Duped Actor Hijackers - thought it was a standard hijacking
Docile Alleged Hijackers - were just relaxing as passengers
Sacrificed as DNA Donors for the crash site

Duped Actor Hijackers (DAH) and
Professional Actor Terrorists to Scare You (PATSY's)

The first and obvious question many people asked on 9/11 was: "Who would kill everyone including themselves"?  The 19 or so 9/11 hijackers did not announce who they were, what their cause was, or why they were doing it. It does not make sense with human instinct and human nature. 

It makes no sense for so many men to kill themselves at once, for no apparent benefit or reason. For all they knew, some other group could have gotten the "credit".   Why didn't they leave a suicide note, or any demands whatsoever?  The hijackers acted as if they planned to live, and be rewarded, after the hijacking. 

If even one hijacker got "cold feet", he could expose or ruin the whole mission. 

Hijacker Muhammed Atta announced: "We are returning to the airport."  These issues has been neglected in most theories hitherto.

The hijackers were indeed hijackers, members of al-CIA-DAH (or whatever the true name is) - a covert black operations organization that provides a "reason-to-be-funded" for the CIA and other international intelligence agencies.  They travel the world acting like terrorists, taking pilot training, making scenes, leaving clues, blowing things up for realism, and recruit real terrorists from relatives of those killed from "collateral damage". 

They were Professional Actor Terrorists to Scare You (PATSYs).  Hamza Al-Ghamdi of Flight 175 lived at the plush Delray Beach Raquet Club in Florida from 1992.  They were in contact and visiting Saudi Arabian millionaires, as proven by gate entrance records at a rich family who disappeared a week before 9/11.
Source: The-mysterious-saudi-family-that-vanished-two-weeks-before-911

Their intent was just to hijack the planes,  land them at an airport, then make some demands, holding the passengers as hostages.  Demands could have been millions of dollars, the closing of military bases in Saudi Arabia (most the alleged hijackers were Arabian), or some such benefit.

The hijackers, particularly the pilots, had to have some quickness, alertness, and intelligence.  Most suicide bombers have acted alone.  Also, the 9/11 Hijackers did not have a history of mental illness.  Real suicide bombers do exist, but they are not comparable to the 9/11 Operation members of al-CIA-DAH.

Al-CIA-DAH is the name we can give to a conspiracy of CIA, Al Queda, Pakistan ISI, and possibly other intelligence agencies such as Mossad.  The purpose of Al-CIA-DAH is to keep all the intelligence agencies in business, and supported by their respective governments and taxpayers.

Suicide Bombers

9/11 Hijackers of al-CIA-DAH

Act alone Acted as a planned group of 25, actually 19
Impulsive, simple plan (Go to crowded area, press a button) Carefully planned to great detail and crucial timing.
Most are mentally ill, depressed, or mentally retarded No history of mental illness, or clinical depression
Organization loses just 1 follower Organization would not want to lose 25 dedicated members
No job skills Pilots had valuable job skills
Little education Hijackers were mostly college graduates
People who are in closed communities, hardly traveled at all World travelers who have seen a lot of life, Paris, London, Miami, NY

Duped Actor Hijackers (DAH)

The hijackers were duped by the organizers of 9/11.   They were deceived by their handlers.  The hijackers were "set up" to be killed.  They would have suffocated in the same way that made the crew and passengers unconscious.  The hijackers were killed in the crash along with everyone on board.

Naturally, the hijackers would have wanted to make some demands, and actually get something for their time, money, and efforts.  They did not intend to die, according to this theory.  What good does dying do them?  People don't kill themselves for no reason.  What good does killing a lot of innocent people do?  Why give the Muslims a bad name?   Cui bono

There has to be a motive, for someone to go on such a mission to kill themselves.  Even if terrorizing America gives them a thrill, they would not get to see it.  The idea of hijacking a plane and killing one's self goes against basic human instinct.  It is a preposterous notion that demands a lot of evidence.  But the American public believed such a bizarre story.  Not even "devout Muslim" and lap dancer lover Muhammed Atta would kill himself for no benefit.

