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An open letter and domain name gift to
President Donald J. Trump

You were one of the first, on the same day, to recognize that bombs must have been used on the WTC towers because steel is so strong.
Over 2500 Architects and Engineers agree, along with PhDs in Physics, writing research papers for scholarly journals.
Channel 9 News: Brenda Blackmon, Rolland Smith, and Alan Marcus

The title of this "internet real estate" belongs to you
for whatever purpose you see fit for these domain names.
We only ask that you consider using it to help America get the Truth
by starting a real, scientific investigation in to September 11th.

The Bush Commission was a cover up and should be fired.
The Trump Commission will get the Truth.

Petition from We the People to the White House of President Trump

#AskTrump  The Bush Commission was a cover up and should be fired. You know construction, how New York skyscrapers are built and experts in the industry. You know what a controlled demolition looks like and the preparation time it takes.

Virtually every U.S. citizen, who still possesses critical thinking skills, knows that the official story is false.

9/11 these buildings exploded - You will find out who really knocked down the #WorldTradeCenter #TheDonald.

#‎AskTrump‬ As a builder of sky scrapers you know they are built to be strong, even against a jet. The WTC towers did as they were designed, and stood strong for about an hour. Then they collapsed as if someone pressed a button. Bush's 9/11 Commission did not investigate: Ace Elevator Company with over 40 workers in the shafts from 1994, the perfect place to plant explosives. Larry Silverstein bought rights to buildings with asbestos and got $4.2 billion in insurance. Boeing had Anti-Terrorism Auto Land technology, so the pilots could not prevent them from being taken over and flown into the WTC and Pentagon. Polls show 60% of Americans have doubts about how the towers came down. Will you please help America get the truth about 9/11?
At the press conference in Iowa on 20-July-2015, Rick asked Donald Trump if he would declassify the 28 Pages that GW Bush covered up about the Saudi leaders' funding of 9/11. Truthers tried for over 10 years. Donald investigated, talked about the pages on main stream news and within 1 year, they were released to the public on 15-July-2016. Congress passed the bill unanimously, enough to over-ride Obama's veto. Victim families can now sue the Saudis for wrongful deaths on 9/11.

G.W. Bush covered up the 28 page chapter on who helped finance 9/11
House Resolution 14 and Senate Bill 1471 are to petition their release to the public
Why would Bush cover up the financing by his Saudi friends?  Without financing, no attack. and

Truthers For Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

American needs your help to get to the truth.  You know that the Bush Administration and many politicians in Washington DC tell lies.  You know construction, how New York skyscrapers are built, and experts in the industry.  You know what a controlled demolition looks like, and the preparation time it takes. 

This web site is reserved for you.  Here, take it, for free, in hopes that you will help start a special private investigation in to what really happened on September 11, 2001. Replace this page with a better one of your own high standards for design.

The U.S. Government has not done a thorough investigation of 9/11.  The Official 9/11 Commission was not skeptical enough, allowed themselves to be manipulated, and did not even require testimony under oath from Bush and Cheney.  The Commission should be fired

Even members of the 9/11 Commission have recently expressed criticism of their own report, now that new information is available on the web. Architects and Engineers have analyzed the evidence. New York Citizens will have to be the ones to get to the bottom of the unanswered questions. 

Please consider joining New Yorkers and sign the petition at to create a New Commission to Investigate 9/11. Perhaps you would like to serve on the Commission, and perhaps be the Chairman.

We need to know how the WTC towers came down, to prevent it from happening again.
The Trump Organization knows high rises, and is committed to public safety.

Please schedule a meeting
with a team of Architects, Engineers, and Physicists
so we can present the evidence, for your consideration
in person, or by phone or Skype at your convenience  Washington, DC  202-221-5022 x3

Open Letter to Donald Trump 

Congratulations President-elect Trump! 

In what can only be described as a political revolution, Donald Trump has won a historic upset after an extremely difficult campaign in which he was opposed by the controlled media, the Obama White House, and the political Establishment, the very forces that have supported the lies about 9/11 and the fraudulent War on Terror for the past 15 years. To mark the occasion I am re-posting my open letter to Donald Trump from April 2016, with the hope that President Trump investigates 9/11 and puts the criminal cabal behind it out of business.

