Asphyxiated Occupants (Crew, Passengers and duped Hijackers)
In Remote Controlled Planes (Cabin Outflow Valve and Flight Management System)
Containing Explosives Hitting Buildings Containing Explosives


Statement of Problem - So Many Unanswered Questions about 9/11

There are many major questions about the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) of September 11, 2001.  Here are the top four.

1) The first question many people asked was: "Who would kill everyone including themselves"?  The 19 or so 9/11 hijackers did not announce who they were, what their cause was, or why they were doing it. It does not make sense with human instinct and human nature, for so many men to kill themselves at once, for no apparent benefit or announced reason. For all they knew, some other group could have gotten the "credit".  Why didn't they leave a suicide note, or any demands whatsoever?  The hijackers acted as if they planned to live, and be rewarded, after the hijacking.  They had no history of mental illness like most suicide bombers have who acted alone. It takes intelligence to be a pilot.  If even one got "cold feet", or missed the target building, he could ruin the whole mission.  Hijacker Muhammed Atta announced: "We are returning to the airport."  Knowing how America reacted to Pearl Harbor, why would terrorists wake a sleeping giant?  This issue has been neglected in most theories hitherto.

2) The World Trade Center towers came down too fast, and too completely.  WTC 7 came down, even though it was not hit by a plane.  This question has been explored by about 1500 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.  They propose that explosives were planted in the World Trade Towers during the 6 month "elevator modernization" project going up until 9/11/2001.  Workers had full access to the elevator shafts by day, and above the ceiling panels during the night.

3) Why is there a smaller than expected outer hole (E Ring), and larger than expected inner hole (C Ring)? The smaller than expected hole at the Pentagon for the fuselage, with fewer wing and engine marks than expected, has been a quandary.  It has lead some 9/11 researchers to hypothesize a missile, small plane, folded wings, or a fly over.  Military veterans have questioned this as well as scientists.  U.S. Army Major General Albert Stubblebine, an expert at analyzing photos, said "the plane does not fit in that hole. So what did hit the ThumbnailPentagon?"

4) Pilots for 9/11 Truth say that the planes were not designed to travel at such speeds, about 500 mph, and that even trained pilots would find it difficult to navigate a passenger plane to hit a building with such precision.  When they land, they are going about 120 mph.  The terrorists were not very experienced pilots.

Proposed Explanation
Suffocated Occupants in Remote Controlled Planes Containing Explosives Hitting Buildings Containing Explosives

This explanation proposes that the hijackers were just that, hijackers. They had no clinical history of mental illness, were not suicidal, and gave no intention to die in a crash. It would be much easier to recruit 19 or more men to volunteer for a mission to exchange hostages for some benefit, such as closing US military bases in Arabia, or $10 million. The true intent of the organizers of 9/11 was to knock out the hijackers, along with the crew and passengers, by asphyxiation. The hijackers were "set up" to be killed.  At the very least, they were killed to make sure they didn't change their minds.  They were not needed to steer the planes, which were equipped with Remote Control.

General pattern that emerges from the WTC and Pentagon attacks:
After the flight took off, hijackers took over, intending to land the plane at an airport, then make demands for release of the hostages.  After hijackers took over the planes, passengers were allowed to make some phone calls to their relatives (possibly augmented by voice morphed calls) to ensure the planned story got out to the press. 

At about 10000 feet above sea level, Cabin Outflow Valve (COV) is opened, causing air to rush out of the fuselage cabin, depressurizing, asphyxiating, and incapacitating the crew, passengers, and hijackers into unconsciousness.*  The hijackers had been duped. 

Then the plane would proceed to their target buildings by Remote Control (RC) of the Flight Management System (FMS), which the Boeing planes were equipped to do.   RC planes do not "change their mind" nor miss.  They hit their targets with cold, computerized precision, first time, every time.  The RC capabilities could have been enhanced by covert agents in the ground maintenance crew, in preparation for the 9/11 false flag operation.   RCoCOVaFMS

"A fully integrated flight management computer system (FMCS) provides for automatic guidance and control of the 757-200 from immediately after takeoff to final approach and landing." -

The buildings also had explosives, planted during their months of renovations. After the impact, and a delay to allow some people in the building to escape, the explosives did the remainder of the damage. The press was spun, so the plane and "suicide hijackers" got all of the blame.

Differences between the WTC and Pentagon attacks:
WTCs: Explosives went off just after the impact in the WTC, to ensure a huge fire ball, and maximum internal damage
Pentagon: They went off just before the impact, to minimize internal damage, explaining the smaller than expected hole and wing marks.  The plane would hit more like gravel than a brick. 

Materials needed: explosives in buildings, remote control of COV, remote control of FMS, and explosives in planes.  All existing technology
Funding: Black operations budgets, revenue from short selling of stocks of American Airlines, United Airlines, Marsh & McClelan etc.
: 19 -25 men willing to hijack a plane, 5 workers per building, 3 per aircraft, 10 security guards, 5 remote controllers, and various officials for stand down, and promotion of cover up story.

