Ry Dawson Research

9`11 was multinational

North Tower 942/1275 deaths were Marsh & McLennan Co. Inc. or Cantor Fitzgerald  Floors 93-98

South Tower 270/490 deaths Euro Brokers Inc and Aon Corp (global reinsurance intermediary)

Men arrested for fake ideas to grant access to the towers to

Address of the "company" turned out to be an apartment building of an Israeli.  Company was just a front.
Similar plot as address of Israeli Josie Hadas for renting the Ryder truck in the 1993 botched Mossad&FBI/useful idiots truck bombing

Movers bring the explosives
Elevator mechanics set them in place
Maintenance shuts down the fire prevention system

One elevator that went all the way to the top of the WTC had trouble for a month!

Company contracted by Zip Shipping, Israeli owned, which moved out.


6 middle eastern men arrested who claimed to have done work in the basement of the WTC towers with fake passes.

Key witness was killed in a fire in her car   February 17, 2002 in Memphis, Tennessee

A Tennessee woman accused of helping five Middle Eastern men get fraudulent drivers' licenses is found dead in her car.  Shortly before 1 a.m. last Sunday, witnesses saw flames erupt from the back seat of a 1992 car.   She was burned so badly, her arms fell off.

Allen G. Breed and Bill Poovey, The Associated Press, February 17, 2002.



Guy has access to the WTC with a fake pass for a fake business, accomplice is murdered.  Highly suspicious.


Front company using Zim Shipping
arrested in Tennessee pass flew back to Jerus
1/4 million bail
pass to do fire prevention system
front companyused false docs.

shaped charged C4
caught in the van with C4
splitting hairs

Saudi and turkey money laundring
like Contras in Nicaragua
Plausible deniability

JAS report 28 pages
Aleady mentioned SA
No mention of Israel. Passive Protection
In WTC 1, structural elements up to the 39th floor were originally protected from fire with a spray-applied product containing asbestos (Nicholson, et al. 1980). These asbestos-containing materials were later abated inside the building, either through encapsulation or replacement. On all other floors and throughout WTC 2, a spray-applied, asbestos-free mineral fiber material was used.