The text below is copied from the

Open Letter to Donald Trump on 9/11
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
725 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10022

April 12, 2016

Dear Mr. Trump,

My name is Christopher Bollyn. I am the author of Solving 9/11: The Deception that Changed the World. During my recent speaking tour across the United States, I was asked at every event about your position on 9/11 truth. The American people know that the government and media have covered-up the truth about 9/11. Many Americans sincerely hope a Trump presidency will help find the truth by carrying out a fully-fledged criminal investigation to determine who is really responsible for the terror atrocity.

Currently, none of the presidential candidates has taken a position in support of finding the truth of what happened on September 11, 2001. The events of 9/11 profoundly changed this country and brought us the War on Terror with two costly and disastrous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but the candidates running for the highest office in the land wont even discuss the event that took us to war. If you were to announce that, as president, you would carry out a complete criminal investigation of 9/11 you would certainly gain the support of millions more Americans.

In the past month a U.S. judge in New York City ruled that Iran shared the blame in destroying the World Trade Center and ordered a fine on the Islamic state of $10.5 billion while 60 Minutes recently reported that the 28 secret pages implicate Saudi Arabia as supporting alleged hijackers of 9/11. Such confusion can only exist in a situation where the truth is being covered-up. How can we go forward as a nation, crafting policies and waging war based on nothing but a pack of lies about what happened on 9/11? How can we make America great again if we allow our nation to be governed by lies?

The 9/11 Commission members themselves have gone on record saying that government officials lied to the commission. John Farmer, for example, senior counsel to the commission, wrote: "What government and military officials told Congress, the Commission, the media, and the public about who knew what when was almost entirely, and inexplicably, untrue."

The American people are demanding a proper criminal investigation into the events of 9/11 to determine who is truly responsible for the terror atrocity that changed the world and we have every right to expect that from our government. If you were to promise that a Trump presidency would carry out a complete criminal investigation into 9/11 you would inspire many Americans who have lost faith in the political process and gain support from a significant majority of the population.

Mr. Trump, will you stand up for the truth and demand a proper criminal investigation into the events of 9/11?


Christopher Bollyn




Donald Trump can win by exposing George Bush for classifying the 28 page chapter about who funded 9/11 - making him an accessory to the crime, covering up the financing. Bush started the disastrous war in Iraq.  Just as Donald predicted, someone worse came after Saddam.  This will ruin Jeb. Hillary was also involved in the lie, with that stupid story of dumping Bin Laden's body in the sea. Donald knows how skyscrapers are built, and they do not fall all the way to the ground, without explosives. Ace Elevator Company was in the WTC shafts 1994-9/11/2001 and was never investigated by Bush's 9/11 Commission. Donald did not bid with the Port Authority to manage the WTC because the buildings had too many problems, such as asbestos. Larry Silverstein did, and 2 months later he won $4.2 billion from insurance. He, his son, and daughter had lame excuses for not being in their usual office on the 88th floor of WTC1. Trump will prosecute Obama for posting a false birth certificate on the White House web site. Trump does not need Goldman Sachs or Wall Street to get elected. Trump will fire the corrupt and incompetent in Washington DC, exposed the liars, prosecute the criminals, and make America Great again.  

Trump is the only entrepreneur running for President.  Trump will get all the lazy welfare people developing themselves and producing.

Richard Gage, AIA
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Dr. David Griscom (PhD, Physics, Brown University, published 195 papers)
Naval Research Lab, DARPA, NASA
Dr. John Wyndham (PhD, Physics, Cambridge University, UK)

Wayne Coste, P.E. 
Professional Engineer

Others who have spoken out about 9/11 and WTC 7

Fox TV's Judge Napolitano, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Geraldo Rivera speak




There is one man who can cut through all the b.s. - a man who exemplifies the come back spirit of New York - Donald Trump.

Senator Max Cleland resigned from the original 9/11 Commission in disgust, saying "This is a scam...It's disgusting.  America is being cheated...As each day goes by we learn that this government knew a whole lot more about these terrorists before September 11 than it has ever admitted...Let's chase this rabbit into the ground.  They had a plan to go to war and when 9/11 happened that's what they did; they went to war."

We're not asking you to take sides. Let's just have a real, scientific investigation and let the chips fall where they may.  In fact, it would be a better investigative Commission if you don't take sides.  Just provide America an 9/11 Commission that no one has quit from.  Is that too much to ask?  If the Official story holds up under scientific scrutiny, then fine.  You will have stopped a very divisive issue among an increasing number of Americans.  Many think that some high ranking officials in our Government even planned it.

