps going.


Spy Game Chiefs
9/11 was an Inside Job
Keeping the Game alive - and their exciting jobs

Spy Game Chiefs

CIA Directors

Alexander Waverly
United Nations Command for Law Enforcement
George J. Tenet
British MI-6
James Bond, 007
Porter J. Goss
The Chief
Maxwell Smart
Get Smart
Michael Hayden
Gen. Lloyd Cramden
Zonal Organization World Intelligence Espionage
Derek Flint

Leon Panetta

FBI Director

Robert Mueller is missing from the list of Patriots (below) from the FBI
He never got elected to public office.
We will say he was a good Marine, and attorney
He was never an investigator per se, not even a private eye.
He never was an FBI Agent himself, yet is their Director. 
Bush appointed him as FBI Director, over 1000's of career FBI Agents.
Why the "Great Leap Frog" over more qualified candidates?
Mueller would "go along" with The 9/11 False Flag Operation
in return for a quick rise to being appointed with a Great Leap to the top FBI position.
He stopped FBI agents from investigating the so called "hijackers"
US paid agents who went around taking flight lessons, hanging out, making scenes, and acting like terrorists
to keep the regular CIA, FBI, and Military busy,
so they can justify their jobs.
Muhammed Atta and others, were duped.
They had a good ride on the American taxpayers, having fun, going to strip bars
Then he was no longer needed, and it was time for him to do his last mission.
He organized a multiple plane hijacking, to demand the US out of Arabia, for hostags.
But he was suffocated when the CAPOV opened up by Remote Control.
All the air went out, and the plane proceeded by RC
with more speed, accuracy, and determination than any human could.

Patriotic FBI Director, Special Agents and Employees

Louis Freeh
Louis Freeh - Director of the FBI, 1993 - 2001.  Former U.S. District Court Judge for the Southern District of New York, appointed by President George H.W. Bush.  Former Deputy United States Attorney in New York. Former FBI agent. 

Essay An Incomplete Investigation - Why did the 9/11 Commission ignore "Able Danger"? Wall Street Journal11/17/05: "

Interview Lou Dobbs Tonight CNN 11/30/05
Coleen Rowley Coleen Rowley – Former Special Agent and Minneapolis Division Counsel, FBI.  24-year FBI career.  Agent Rowley was selected one ofTime Magazine's three 2002 Persons of the Year for revealing FBI headquarters' efforts to "throw up roadblocks and undermine" FBI field investigations of Al Qaeda operatives in the four weeks prior to 9/11.
Harry Samit Harry Samit – Special Agent, FBI, assigned to the FBI Field Office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Former U.S. Navy pilot and Naval Intelligence Officer.
Robert Wright
Robert G. Wright, Jr. – Special Agent, International Terrorism Unit, FBI.  The only FBI agent to seize terrorist funds (over $1.4 million) from U.S.-based Middle Eastern terrorists using federal civil forfeiture statutes, prior to 9/11. 17-year FBI veteran.
Sibel Edmonds Sibel D. Edmonds  Language Translation Specialist, performing translations for counterterrorism and counterintelligence operations, FBI 
Jane Turner Jane A. Turner – Retired Special Agent, FBI.  24-year FBI career
John Vincent John B. Vincent – Retired Special Agent, Counterterrorism, FBI.  27-year FBI career.
Fred Whitehurst Fred Whitehurst, JD, PhD – Retired Supervisory Special Agent / Laboratory Forensic Examiner, FBI.  16-year FBI career.  Former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer. 
Edward Costello Edward J. Costello, Jr. – Former Special Agent, Counterterrorism, FBI.  Former Judge pro tem., Los Angeles, CA. 
John Cole John M. Cole – Former Intelligence Operations Specialist, in the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division.  In charge of FBI’s foreign intelligence investigations covering India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. 18-year FBI career. 
They are all on if you would read it for yourself.  You'll see plenty of Governors, Congressmen and Senators on there as well. Don't believe just the web site (although these people could get themselves off long ago if they had any objection).  Check them out.