Categories of Victims

Theory by Phil Jayhan and Larry McWilliams

  Category Example
1 Fake people Operation Northwoods
2 Fake relatives of real families  
3 Real people, ex CIA or spies who need to retire a cover  
4 Real people who need a new identity and life Sonya Opole
5 Real people in trouble, given a choice of jail or helping OCT  
6 Real people coerced to participate in the operation  
7 Real people terminally ill wanting to go out as a hero  
8 Real people long dead, taken from SSN death records  
9 Real people murdered recently and covered up  
10 Real people murdered on 9/11 John O'Neil
11 Real people accidentally killed, collateral damage  


9/11 Victim walls

Why would loved ones put up a poster?

Same packing tape used for different posters from different families at different times.

Why use old photos for papers, but call number to get better photos, used fuzzy photos, and unrecognisable.  This hides photo-shop and pixelation of computer generation of photos

CNN was the official list maker.  List changed.

NY Times Portraits of Grief.  don't have by-lines.  Similar templates used.  Faked and staged.



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