There Were Planes
The "No Plane" Argument is a divisive diversion tactic
to bait skeptics and cause confusion until the public stops caring.
There is more than 1 reason to fake plane photos
We do not have to jump to the "no planes" conclusion.

A tactic to prevent and postpone prosecution for criminal conspiracies
by dividing the efforts of the investigators, and causing in-fighting.

Release fake photos, to divide and conquer those investigating the crime.
Cause infighting between those trying to uncover the truth.

The basic pattern:

1. Take a key aspect of the crime that many people witnessed.
2. Make fake photos of that key aspect (the diversion)
3. "Leak" them into the community of investigators ("Wild Good Droppings")
4. Some will take the bait and be a divisive force.
5. This discredits the whole group of investigators

"If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers." - Thomas Pynchon, Jr.

"No planers are no brainers who cling to faked photos like flies to fly paper." - Brian Wolberg

Remote Control Take Over (RCTO)

Example:   Fake plane photos from 9/11

Even through there were planes, witnessed by hundreds of people,
from multiple angles, which match when combined and analyzed,
the perpetrators created and release faked photos of plane anyway.
Photos of the aluminum plane bouncing off the steel towers were
evidently collected and destroyed.  We never get to see those photos.
Faked photos cause some investigators to claim there were "no planes"
making them, and all investigators, look foolish in the eyes of the public.

These fake photos were released to confuse the public.
Where are the real photos of the planes?

Faked CGI photos were "leaked" to provide a wild good for no-planer/no-brainers to chase
in a "divide and conquer" strategy by the real 9/11 perpetrators to keep their mind off RCTO.

Real photos of the plane crashing outside the WTC wall and falling to the ground would have been destroyed.

Release the classified REAL plane photos!

There were many videos of planes with the same path.

Wild Goose Droppings

Wild Goose Droppings = pieces of crap and disinformation that are dropped here and there to lead people on a Wild Goose Chase.

Example1:  Someone "leaked" that Flight 93 was seen in Cleveland.  But this has not checked out officially.  Yet it is enough to get people to think that the hijacked planes still kept flying after the WTC attacks.  It is very easy to do.  No one even has to be an official.  Just pick a city, then start posting on the web that someone said that someone saw a 9/11 plane on the runway at some airport.  Then hope the rumor gets legs.  But if people check with Cleveland Flight Control, the story does not check out.  Sure they may be "in on it".  But everyone can't be.

Example2: Richard Hall cites "official" Army radar data showing a 2nd plane (that no one saw) which he presumes was invisible and projected a hologram.  Why is he believing the Army if the military industrial complex was "in on" 9/11?

It is much easier to simply take over the original planes by remote control than fly them into the buildings.

Unfortunately, Divisive Discrediting Diversion has worked too well with the 9/11 Truth Movement.   Even critical thinking scholars such as Dr. James Fetzer have taken the bait.  He correctly finds that there was photographic and video fakery regarding the planes on 9/11.  But many jump to the erroneous unwarranted conclusion that there were not planes at all.  This caused a big division in the 9/11 Truth Movement, to the point where Dr. Fetzer and Dr. Stephen Jones split up the Scholars For 911 Truth into two different groups.  No Planers are not invited to speak at Richard Gage's AE911Truth conference.  

Hard / Soft Wall Hypothesis

wall was hardened
to prevent too much damage to other offices
Goal keep plane outside wall
as pre-planted explosives target finance records inside

walls were weakened
so the plane would be sure to get inside
Goal: get plane inside first
as pre-planted explosives make huge fire ball

It looks like the plane went through the wall as if it was mesh,
because that section may have been just mesh,
or wood painted grey to look like steel.

The "Nose Out" Model Hypothesis

The "nose out" could have been a large model propelled outwards by the pre-planted explosives.
It was for added effect, similar to the 5 light poles tipped over at the Pentagon.
Ace Elevator Company had 7 years (1994 - 2001/9/11) to plant explosives and models.
The hole was not big enough for a whole cylindrical model,
so a flat sheet of steel may have been used, which looks like a plane from the side.

The presence of fake photos of planes does not mean there were no planes.
There is still the option of having planes. 
CGI and planes are not logically mutually exclusive possibilities
Here are the 4 options, only 1 of which is impossible.
(There can't be real photos of fake planes or no planes.)

