Witnesses at the Pentagon on 9/11

Sgt. William Legasse
Pentagon Police
100% sure Plane was NOC
from the Citgo Station

Sgt. Chad Brooks
Pentagon Police
Plane NOC went towards the Pentagon from near Citgo

Allan Wallace
Pentagon Fire Department
Was nearly hit by the
plane as it approached
Many others also saw it hit

Sean Boger
Heliport Tower Traffic Controller
Saw the plane coming on the
North Side of the Citgo
and approach the Pentagon

April Gallop
Army Specialist
Experienced "a bomb" and
crawled out the Plane hole
Claimed by CIT, PFT Claimed by CIT, PFT Claimed by OCT & PIO Claimed by CIT, PIO, PFT Claimed by CIT /PFT

How can we chose one witness and discount the other?  If we side with one witness, must the other be lying?  How can this be?

There are many credible witnesses who saw a plane hit the Pentagon. 

There are also many credible witnesses who saw a plane North of Citgo.

They can't all be right.  Or can they? 
Is there some theory that can accommodate all these witnesses? 

Sean Boger is claimed as a supporter of both the North Of Citgo (NOC) approach and Plane Into Pentagon (PIP) theorists.
Both C.R. (NOC) and Jeff Hill (PIP) claim that Sean supports their side.

    NOC: Sean Boger: the ultimate validation of north approach and The PentaCon

...He describes observing for "between 8 and 15 seconds", which had the plane banking to its right on the north side of the gas station.  Citizeninvestigationteam.com/official-interviews.html

    PIP: Sean Boger quoted in 9/11: A Boeing 757 Struck the Pentagon

"I just looked up and I saw the big nose and the wings of the aircraft coming right at us and I just watched it hit the building," Air Traffic Controller and Pentagon tower chief Sean Boger said. "It exploded. I fell to the ground and covered my head. I could actually hear the metal going through the building." dcmilitary.com November 16, 2001

How can Sean Boger validate two opposing theories at once? 
Maybe the theories are not as opposed as it seems.

The Remaining Possibility

Yes there is a way.  We shall see that another possibility has been missed.  And it is surprisingly simple.

We can use the eclectic approach - taking the best parts of each side of the argument, and finding a way that their major points can all coexist in one theory.

The Explosives Filled Plane & Pentagon Theory (EFP&PT) satisfies all interviews by both major camps, CIT and PIO, and that there is actually little reason for any arguments.


EFP&PT can be explained more succinctly with the following abbreviations:

Pre Planted Explosives
No Planted Explosives
putting bombs in key areas of the Pentagon, ready to explode upon command
just the normal situation of the office building
Staged Light Poles
Plane Hit Lights
popping them out of the ground via remote explosives, staging taxi window crash
it hit the 6 poles, including the one that went into the taxi window.
North of Citgo
South of Citgo
the plane passed over the Navy Annex then headed to the Pentagon
the Official story of the plane following Route 395 south of the Navy Annex and Citgo.
Fly Over Pentagon
Fly Into Pentagon
plane continued up and beyond, landing at DC Airport or going elsewhere to land.
a theory that proposes that a plane did not fly over the Pentagon, but into it
Plane Impacted Pentagon
Explodes Filled Plane
It could be called PHP, Plane Hit Pentagon, but it confuses with a Web Technology
an explosives-filled plane flies into the Pentagon, destroying engines, wings, and tail fin just before impact
Alert Plane Occupants
Gassed Plane Occupants
Crew, passengers and hijackers were alive and alert at the time of impact
Crew, passengers and hijackers were gassed by cyanide or similar gas

Using these Acronyms:
The CIT theory would be PPE-NOC-SLP-FOP-APO
The OCT theory and PIO's would be SOC-PHL-PIP-APO
The EFP&P theory would be PPE-NOC-SLP-PIP-GPO

NOC does not necessarily mean a FOP occurred

One major theory that the PPE-NOC-SLP-PIP negates is the FOT or Fly Over Theory.  So this EFP&PT is a NFO (No Fly Over) theory.  CIT and many debunkers have assumed that if there was a NOC path, then a Fly Over was absolutely necessary.  While CIT has plenty of witnesses to a NOC path, widely acknowledged, they are hard pressed to find FOP witnesses.  But a Fly Over is not necessary for their NOC approach and research to be absolutely correct. 

