Characters from Operation Terror

A plausible alternative explanation for the evidence
and events of September 11, 2001 - to help get a proper
criminal investigation of this unsolved mass murder mystery case

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,
however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes

Hypothesis: Engineers developing hijack-proof airplanes, with Remote Control Take Over
(RCTO) technology, with pilot lock-out of navigation and communication,
might recognize their work being used on 9/11, and had to be silenced.

Photo Character Actor Real life person(s)  * = victim on a 9/11 flight Photo
Horace Humphrey Horace Humphrey
Defense Contract Management Command
Cole J. Porter

* HERB HOMER Defense Contract Management Agency 
Herbert Homer Hall dedicated to his memory

Paul Cross George Poole
Grayton Castle Inc.
Paul Cross

* PETER GAY Vice President of Electronic Systems,  Raytheon
memorial  Raytheon victims, Raytheon  Integrated Defense Systems (IDS)
Age: 54, Place of Residence: Tewksbury, MA, American Airlines Flight 11  remains
also remembering

David Kvalocin was a senior mechanical engineer for Raytheonís electronic systems. bio 

Robert Stilwell Harvey St. Claire
Grayton Castle Inc.
Robert Stilwell * STANLEY HALL Director of Electronic warfare program management
Stanley Hall, 68, of Clifton, Va., was "our dean of electronic warfare," said a colleague at Raytheon, a defense contractor. Hall, director of program management for Raytheon Electronics Warfare, helped develop and build anti-radar technology. He was quiet, competent and something of a father figure. "We have a lot of young engineers who looked up to him as a mentor," Raytheon spokesman Ron Colman said. He leaves a wife, a son and two daughters
Walter Knox
Grayton Castle Inc.
Christopher Warner * KENNY WALDIE Raytheon expert on Electronic Systems
Usama Bin Laden Akhtar Khan Himself - the accused patsy / scape goat
Bin Laden's FBI Wanted Poster does not list 9/11, and he was not formally charged or indicted due to lack of evidence, according to FBI spokesman Rex Tombs
Ali Mohamed Yassir Nadifi Himself, assistant to Bin Laden
Double agent for CIA and Egyptian Islamic Jihad
Seth Jones Jack Bornoff JAMES SMITH, Orion Scientific Systems, McLean, Virginia
U.S. Army's Able Danger investigation of terrorist connections
Oil Executive Burt Pronin RED CAVANEY
Ken Lay Tim Bevan KEN LAY - himself
Christopher Wiles Dick Cheney Christopher Wiles DICK CHENEY - himself
Scooter Libby Art Roberts SCOOTER LIBBY - himself
Bart Dever Morgan Daniel * DANIEL BRANDHORST Price Waterhouse Coopers 
uditors for Raytheon
Kent Barlowski Andy Thompson * BRIAN KINNEY Price Waterhouse Coopers 
auditors for Raytheon
Larry Mason James Avise LARRY MITCHELL CIA Chief Dubai
Hugh Sims Steve Guilmette HUGH SIMS - himself  Pan-am airline flight rental and school, owner
Tim Nelson Eric McCoy TIM NELSON - himself  Pan-am airline flight rental and school, assistant
Mikos Zavros Sam Hall Mikos Zavros HARRY SAMIT FBI Special Agent   NBC   Testimony
John Weess Tom Druilhet JOHN WEESS  - himself  FBI Special Agent  arrested Moussaoui
David Alan Graf Dave Francini David Alan Graf

DAVE FRASCA FBI, head of Radical Fundamentalist Unit

Steve Nordmann Ty Kopp STEVEN NORDMANN - himself  INS, who arrested Moussaoiu
Died in motorcycle "accident"
Zacarias Moussaoui Clay Van Christie ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI  - himself
Hussein Al-Attas Mark Naji Hussein Al-Attas    - himself
Mohamed Atta Ahmed Moniem Mohamed Atta   - himself 
Abdulaziz Al-Omari Victor Vargas Abdulaziz Al-Omari   - himself , "terrorist" found to be alive after 9/11
Marwan Al-Shehr Nima Azizi Marwan Al-Shehr    - himself , hijacker
Brice Miller Mike Shaffrey * MARK BINGHAM  "Hello Mom, this is Mark Bingham...we're being believe me, don't you?"
Norman Mineta Larry Wang Parrish Norman Mineta     - himself    testimony - basis of script
"Do the order still stand?"
Monte Belger Ron Dzierzynski Monte Belger   - himself , FAA Deputy
Military Aide Jonathan Wadley

Navy Cmd. Doug Cochrane   asked Cheney: "Do the orders still stand?"