1. Planes Actual - Photos Actual (official story)
2. Planes Actual - Photos Other (to divide the Truthers)
3. Planes Other - Photos Actual (impossible)
4. Planes Other - Photos Other (theory many Truthers have)

"Planes Actual" here means the actual Boeing Flight 11 or Flight 175, including Remote Control Take Over.
"Planes Other" means the planes were something other than Flight 11 or Flight 175, including CGI, drones, hologram, or nothing at all.
"Photos Actual" means un-retouched photos
"Photos Other" means some kind of photo manipulation was done

  Planes Actual Planes Other
Photos Actual official conspiracy theory:
all planes and photos actual
actual, untouched photos
of non-actual planes
Photos Other

planes were real, but leaked
fake photos are a diversion

"plane photos are fake
so planes must be fake"

Sadly, Dr. Morgan Reynolds also fell for the Divisive Diversion
and Fox News made himself look foolish to the public,
although he was absolutely correct that the photos were fake.

He should have said "we see obviously faked photos,
designed to make us say there were no planes.  Why?"

The proper, logical conclusion to the presence of fake plane photos
is that there is manipulation and a cover up going on about 9/11.
But it is an unwarranted conclusion that there were no planes.

The could be fake photos AND real planes

The existence of faked CGI photos
and the existence of planes hitting the WTC towers
are independent premises.
There is no logical, causal connection between the two.

Don't fall for the tactic of Divisive Diversion

Other examples

JFK Sandy Hook
1. Take a key aspect of the crime that many people witnessed. Billy Lovelady in the door of the Texas School Book Depository Broken window at the school
2. Make fake photos of that key aspect (the diversion) Make photo look like Lee Harvey Oswald's head was cut and pasted Photo shop it so the breakage is not seen
3. "Leak" them into the community of investigators. New Altgens photo Give it to Sandy Hook skeptics
4. Some will take the bait and be a divisive force. Many say it was LHO in the door way They will say the window was not broken
5. This discredits the whole group of investigators Debates go on for decades Discredits their good research

4 Possibilities

4 Possibilities

Planes Actual Planes Other
Photos Actual official conspiracy theory:
all planes and photos real
cannot photograph no planes
Photos Other

planes were real, but leaked
fake photos are a diversion

plane photos are fake
so planes must be fake

"Leak" obviously fake looking photos.

Divide and conquer 9/11 Truthers.

Ridicule "no planers" on main stream news shows, discrediting 9/11 truth.
Delay the day we get a true 9/11 investigation until the public loses interest.

There are 4 possibilities.  Only 1 is impossible.

1. Planes Actual - Photos Actual the official story
2. Planes Actual - Photos Other to divide 9/11 Truthers
3. Planes Other - Photos Actual cannot photograph nothing
4. Planes Other - Photos Other theory some Truthers have

Unfortunately, two giants in the 9/11 Truth Movement, Richard Gage and Dr. James Fetzer are not currently collaborating.
How much closer we would be to a real 9/11 investigation if they could join forces.

  Planes Actual Planes Other
Photos Actual official conspiracy theory:
all planes and photos real
real photos of fake planes
Photos Other

planes were real, but leaked
fake photos are a diversion

plane photos are fake
so planes must be fake

Enhanced version - 10 Possibilities

10 Possibilities

Planes Real Planes Modified Planes Drone Plane Hologram Planes None
Photos Real
1. Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) 2. Remote Control Take Over. Boeing ATALS 3. Photos show
pod beneath
4. real photos of holograms 5. impossible to
photo no plane
Photos Faked
photo shop

6. divide the 9/11 Truth movement

7. divide the 9/11 Truth movement (same) 8. to make drone
look more real
9. make hologram look more realistic 10. to make a plane appear
We cannot
"there were
no planes"

The Plane Does Not Fit


Fake Photos Do Not Necessarily Mean No Planes

Even with a fake looking photo, we cannot conclude "there is no Dr. Fetzer".
The unwarranted assumption is that the best possible photos are released.

10 Possibilities


Fetzer Real Fetzer Modified Fetzer Drone Fetzer Hologram Fetzer None
Photos Real
1. reality 2. taken over by MK Ultra mind control 3. another man in disguise 4. virtual image 5. impossible
Photos Faked

6. to divide and confuse public

7. to divide and confuse public (same) 8. to make drone
look more real
9. make hologram look more realistic 10. to make Dr.
Fetzer appear


Computer Graphic Images
CGI = Cheney's Graphic Inserts (to keep Truthers squabbling for years)
CGI = Constant Gullibility Insurance -  keep the Truth Movement divided
Chase Gooses Indefinitely - keep the Truth Movement on a "wild goose chase"

Some assert "there were no plane parts"

Google "WTC planes" to see hundreds of photos

Trained investigators know what an airplane part looks like.

How could this be faked in broad daylight with hundreds of people around?

