Suspected Participants
The 9/11 Conspiracy Team

Photo Name Role
  Bin Laden provided the hijackers, and told them to hijack 4 planes, land, and demand the USA get out of Arabia in return for the hostages.
  Mueller made sure no FBI agents arrested the hijackers, taking pilot training in the USA (not in other countries with flight schools) to create a plausible cover story.
  Airline baggage men (agents) put the bags with remote controlled cyanide gas tanks in the planes, to knock out the crew, passengers, and hijackers (who were duped, and died too).
  Airline maintenance (agents) installed enhanced remote control in the passenger jets.
  ACE Elevator workers (agents) placed the nano-thermite and other explosives in the WTC elevators by day, and above ceilings panels by night
  Cheney made sure no fighter jets intercepted the planes
  Rumsfeld had workers strengthen the Pentagon Wing wall for the impact.
  Bremer arranged homing beacons installed in WTCs, and first blamed Bin Laden on TV
  Gen. Myers provided the NORAD stand down and timelines
  Bush leveraged the attacks into a reason to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.