Jamie McIntyre Matt Jones Jamie McIntyre    - himself , CNN reporter at Pentagon
Chris Chaniki Frazer Douglas Chris Konicki    - himself , reporter and witness at Shanksville
Barry Jennings Percy Smith Barry Jennings   - himself   NYC Emergency Management Director
Died mysteriously days before official WTC 7 report
Philip Hayden Napoleon Ryan Phillip Hayden   - himself , BBC broadcast host
reported WTC 7 collapsed before it did.
Jane Standley Adrienne McQueen Jane Standley   Herself  - reported WTC 7 collapse before it did
Propulsion Engineer   * Chandler Keller: Boeing   memorial

Other Characters

News Reporter Chelene Nightingale Fox News reporter at Shanksville
Lisa Poole Tansy Alexander Linda, wife of Peter Gay
Alyssa Poole Madison Wenn Larissa, daughter of Peter Gay
Donald Brenski Bobby Marchesso Daniel P. Burnham, Chairman of the Board, Raytheon
Co-Pilot Hank Mitchel
(Pilot Jim)
Brian H. Scott David Charlebois, American Airlines Flight 77

Jordan Walters Arlan Godthaab Wall Street executive

VP Aide King Mike Green
Cheney's Secretary Reatha Grey
Charles Kelley G. Gordon Ellis Chandler Keller
Propulsion engineer from Boeing
Doug Lang Robert Green Dong "DC" Lee
Boeing Space & Communications
Robert Ordway Todd McCain
We are Change
Ruben Ornedo
Boeing Space & Communications
Daniel Karlson Matthew Balshan David Kvalocin 
Senior mechanical engineer for Raytheonís electronic systems. bio 

Composite Characters

Jack Brand Aaron Delgado Jack Brand Composite of misguided patriotism of CIA agents or Mossad operatives in the U.S. Intelligence Community.  According to CNN the FBI has an active counter-intelligence file maintained on Rahm Israel Emanuel. 
Christopher Kriesa Phillip Singer Christopher Kriesa CIA engineer, symbolizes experts in buildings and explosives
Graham Clarke Chuck Griswold Graham Clarke

KrongardCIA agent, purchased stock options on American and United Airlines like A. B. Buzzy Krongard, Executive Director of the CIA

M.O. Onjoray James McCollough M.O. Onjoray Director of Council on Foreign Affairs
a composite of CFR and PNAC
Brad Potts Chase Jordan Brad Potts CIA pilot, symbolizes experts in aircraft
Randy Fratkin Ray Donovan Randy Fratkin CIA assassination expert
Danny Grossman Charlie Getz Danny Grossman CIA agent, handler for "terrorist" patsies
John Gilbert Michael Goldberg John Gilbert Planner of 9/11
Jamie Bernadette Stewardess Jamie Bernadette Symbolizes stewardesses on the 4 flights
Red Harrington John E. Outtrim LoizeauxControlled Demolition and clean up experts, similar to Mark Loizeaux
Alfred Harlow Richard Miraan Psychologist, planner in WTC 7 meeting
Female Airport Agent Michaela Cupper Lady who takes ID from Brice Miller
Media Tech Joe Sabatello Symbolizes expert(s) in Media control
Audio Tech Chris Desousa Symbolizes expert(s) in Voice Morphing and Synthesis to fake phone calls, possibly a team of callers
Radar Technician Matthew Solomon With Chase Jordon on E4B
Federal Agent Thomas Jeffery Thomas Johnson

Black ops guy with guns

Federal Agent Simms Paul Savage Black ops guy with guns
Federal Agent Tanner Gregory Stone Black ops guy with guns
Federal Agent Oney Steven Whitmore Black ops guy with guns
Agent Carrington Karen Turner Sutton helped get id's and mobile phones  at airport
FAA Radar Tech Leif La Duke Assistant to Monte Belger