Time to install: Flight 11 was in maintenance for the week prior to 9/11  sept 10 was retired for 1 week until sep 18
11 and 77 don't show up in BTS database as being scheduled to fly.
40 of 266 passengers were millionaires   - Phil Jayhan on Dr. Jim Fetzer show

Flight Management System Control Panel

Click for more details on Flight Management System (FMS) Control Display Unit (CDU)
and Environmental Control System (ECS)

Explanation of the evidence and testimonies

Just prior to impact with the Pentagon, explosives hidden in the cargo area partially blew off the wings, tail and engines to lessen the damage from what it would have been. The suddenly smaller plane, created a smaller-than-expected hole in the outer wall of the E Ring, with fewer wing and tail marks than have been found at other plane crash sites.  Explosives in the Pentagon, planted during the renovation, did the remainder of the controlled damage inside, including the curiously large C Ring hole.

The explosion just outside the wall sent debris flying on to the lawn and in more directions than if it exploded inside the wall. The explosion inside the wall controlled the extent of the damage, targeted specific accounting computers and records, and ensured that top officials were not injured.   After all, it was their own building.  They didn't want too much damage.  They wanted the Pentagon wall rebuilt within a year.

The testimonies of witnesses of the North Of Citgo gas station flight path, including 2 Pentagon Police Officers, as well as many witnesses to a plane crashing in to the Pentagon, both provide evidence supporting this theory.  In previous theories, these two groups of witnesses (North Side vs. Plane Crash) seemed to be in opposition.

The fragments of the plane, both inside the Pentagon, and on the lawn parallel to the wall, support this theory. Photo frames, released by the Pentagon, showing a large explosion just prior to full impact, also support this theory.

This theory implies planning from the .01% at the top of the Pentagon and Bush Administration, who give the orders in a strictly top down military environment. The 99.99% of the military who do their duty to faithfully follow orders, are good people, who are law abiding and patriotic. Over 6 War Games were necessary to confuse thousands of good military people so they would think anything unusual was just part of a simulation exercise.

Artist's rendering of what the Pentagon camera might show.
An explosion originating outside the Pentagon wall.

Answers to the Top 4 Questions

1. What kind of fool would fly himself and passengers into buildings? The hijackers were fooled, thinking it was a "normal" hijacking
and asphyxiated along with the crew and passengers
2. How could the buildings fall so fast, in a seemingly controlled fashion? Controlled demolition with explosives
3. Why was the hole in the Pentagon wall smaller than expected Explosives in the plane baggage area just prior to impact
4. How could they fly so fast with computer-like precision? The planes were computer controlled by time of the crash

* "Loss of cabin pressure—which, without prompt alleviation, would cause pilot unconsciousness"
Decompression was determined to be the cause of the Helios crash in 14 August 2005.

Similarities between the WTC and Pentagon Explosions

Planes Containing Explosives Hit Buildings Containing Explosives

Observations World Trade Centers Pentagon
Remodeling was being done before 9/11 ACE Elevator Parsons Commercial Tech Group & DMJM Harris
Plane hit an iconic American building Yes Yes
Plane was filled with explosives Yes
Exploded just after entry
to ensure a large fire ball occurred
Exploded just before entry
to minimize uncontrolled damage
Internal damage was more than what a plane could do alone Yes Yes
Time delay before total collapse to allow evacuation of at least some people about 1 hour about 1/2 hour
Plane debris scattered Yes Yes
Spin the Press so the Plane gets all the blame Yes Yes
The perpetrators were "one trick ponies"
doing the same basic trick at the WTCs and the Pentagon
with some minor variations


Materials and Personnel needed to pull off 9/11 False Flag Operation

Boeing aircraft capable of being flown by remote control
19 Hijackers who think they are doing a hijacking to land and make demands, or
    Covert Agents who think they are helping to catch hijackers and will not be prosecuted.
Remotely controlled Cabin Outflow Valve to release air fuselage to suffocate crew, passengers and hijackers
Remote Control of Flight Management System (FMS) to fly jets into building at high speed.
Explosives in a suit case, trigger to go off before impact (Pentagon) or after impact (WTCs)
6 War game simulations to confuse NORAD and air defense, and provide plausible cover
Opportunity to pre-plant explosives under a plausible cover
    WTCs: ACE Elevator Company working in the elevator shafts and ceiling panels of WTC
    Pentagon: Renovations of Accounting Wing of the Pentagon
Various officials to report the planned cover story to the mass media press.

Remote Controlled Air Release and Navigation








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Questions & Answers about the
Gassed Or Depressurized Occupants In Remote Controlled Planes
Containing Explosives Hitting Explosives Filled Buildings

How Were Explosives Planted in the Pentagon?

