Top Ten Tips for Truthers Talking to Trumps

It worked in Iowa and can work in the other 49 states

1 Look up when Trump is coming to town.
Newspapers may have a good web site such as Iowa's Register did
Organize your friends to go together
2 Get to rallies early
Get a seat near the front so you can ask questions and be on camera
3 Preferably raise your hand and be polite.  Shouting out does not endear him to 9/11 truth
Nobody likes to be interrupted.  The Trumps have heard a lot about 9/11 by now
They are smart and already know that something is fishy about 9/11.
Trumps will judge 9/11 by our behavior.
4 Donald always goes to the front row after the speech and shakes hands
So there is the opportunity to talk with him personally for about 30 seconds
5 Bring something about 9/11 for him to sign his autograph,
such as a sign or AE911Truth brochure.
Keep it simple so he can recognize it at a glance
6 Be prepared with an issue to talk to him about
7 Look for a press conference after the talk
Dress for success so you can get in
8 Watch for visits by his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump
who are much more accessible. 
Read the Wikipedia links about them, to talk knowledgably.
Ivanka is pregnant so she probably won't be campaigning.
9 Join the Trump campaign (if you are Republican) so you will get the latest news of visits and make connections with the Trump campaign staff.
Help bring Trump supporters to the the caucus for your precinct and give a speech.
10 9/11 was not just done by Jewish people. 
Dick Cheney is Methodist. Bush is Episcopalian.
The Trumps have many Jewish friends.
So don't blame 9/11 on just one religion.
There were many beneficiaries of 9/11 - such as the Military Industrial Complex

Donald said he favors people asking questions who wear a red Trump hat and have a book of his.