FEMA Building Performance Report

Plane parts in the 9/11 Memorial Museum


Plane / No Plane Debate

Resolved: Two large planes hit the World Trade Center
July 18, 2013

Arguing the Negative

Arguing the Affirmative

Dr. James Fetzer

Dick Eastman

Dr. Fetzer cites on FAA flight data, showing Flight 93 was in the air after 9/11.  He relies on US Government data.  
Fake plane, real video
Fake plane, fake video
Real plane, fake video
No one has ever produced a video or photo of the WTC 2 spontaneously exploding with no plane?  
  No way to control for all the New Yorkers who may have photographed it.
Plane did not slow down when going through WTC  
Agrees that aluminum planes would crumble externally on a steel wall That's why the faked photos were released!
Alleges a 2nd plane projected a hologram No one saw the "projecting" plane

Dr. Fetzer has undue faith in the authenticity of the plane impact photos.

Winner of debate

There is nothing in the science of holographic images that allows anything like the project of images of jet airlines flying to fool over a hundred eye witnesses and all those who have viewed over sixty videos of the large plane that crashed into the south side of South tower.
The hologram technology and hologram science allow nothing like faking Flight 175 approaching South Tower.  The technology is not there and the existing science gives no hope of its ever being there.
The feat would be as impossible for lazer optics as it is for the science of propeller driven airplanes to fly to the moon through airless space.
Note that Jim Fetzer planned his arguments so that the claim that witnesses and video cameras viewed holograms were presented at the very close of the debate, so there would be no time for me to take them apart.
He did not make one argument for holograms.  He just presented the Richard Hall's claim to have found a radar study that disagreed with another radar study that gave the location of the plane.  And that is Jim Fetzer's argument that the planes were holograms.
And then Dr. Fetzer gave no explanation of how the plane-size holes were made in the building or how material was ejected with great velocity with both events involving the introduction of great force in one direction with nothing (unless a large plane is accepted) to provide the equal and opposite force equivalent to the force a plane jet engines would provide to get a plane traveling at 580 miles per hour.
Holograms depend on being at a particular angle in order to be viewed.  There are no holograms which can be viewed by people from all of 360 degrees.

Morgan Reynolds and Tom Mattingly are supportive of no planes


The No Planes Theory MIGHT be correct. But until we get a New Investigation of 9/11 we won't know for sure. NPT will never be accepted by most of the public. So we should go with a theory that no one can argue with to bet a New Investigation. For example, RCTO is indisputably possible and explains all the evidence without having to ignore witnesses, planes, radar, crash debris, etc.

The goal is a new 9/11 investigation and prosecution of the real offenders
We will not know for sure how 9/11 was done until the public demands a new investigation
Which theory will the public accept most quickly that explains all the evidence?

No Planes, Holograms and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

Remote Control Take Over (RCTO)

Convince the public there were no planes Explain to the public the simple 1-2-3:
1. Take over the jets by Boeing's patented RCTO system, technology known to exist, shut off pilot communications, then fly them into the World Trade Center towers.
2. Remote control of explosives planted by Ace Elevator Company from 1994 - 2001/9/11
3. Release some altered videos to bait and divide skeptics, and confuse the public until they stop caring.
Convince the public that all witnesses were duped or "in on it"
Explain what happened to the original planes
Explain what happened to the passengers, especially to relatives who know they died
Explain how DNA evidence could be faked or mishandled by authorities
Explain the 26+ videos of planes crashing into WTC2 which have the same path
Explain the thousands of pieces crash debris from the plane found around the WTC
Explain how these pieces could be planted without anyone noticing
Find a witness who saw the South WTC suddenly explode without a plane
Prove that holograms can look solid enough in air to fool people from all directions
Prove that holograms can be projected from another plane
Explain why no one saw the 2nd plane projecting the hologram
Explain how the radar signals of the plane paths could be faked
Explain how all traffic controllers had to be "in on it"
Prove that DEW exist
Prove that DEWs can be projected without anyone noticing
Prove that DEWs have the power to bring to down the WTC
Explain the sounds of explosions heard by witnesses, including first responders
Explain the squibs
Explain the 4 ton beams thrown over 500 feet, into the AmEx Building
Explain the nano-thermitic material found in the WTC dust by scientists

New investigation of 9/11 achieved!

Which theory will the public accept so we can quickly get a new investigation of 9/11 and find out which is correct? Please try to "shoot down" RCTO and convince me of NPT, Holograms & DEWs.


Facebook group: "All Theories Welcomed" ?


Note that there are many plane parts bouncing off WTC 2 in the southern direction.
So the entire plane did not enter WTC 2.

2540 feet to face of WTC 2 tower
2.97 seconds = 855 feet/second = 583 miles per hour

Confirming the distance from the approaching plane to WTC 2

Witnesses to the plane crashing into the Pentagon
by David Chandler and Ken Jenkins