Financing through Saudia Arabia
George Bush's close friends
found by investigative reporters
New York Times Carl Hulse
Fox News  Shepard Smith
NY Post  Paul Sperry


Muhammad Atta at the Portland Maine airport.
This is NOT the Boston airport as has been reported in the main stream news.
Where is a photo of any hijackers getting on board any of the planes?


The Hijackers - 911myths

Muhammed Atta's Will

Much is made of his will. but it is 5 years old, unsigned, and he assumes he will die in a way his body would be intact.

Muhammed Atta said that "The people who will prepare my body should be good Muslmis because his will remind me of god and his forgiveness"
In English and assumes his body will be around. but a plane crash will leave not much body he should know that.

Muhammed's will is unsigned
written on april 11, 1996 long befor e9/11