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by Rick Shaddock, Executive Director, ANETA

The Four Combinations of planes and photos - including the Bait

1. Planes present and Photos real - the official story that a lot of the general public believes
2. Planes present and Photos fake - the clever and hidden possibility, too often overlooked by 9/11 Truthers
3. Planes absent and Photos real - (not possible)
4. Planes absent and Photos fake - the bait - smoke screen intended by the 9/11 perpetrators to cause in-fighting in the 9/11 Truth movement

Only 3 combinations are possible.
(It is not possible to have real, authentic photos of planes that do not exist.)

Don't fall #4, the bait hook, line and sinker.
Many Truthers make the unwarranted assumption that if the photos are fake, then the planes must necessarily be fake.

There is another possibility that is too often overlooked by even the most dedicated Truthers - #2.
There could have been planes, along with the release of photos that are intentionally fake, upon close inspection.
The photos are real looking enough to fool the general public,
yet have impossibilities that the more alert can see.

For example, the plane enters WTC 2 and seems to disappear into the side, making a "Road Runner cut out" appearance.
This is intentional.

What better way to cause confusion and in-fighting in the 9/11 Truth Movement?
Divide and conquer.

Absolutely, many of the photos of planes hitting the WTC are poorly done fakes - and intentionally so.
It is a clever tactic, showing we are up against perpetrators who are very experienced at deceiving the public.

The 4 planes could still have been real, taken over using Boeing's patented technology and steered into the WTC and Pentagon. Then fake photos could be released as bait to try to fool some people into claiming there were "no planes". This muddies the water and gives the real perpetrators of 9/11 more time to get away with it, when the public eventually loses interest.

Don't fall for #4 and take the clever bait to try to divide us.

As the 13th anniversary of 9/11/2011 approaches, we see a wave of renewed interest in the event which changed America so much, and the world.   More and more questions have come out.  In 2005, YouTube and other video services allowed people to review the broadcasts of 9/11, stop and slow the play, analyze every detail, and find evidence.

It has been 10 years since September 11, 2001 changed the world. It was the basis for several wars, and the loss of some Constitutional liberties. There are more unanswered questions every day. It took 441 days of petitioning by victim families to get a Commission to investigate 9/11. The resulting Report had glaring omissions. A recent poll found that 48% of New Yorkers want a new 9/11 investigation commission.

We suggest that members organize or support a presentation at your local Library or other public facility, to help you investigate 9/11 for yourself.   Here is an example of what the local chapter in Fairfield Iowa is doing.

Members are welcome to use the ANETA banner to promote your talk, in case you do not wish to publish your personal name in your local paper.   Just email our Webmaster to set up a link to your web site, or forwarding email address.  For example, can forward to the member's Gmail account.

Let us know if ANETA can help you in any way, to bring out 9/11 Truth and make the most of the upcoming 10th Anniversary awareness.


Revisiting 9/11:
Free Presentation at
the Public Library

Fairfield Nine Eleven Truth Awareness will give a 13-year anniversary presentation at the Fairfield Public Library on Thursday, September 11 at 7:45 pm.  They will present an overview of 9/11 scientific research, recent action in Congress, videos by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and answer questions.  For information, visit 

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