Steve De'ak

Steve is organizing a new experiment to see if an aluminum jet wing at 500 mph can really go through steel beams.

Your idea is great for the 9/11 Crash Test. I posted a link on our pages at and www.911Experiments. org
For the 2nd year, no PhD in Physics is willing to defend the Bush Story of 9/11 (BS911) in debate.
Can you accept Bitcoin for donations? I would be happy to help you get set up for it in 3 easy steps, using as we do at We raised $5000 for an experiment to replicate Dr. Harrit's study. with info at Keep up the great work. Would you like to be interviewed on Dr. Kevin Barrett's show on ?

Steve De'ak, researcher
The intent is to copy the experiment used in the Mythbusters: Revolution video by simply replacing the “plow” with a section of wing from a 767, and by replacing the car with steel box-columns built to the same specifications as the WTC. If it is true that a whole plane can slice-through a steel building, a wing-section should slice through the steel columns with ease.