Main Stream Media News (finally) Questions 9/11
CBS - CBC - CNN - CSPAN - CBC - Fox - New York Times - RT - Washington Post

Informing Donald Trump about 9/11
who in turn informed the main stream media

Press conference in Oskaloosa, Iowa on July 25, 2015
"Truther Stumps Trump"



Proves that G.W. Bush covered up his Saudi friends who helped to fund 9/11 hijackers.

Rand Paul calls for the release of 9/11 documents

The Washington Post
Senate bill 1471 and House bill 14

Fox News: Classified Docs can prove Saudi financing of 9/11
saudi-govt-connection-to-911  (backup)
Shepard Smith: "The Saudi Arabian government paid
 to help fund the attacks of 9/11.
The FBI knows it, and the FBI helped cover it up.
Fox News reporting on Sen. Bob Graham's report.

CNN: Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist
Seymour Hersh questions the Bin Laden raid

C-SPAN: House Resolution to release 28 page chapter about Saudi financing  6:00 minutes

Congressional Representative Thomas Massey (R-Ky)

House Resolution to release the 28 page chapter George Bush classified about who funded the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

Sen. Bob Graham in New York Times interview: FBI Covering Up

Fox News: Geraldo Rivera
9/11 Group asks NY City Council to Investigate WTC Building 7 Collapse

with  Tony Szamboti  (Mechanical Engineering, Villanova)

MSNBC Chris Matthews:  Bush lied to get US into wars

 MSNBC Rachael Maddow:  Bush lied to get US into wars

Russia Today:  White House behind terrorism of 9/11
Dan Bushell - Truth Seeker on RT
Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11?

Press TV:   Dr. Kevin Barrett interviewed about Bush and 9/11

CBC: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
The Fifth Estate    (the press)

"9/11: the Unofficial Story
YouTube backup

Fox News reports Bin Laden already dead in December 2001

Washington Post: When Seeing and Hearing Isn't Believing
The Washington Post
By William M. Arkin    Feb 1, 1999
Article about real time voice morphing technology
developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (NM)
which can explain how cell phone calls, which are impossible
from plane cruising altitudes and speeds, could be faked .

New York Times: Paul Krugman: Errors and Lies
Paul Krugman (MIT, Yale, Nobel Prize in Economics)
writes in the New York Times the 9/11 wars were based on lies.
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Freedom Of Information Requests (FOIA)
are important for 9/11 Truth to come out

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah)

Reporter was denied FOIA requests for years

Obama promised "transparency" but has not kept it.

Informing the main stream news reporters

Suzanne Malveaux - CNN, White House reporter, Harvard graduate
receives M.U.M. graduation brochure featuring Senator Tom Harkins

Trump and 9/11 News