What if even one of the 19 hijackers got "cold feet" and thought twice and refused to go on board.  Even one could foil the mission in flight.  If he was the pilot he could steer away as the building approached.  Or a hijacker could join with the passengers, say "I don't really want to die" and overthrow the hijackers.  At the very least, they were killed to make sure they didn't change their minds.  They were not needed to steer the planes, which were equipped with Remote Control.

In this scenario, the mobile phone calls could have been real. Also, some faked calls could have been added though voice morphing technology, to be sure that specific stories out to the press, such as the presence of box cutters.  The hijackers may well have had box cutters, as described.

What about Atta's will, found in his suit case, that "just so happened" to have missed the connection through Boston airport?  Why would he take a will on a plane if he thought it would crash?  The will could have been planted.  Did other hijackers leave a last will and testament?  Many people write wills, just in case, who have no intent to hijack a plane. Why didn't the hijackers call their parents to say good bye before 9/11?

It is a much easier to find guys to hijack a plane and live, than to hijack a plane and die. That's why they could get 19, plus more, to volunteer.  If Al Queda was recruiting hijackers for the mission, it would be much easier to get volunteers by offering $1 million each for a standard hijacking.  It does no one any good to accept $1 million to kill themselves, because they would no longer be around to receive the payment, nor enjoy it. 

The organizing perpetrators knew that they would never have to pay the hijackers, because the hijackers would be gassed in the plane and killed in the crash.  So the perpetrators could even offer the hijackers $10 million, or even $1 billion each with no problem.

Why did some hijackers only want to learn how to take fly and not to land?  They had every intention of landing.  They would depend on the Auto Pilot to land the planes.  "No one thought of using planes to crash into buildings" said Condoleeza Rice and George Bush. Neither did the hijackers, in this scenario.  Only the true perpetrators thought of this.

It is possible that some, or all of the hijackers were actually covert agents, who had been recruited to help catch a hijacking ring.   After the hijacking, they each planned to cooperate in convicting the other hijackers, confident that they would not themselves be prosecuted. 

In reality, they were all scheduled to be sanctioned by the clever perpetrators who organized 9/11.  They had outlived their usefulness to the International Military Industrial Complex (IMIC), and it was time for them to have their last mission.

Compartmentalization: Each group of hijackers did not know about the other 3

In this scenario, each group did not know about the other 3 groups.  They may have been told there will be some other remote controlled drones involved, in case they were to get word that planes were flying in to buildings. They considered themselves the only plane with live people on board.  They did not envision that they would be gassed and killed as well. 

Or the hijackers could have been told that other planes would crash land, but not theirs. Then, they would not be surprised if they hear that other planes crashed into buildings.  Each hijacker could have been told that some flights would vote among themselves whether to just hijack, or crash into a building.  But that each hijacker would not know for sure.  They understood that the other planes were "warnings" that they were serious, and that their plane would land safely and make demands for some benefit.  They had no idea that all planes would have knock-out gas.

Could the Hijackers be fooled into thinking it was a "normal" hijacking?

The Official Conspiracy Theory proposes they were foolish enough to kill themselves by flying a plane in to buildings. There is nothing more foolish than that.  This theory at least gives them at least some credit for common sense - only being foolish enough to participate in a mass  hijacking, or joining a terrorist group in the first place.  Yes they were fools, and easily duped, but not suicidal.  Even animals have the instinct of self preservation. 

What about Flight 93?  By the time the first 3 planes crashed into the WTCs and Pentagon, news of this was getting to the people on Flight 93 via mobile phone calls  The passengers, crew, and hijackers got word that the hijacked planes were crashing in to buildings.  This was bad news for everyone on board, including the hijackers.  None of them wanted to die.  The hijackers probably realized they had been double-crossed and sacrificed. 

Perhaps the RC of the CAPOV malfunctioned and failed release the air from the fuselage, causing depressurization.  Or perhaps the hijackers struggled to gain control of the airplane against the Auto Pilot.  Either way, they could not be allowed to live and talk.  They had to be shot down in Shanksville by a fighter jet, or the Auto Pilot turned the plane's nose down by remote control, or the bombs in the baggage area were detonated by remote control.