It is not necessary for the plane, following the NOC path to cause most of the physical damage inside the Pentagon.  CIT correctly posits that only Pre Planted Explosives (PPE) caused that damage, including the odd circular hole in the C ring. 

It is not necessary for a plane going NOC to make an "S" curve, as BrokenStyx postulates.  A simple "C" curve, after passing NOC, is all that is necessary for the plane to hit the Pentagon.

The needless argument from the two Truther camps comes from a common fallacy:
They both assume there was only one (1) source of the Pentagon damage: either plane or explosives, one or the other, not both.

CIT says if the plane was NOC, then the plane must absolutely have no part in the explosion by flying over, and only the Pre Planted Explosives caused 100% of the damage.
OCT and PIO say that a SOC trajectory was necessary so that the plane caused 100% of the damage.

The answer is that there were two (2) sources of the explosions: the Plane and Explosives.
The plane did approximately 1/3 of the damage (outer E Ring), and explosives did the other 2/3 from the D through C Rings.


The EFP&P Theory is compatible with the most witness statements
A comparison of the top 3 theories regarding the Pentagon
Other theories, with low support or evidence are not considered here
including: Cruise Missile, Small Plane, Hologram, Martians, etc.

Name of the Theory North Side / Fly Over Pentagon Official Fly Into Pentagon Explosives Filled Plane & Pentagon
Light poles staged before poles hit by plane staged before
How hit Pentagon flew over hit at 45 degrees hit at 90 degrees
Size of fuselage hole too small big enough in between
Internal damage PPE Plane fuel PPE
Citgo Gas Station North South North
Plane impacted Pentagon (PIP) No Yes Yes
Fly over Pentagon? (FOP) Yes No No
Light pole in Taxi was staged? Yes No Yes
% Damage done by plane 0% 100% about 33.3%
% Damage done by explosives 100% 0% about 66.6%
Witnesses corroborate? (Jesse's Conspiracy Theory)
April Gallop Yes No Yes
Witnesses corroborate? (CIT's)
Sgt. Legasse & Brooks Yes No Yes
Arlington Cem. workers Yes No Yes
Citgo Mgr. Robert Turcios Yes No Yes
Arlington Cemetery Workers Darrell Stafford, Darius Prather, William Middleton, George Aman Yes No Yes
Auto shop Edward Paik Yes No Yes
Contractor Terry Morin Yes No Yes
Sean Boger Heliport Controller Yes Yes Yes
Witnesses corroborate? (PIO's)
Peter Kopf saw plane? No Yes Yes
Dawn and Dan - apartment window


Yes Yes
Albert Hemphll - Navy Annex office No Yes Yes
Donald Bouchoux Navy, Route 27 No Yes Yes
Robert Leonard No Yes Yes
Daryl Donley No Yes Yes
Keith Wheelhouse No Yes Yes
Allan Wallace No Yes


Witnesses with dubious story
Lloyde England * No Yes No
Steve Storti ** No Yes No
Rick Renzi ***
Lee Evey (not present) No Yes Yes

* England claimed that a light pole went through his taxi window without harming hood, denied being on bridge even when photographed
** Storti claimed to see people moving in the back of the plane he could see for less than one second as it traveled 500+ mph from 1 mile away.
*** Renzi turned out to be a war profiteer, was and plead guilty to counts of currency violation and other counts fraud.

Sean Boger is claimed a supporting witness for both sides, those who advocate the NOC, plus those who say a plane hit the Pentagon.  He worked at the Heliport, and saw the plane coming from over the Navy Annex.  He saw the plane hit the Pentagon.  We need to ask him if it was a 45 degree or 90 degree angle, but if you look on a map, you will see that the NOC approach only supports a 90 degree angle in to the Pentagon.

For a complete list, click here for Excel spreadsheets of the Pentagon witnesses.  

Why No Photos of the Pentagon?


Photographic Witness - the Cameras


CIT Witnesses

Maria De La Cerda career musician in the Army Band
William Middleton Arlington National Cemetery employee
 Darrell Stafford Arlington National Cemetery employee
 Darius Prather Arlington National Cemetery employee
 Donald Carter Alington National Cemetery employee
 George Aman Arlington National Cemetery employee
 Sean Boger Air Traffic Controller in Pentagon Heliport Tower
 Roosevelt Roberts Jr. Pentagon Police Officer

Pump It Out Witnesses