Pick the Investigators of your Trump Commission like you pick your Apprentices.  You will make sure they have expertise in Building Construction, Civil Engineering, Forensics, Crime Scene Investigation, and Physics.

You have wisely said that "George Bush is a disaster." His advisors, such as Rumsfeld, have been a disaster. Their handling of 9/11 is a disaster. Their handling of Hurricane Katrina was a disaster. Their handling of disasters is a disaster.

America needs Donald Trump to start a real investigation in to what happened on September 11, 2001.  You know how to manage, hire the right people, and get things done right.  It will take some seed money to get the Commission going, and for investigative expenses. But donors will sign on because you have reputation of getting things done.  You are the 911 Pound Gorilla in the room.  We need a 9/11 Commission that answers questions, not raises more questions.

There is already a wealth of information available, from countess hours of work by private investigators and scientists.  It needs to be integrated under a powerful and respected brand name.  The outcome of the Trump Commission would be a report, summarizing the testimony of experts.  It will contain topics that were intentionally omitted for political reasons by the FEMA and NIST reports. 

The budget for Bush's 9/11 Commission was $600,000 - about the price of one condo in NY. Compare that to the $40 million spent on the Clinton and Monica Lewinsky investigation. 

By lending just the Trump brand name, the Trump Commission will gain instant world wide recognition and respect.  Donations will come from around the globe to find what really happened on 9/11/2001.  You actually do not need to contribute a penny, just your priceless American spirit.

They failed in their mission to "to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 attacks"  It was not full and complete by any means. There are millions of Americans who still have unanswered questions.  Philip Zelikow picked the topics that the Commission would investigate, leaving out anything that might accuse Bush's Administration of complicity.  Commission members have publicly expressed that they were not given all the evidence.

Its name was the "National Commission on Terrorist Attacks."  Its purpose and focus was to show that 9/11 was done exclusively by terrorists.  We need a commission that sternly investigates who was involved in the attacks, and anyone who had a motive to delay prevention, even if they were American citizens and government officials. 

The Trump 9/11 Report, and corresponding web site, will certainly be widely read, probably outselling the Government's 9/11 Commission Report.  It may become one of the most important documents in American history.  It might expose corruption at the highest levels. The Trump Commission would be instant headline news. It would be greeted with a "oh no, the jig is up" by the liars in Washington, but a "hurray" from 9/11 Truth volunteers world wide.

The Government cannot be trusted to investigate itself.  George Bush lies, even about reading a book a week.  His 9/11 Commission was self serving, and did not investigate possible involvement by the Bush Administration.  Bush would not even testify under oath to the commission that he started.  It took him 411 days and a lot of public pressure for him to start it. 

George Bush wouldn't investigate 9/11 - possibly because he wanted it to happen.
Barack Obama already has his hands full with the economy, ending a war, and keeping Congress with him.
Donald Trump can do it.

Only private citizens can objectively investigate the Government.  Donald Trump is one of the most famous New York citizens in history.   You are one of the most influential people in NY real estate, according to Forbes magazine.

Evidently New Yorkers have been lied to, and even killed, for political reasons.  It took until 2010 for many the rescue workers to get medical help from asbestos poisoning.  Who will expose the liars and murderers?  There are people who know what really happened.  They may have thought the investigation was over when the 9/11 Commission finalized its report.  But with the Trump Commission, they will know it is time to talk, one by one.

You know how to get experts together, give them a task, and expect satisfying results.  There are many knowledgeable people who would be honored to serve on the Trump Commission, even for fee, to help our country get to the truth. You know how to get the attention of the public.  You care about New York.  The "official" 9/11/ Commission did not cover all the bases, and has inspired many web sites pressing for answers.

I feel strongly that you would appreciate the no-nonsense, scientific approach of architect Richard Gage, and am willing to pay for his flight from San Francisco, or wherever he is currently speaking, to meet with you.  Please ask your people to call his office at (510) 292-4710 with a date and time that is convenient for you both.

Please accept these web sites and manage them as you see fit.  Your web master can email me to arrange a domain name transfer to you. Thank you also, for inspiring me to get in to real estate, through and

When America sees "Trump is for Truth" in the headlines, you will inspire millions of people.  You will go down in history as one of the greatest patriots, putting to good use your fame and ability to see through lies, to help get our democracy back on the Constitutional track.