Extra Characters

Afghan/Pakistan Girl Maya Farshoukh Shot by Delgado in flashback
Afghan/Pakistan Woman Shakti Shot by Delgado in flashback
Airplane Passenger Richard Baker
Airplane Passenger Steve Balshan
Airplane Passenger Alfred Benoit
Airport Passenger Sabrina Echols
Airport Passenger A. Benton Edmons
Airport Passenger Giabriela Ensil
Airport Passenger Larry 'Dean' Latham
Airport Passenger Aaron Louie
Airport Passenger Halcyone Rapp
Airport Passenger Luther E. Sullivan III
Airport Passenger Lonnie 'Lono' Woodley
Airport Passenger Asal Nazerpour
Airport Passenger Stephanie Valenzuela
Demolition Worker Justin Herring Young Helping unload boxes of IronOxide, and on mobile phone helping Red
Elevator Lady Norma J. Houser When Delgado got call from McCollough
McCullough's Secretary Danae McKillop Showed Delgado in
Mrs. Carmichael Johanna Marshall Third-Grade Dance Teacher
Cleveland Victim Amazon Beard
Cleveland Victim Kelly Campbell
Cleveland Victim Shirley Guevara
Cleveland Victim Craig Henderson
Cleveland Victim Alfonso Illan
Cleveland Victim Calvin Kim
Cleveland Victim Federico LaGuerder
Cleveland Victim Catherine Farestad
Cleveland Victim Joline Marino
Cleveland Victim Melvin Markowitz
Cleveland Victim Jamie Pickett
Cleveland Victim Alan Pyeatt
Cleveland Victim Jill Pyeatt
Cleveland Victim Eric Sanchez
Cleveland Victim Michael Santana resists going into enclave
Cleveland Victim Tom Toka
Cleveland Victim Tom Vinson
Orion Worker Regan Forston points the way to his boss for gunmen
Orion Worker Edward Ruwaldt
Orion Worker Jade Mason
Orion Worker James Killebrew
Security Guard Jay Murray

at Orion

Secretary Neeltarni Pratap Singer's secretary right
Supervisor Frank Rada CIA supervisor of Delgado
Strip Club Patron Quinton Bowen
Strip Club Patron Kyle Ward
Strip Club Patron Dean Cox
Stripper Annaize Huerta The "devout" Muslims were at the Pink Pony bar the night before 9/11.
Third-Grade Dancer One Margie Davis
Third-Grade Dancer Two Morgan Wenn  Megan Upshaw
Third-Grade Dancer Three Briana Grace Naim
Third-Grade Dancer Four Yuliana Naim
Third-Grade Dancer Five Kylee Herschberger
Third-Grade Dancer Six Natalie Coulter
Third-Grade Dancer Seven Elizabeth Rudisill
Third-Grade Dancer Eight Lauren Suthers

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James McCullough, from the mysterious "Council", assigns CIA agent Aaron Delgado to implement a plan to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and pin the blame on Muslim Terrorists. Delgado and fellow agents, Phillip Singer and Chase Jordan, work with a group of unsuspecting engineers to develop unmanned jets to hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. The CIA agents have to deal with an increasingly suspicious George Poole, the lead engineer working on the drones. Also the Army and the FBI begin to uncover the plot, forcing Delgado to shut down their investigations. On the day of the attacks, Delgado becomes livid as the media reports on the destruction of WTC Building 7 before it is blown up and that there are no signs of planes hitting the Pentagon and the supposed crash site of Flight 93. Written by Art Olivier


Raytheon Employees were on 9/11 flights that hit a target
Flight 11:
Peter Gay was Raytheonís Vice President of Operations for Electronic Systems and had been on special assignment to a company office in El Segundo, Calif.

This division is one of two divisions making the Global Hawk. (ISR Journal, 3/02)

Kenneth Waldie was a senior quality control engineer for Raytheonís electronic systems.

David Kovalcin was a senior mechanical engineer for Raytheonís electronic systems.

Flight 175:
Herbert Homer was a corporate executive working with the Department of Defense.

And for some very strange reasons he was listed for several days as having died while working in the Pentagon.

Flight 77:
Stanley Hall was director of program management for Raytheon Electronics Warfare.
One Raytheon colleague calls him "our dean of electronic warfare."

Charles S. Falkenberg:
He worked on "EOS Webster" a mapping system which provides Landsat Images, which are part of the mapping system for the Global Hawk technology.

Raytheon is working on Global Hawk piloltless aircraft program.

Now, if this is not coincidental enough for you:
What are the odds that Raytheon also had one office in the WTC2?
(AP, 9/11/01)

It was located in 91st floor in WTC2.
Raytheon shared the floor with Washington Group and Gibbs&Hill.

While 13 employees of Washington Group died

None died from Raytheon and Gibbs&Hill:

This is rather surprising as after the hit of the second plane only four people survived who were above the 78th floor where the plane hit.

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