In such an operation there were multiple contingency plans.  Flight 93 may have been the "backup" plane for Flight 77 in hitting the Pentagon.   The perpetrators, being Americans, had no real intent to hit the White House or the Capitol.  The Pentagon was the only building in the Washington DC area that had pre-planted explosives.  So, when Flight 77 succeeded, the radio signal was given to the explosives in the baggage section of Flight 93 to detonate, as it would have just before impacting the Pentagon, so it crashed in Shanksville.

It is also possible that Flight 93 was planned to be the 1 failure of the hijackers, and the 1 victory, to show that America was not totally vulnerable.  It could also have been a "backup" for Flight 77, in case it missed the Pentagon.  Or in case Flight 77 did not take off, as happened with Flight 43, probably intended to hit WTC 7.  In this carefully laid plan, there were multiple contingency plans.  Without knowing any details of flight 93's crash, Dick Cheney said "I think an act of heroism just took place."1  Cheney had no way of knowing what had happened on board.  This was part of a carefully pre-planned script, for every contingency.

Who were the hijackers really?  Some of the people have turned up alive, so there was Identify Theft.  One of the men lost his passport.  So we may never know who they really were unless we have a thorough investigation.   The 19 hijackers may have been covert assets, possibly of the CIA, who "knew too much" about something, or had outlived their usefulness.  Sending them on a hijacking mission was a "convenient" way to get rid of them, and they were sanctioned for elimination.

Why are there only a few photos of the hijackers at the airport, and not even the right airport?  This one was taken at the Portland Airport.  We would expect to see all the hijackers in photos, about to enter the planes.

Muhammad Atta at the Portland Maine airport.
This is NOT the Boston airport as has been reported in the main stream news.
Where is a photo of any hijackers getting on board any of the planes?

D.A.H. - Docile Alleged Hijackers

There is DNA evidence that Arab brothers were on board, so let's assume the "hijackers" were actually on board.  That does not mean they were doing anything, other than reading magazines like everyone else.  They could have been told that their mission was to go to Los Angeles for some meeting.

Their only reason for being on board was so their DNA would show up in the crash.   Did the DNA show up in the cockpit, or the passenger section?

Hijackers (al-CIA-DAH)

United Airlines Flight 175 - World Trade Center South Tower 2

Flight 43

Failed to take off due to airplane mechanical problems
Possibly intended for World Trade Center 7

Videos the DAH's Made for Anti-Terrorist Simulation Exercises

To make Anti-Terrorism Simulations more realistic, to help train the Military and Law Enforcement, the Actors often make videos, pretending to be a terrorist giving his last statement.  Duped Actors would have their training videos used as real ones, after they have been killed.

WARNING: If you are assisting the authorities as an actor in such simulations, do not make a "last video" as you might be killed, and blamed for some staged terror event.

Since 9/11, al-Qaeda have released footage of several of the hijackers. These include a number of video wills, where they talk about jihad and attacking America. Reportedly all but one of the hijackers made a will, so we would anticipate that others will appear in future 9/11 anniversary releases.

The use of Duped Actor Hijackers in the 7/7/2005 London Disaster
7/7 Ripple Effect

CIA and al-CIA-DAH
Playing Spy Games and War Games







What happened to the Passengers - if they were not knocked out?

This theory proposes the passengers were gassed.  But here is a page the deals with this possibility from a prior version of this theory.



No longer valid theories:

D.A.H. - Disappearing Arab Hijackers

Since we have no photos of any hijackers getting on any of the planes, they could have simply disappeared.  The only way we know of hijackers being on board is from the phone calls, which could have been Voice Morphed.  Atta's statement that "we have planes" could have been broadcast from anywhere.

Where are any security photos showing hijackers getting on board?

Where is any DNA evidence of hijackers at the crash sites?

Why are some of the hijackers said to be still alive?