Mark Basile

Chemical Engineer, Worcester Polytechnic Institute graduate
Former Chemist for  - "The science of what's possible"

Status independent lab scientific testing
Mark Basile Project Status - August  2014.pdf

Sadly Mark Basile has not done the project and has not responded to our emails, calls, or letters.
He promised to return the funds raised and we hope he will do that soon.
Status: January 20, 2020

ANETA's Rick Shaddock calling for a status report April 26, 2016

Mark: "I am working on it.  I am doing the best I can."

Chemist at

Proposal for
Independent Study of the WTC Dust

Using an independent lab that has no idea
that the dust is from the WTC or from 9/11
using non-destructive Raman Spectral Analysis

The $5000 in funds have been raised and the project is in progress

Proposal for Labs to Study the Building Fire Dust
(revised to remove any mention of WTC or 911)

Proposal for Labs to Study the WTC Dust
(Mark's original proposal for EMSL Analytical Inc.)

Expenses for testing, based on quote from EMSL
(EMSL has already done a study in 2007 on the WTC
and 9/11 so we cannot use them in this  study)

Fund Raiser Information

Goal Achieved!:  $5000
Special thanks to John O'Donnell, highest donor.
Means gather around sattva (truth - Sanskrit)

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A "blind" study is when the technicians performing the test
have no idea what the purpose of the test is
or where the testing samples came from,
so that they will not unconsciously influence results


Here is a Critique of 2012 report by Oystein

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