TrumpCommission.Org / Com

Thank you for your consideration of this request to use this domain for bringing out the Truth.
Hopefully soon, the world will go to this web site, when completely redesigned
to show the latest  findings of the Trump Commission's investigation.

Larry Silverstein

Larry Silverstein was the biggest profiteer of 9/11.

The Port Authority decided to privatize the World Trade Center

Larry only put in a few million of his own money to become the landlord of the WTC

He put a $7 billion insurance policy on it.

6 weeks later was 9/11.   Lucky coincidence?

Larry disclosed his guilt with his "pull it" comment and for avoiding questions about 9/11.

Larry, son Roger, and daughter Lisa were not in their usual place for breakfast at the restaurant atop WTC 1, nor their 88th floor office.

Larry claims he had a dermatology (not critical) appointment, even though, as a billionaire, he could pay one to visit him at his office at his convenience.

"Maybe the smartest thing is to pull it"  (controlled demolition)

Charlie Rose: Where were you on 9/11?
Larry:  Um.. you know... uh.. I was...home.. uhh.. and... I...
Basic body language and perception:  Look at Larry immediately look away then down, then shake his head "no" 
Charlie Rose: "Where were you on 9/11"?
Lucky Larry: "Um... you know... uh.. I was...home.. uhh.. and... I...

report by Dr. Kevin Barrett, No Lies Radio

The Silversteins were the biggest financial beneficiaries of 9/11
Larry's lapel pin - American flag on a fasce - using America's military for his profit

Larry avoids questions about 9/11 at New York Law School

WTC tenants will be looking for a new landlord
one who will not let them die for insurance money.

Trump Freedom Tower - the tallest building in New York City
restoring freedom from liars and murderers to America

By bringing the Truth of 9/11 to America, TRUMP will be on top of the tallest building in New York.

The Twin Towers are strong and can not completely collapse due to fire!

How The Towers Fell
Richard Gage, AIA (American Institute of Architects)
WTC Building #7 and Twin Towers Controlled Demolitions?  (2 hours)
Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth

Other web sites

Conspiracy Theory - by Jesse Ventura
2 episodes about 9/11 on
Jesse interviews William Rodriguez, Dr. Steven Jones, Michael Balone,
Jesse investigates Nano-thermite, the "missing" 4 black boxes in FBI hands, false flag attacks
Were the Flight Data Recorders and Cockpit Voice Recorders found from the 2 planes at Ground Zero?

Steel Beams cut at an angle with molten steel - the mark of explosives
With so much rubble, no one could get to these beams with a cutting saw.
Steel still smoldering - the mark of controlled demolition.


Worse Building Fires Have Been Put Out

050488_interstate_fire_lg.gif (197316 bytes)

First Interstate Bank Fire 

During the late evening of May 4, 1988, and the early morning of May 5, 1988, members of the Los Angeles City Fire Department successfully battled what has proven to be the worst, most devastating high-rise fire in the history of Los Angeles. 

It was an inspiration for the movie, Towering Inferno

This building never collapsed by fire, and the First Interstate Bank in use to this day.

Towering Inferno

Movie inspire by So Paulo fires

Fires do not cause steel buildings
to explode and collapse

Andraus FireAndraus Building is a 115 metre tall skyscraper with 32 floors in So Paulo, Brazil. It was completed in 1962. In 1972, a large fire caused the death of several persons trapped inside.  It did not collapse

Joelma Building is a 25 floor skyscraper in Sao Paulo, Brazil, located at 225 Avenue Nine of July. It was the site of a famous disaster, as at 8:50am on February 1st, 1974, an air conditioner exploded, starting a fire. Due to the fact that highly flammable materials had been used to construct it, the entire building was engulfed in flames within 20 minutes. By the time the fire was extinguished at 1:30pm, of the 765 persons in the building, 227 had been killed.

Clips from


Clip from the Alex Jones and movie "Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State". The answer to 9/11 is in building se (more)
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Over an hour before the WTC 7 demolition at 4:10pm, Aaron Brown reports - "building 7, in the wtc complex, is on fire and has eith (more)

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Trump: All American Billionaire (YouTube)

Donald Trump is a man who can get real answers from George Bush

Donald Trump and
the America we deserve

George Bush and
the America we don't deserve

Bush's 9/11 Commission did not finish the job.
The Trump Commission will get it done right.

Donald Trump's proposal to rebuild the World Trade Center

Donald Trump with photo of firemen raising US flag at WTC

Don't spend time on Rosie O'Donnell.  Truth is much more important.

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