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Welcome to the 9/11 Truth for Law Enforcement Information page. We have put together this page to summarize information you need to know as protectors of the public.  On this site we discuss the physical and video evidence of the willful destruction of the three skyscrapers at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

 A special message from
Officer John A. Meaders
Retired California Highway Patrol

John A. Meaders - California Highway Patrol (retired)


Officer Rudy Dent (retired)
Viet Nam veteran.  Police Officer. Fire Marshall.   Fire Fighter (32 years) - Info Wars  - We Are Change

Michael Ruppert, Los Angeles Police Department
1951 - 2014

Sgt. William Legasse

Pentagon Police Officers report

contradicts the Bush Story of 9/11

Sgt. Chad Brooks

Eye witnesses to the Pentagon plane going north of the Citgo gas station
The Bush Story of 9/11 (BS911) is that the plane passed south of Citgo.
Thanks to investigative reporters Craig Ranke and Aldos Marquis

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Simple action you can do - dropping off brochures at your local police station

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What We Are Asking You to Do

We are asking you to help us by forwarding this evidence through your proper channels, and by contacting our organization with your professional advice on how to further pursue this criminal matter.

Video for citizens - take info to your local police - police recordings about 9/11 van




Congressmen Walter Jones (R-NC), Steven Lynch (D-MA), and Thomas Massie (R-KY) petition for the release of the 28 page chapter that Bush classified, about who financed 9/11 - which lead to 14 years of lies, loss of Constitutional liberties, and wars. As it turns out, the 9/11 operation was financed with the assistance of our allies with close ties to the Bush administration.

There were 3 WTC towers that came down on 9/11

Justice for the Victims