Prior to 9/11 the Wedge 1, the western fifth of the Pentagon was undergoing remodeling and reinforcement.  The Pentagon Renovation Project began with the side that was hit.  It was nearly complete by 9/11, and best prepared for a plane impact.  Then why did it perform so poorly?  Not only were there holes going through 3 wings (C, D, E), but the outer facade completely collapsed.  This is poor performance by any standard. The answer is that most of the damage was caused by powerful Pre Planted Explosives (PPEs) in the Pentagon.

What happened at the Pentagon follows a pattern that is very similar to what many 9/11 Researchers find at the World Trade Center, such as over 1475 Architects and Engineers of The pattern is that a plane definitely hit the building, but is not the cause of the major damage - which was actually caused by Pre Planted Explosives. 

At the WTCs, the PPEs are believed to be nano-thermite explosives planted in the elevator shafts and ceiling panels.  Scientists Dr. Steven Jones, Dr. Niels Harrit, and Dr. Jeffrey Farrer identified red-grey chips of high tech military grade explosives in the dust of the World Trade Centers, with powerful microscopes and chemical analyzers.  This finding was published in the Open Chemical Physics Journal.  This finding was confirmed by an independent chemical engineer, Mark Basile of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

How could anyone get explosives in to the World Trade Centers? 

This could easily be accomplished at night, and even during the day by the elevator modernization crew.  Ace Elevator won the largest elevator contract in history and was working in the shafts for 9 months prior to 9/11.  SecuriCom, which had ties to George Bush's brother Marvin, was providing security for the WTC, United Airlines, and Dulles Airport, all involved in 9/11.

EFP&PT: Damage was more than what a plane could do by itself, which only damaged the E Ring
This theory proposes that the Plane only penetrated the outer E Ring at nearly a 90 degree angle.
The Orange Dots signify possible locations of Pre Planted Explosives, going at a 45 degree angle.

Likewise, there was modernization going on at the Pentagon, during which it would be easy to plant explosives in approximate 45 degree angle pattern from the exterior wall towards the C ring. This UPT proposes that the plane hit the Pentagon at a near 90 degree angle.  This would be the angle which will cause maximum damage to the plane, and most likely make it disintegrate.

This corresponds perfectly with what most of CIT's witnesses said, and wrote in their diagrams.   They drew the plane impacting the Pentagon at nearly a 90 degree angle.

The blue line is the proposed flight path
The red line is the Official flight path

North of Citgo Flight Path
Official Story South of Citgo Flight Path

Flight path drawn by witness: Darrell Stafford

The presence of two different angles provides a reason for witnesses to be in dispute.  This serves the perpetrators, who would want that a debate would go on for as many years as possible, perhaps forever.  People would assume that a plane at each angle would cause the damage. 

A debate could go on, splitting the Truth Movement in to opposing camps.  This tactic worked, as there has been a debate for years on this, even resulting in banishing of each other from their respective electronic forums.

But a plane at neither angle, 45 nor 90, could cause such damage to the inner rings of the Pentagon.  According to the UPT, it is not necessary that the plane cause the internal damage to the Pentagon.

Official Conspiracy Theory

Explosives Filled Plane & Pentagon Theory

Plane approaches wall at near 45 degree angle
after hitting light poles, still mostly intact

Plane approaches wall at near 90 degree angle
after passing North of Citgo, fractured by explosives

Studies using actual aircraft, crashing in to a brick wall, show that the plane disintegrates completely in to parts.  A plane is made of relatively light weight material, which would disintegrate on impact.  Aluminum is no match for steel reinforced concrete.  In order to get damage to the internal rings, pre -planted explosives would be necessary.

Why was it necessary for the inner rings of the Pentagon to be damaged? 

Why would it not be enough for the outer wall to be hit?

Jesse Ventura posits that there were financial records being kept in the West Wing that needed to be destroyed. This would provide a plausible reason for not being able to balance the Pentagon budget, or to account for nearly $2.3 trillion in transactions, as reported by Donald Rumsfeld on the day before 9/11, and as testified before Congress, including being grilled by Senator Robert Byrd.

If not for the explosives, we would have observed that a plane impacted the Pentagon at a 90 degree angle, and only penetrated the outer wall.  How inconvenient and embarrassing for the perpetrators to go through all that trouble, the plane bounced off the wall on to the lawn, and none of the records inside the Pentagon's Accounting Department were destroyed.  But PPEs planted a precise points would make sure that the targeted records were destroyed, possibly evidence of billions of dollars spent on illegal Black Operations.

The purpose of the PPEs was to provide a path of destruction at a 45 angle inside the Pentagon.  The light poles were "frosting on the cake" to reinforce the 45 degree path.  It would be relatively easy to have small charges that could detonate remotely, "to pop the light poles out of the ground" as stated in Loose Change. 

It is dubious that a light pole could go in to a cab window without causing damage to the hood.  So Lloyde England was speaking truthfully when he thought he was off camera and said "I'm in it" as an unwitting, and unprofiting participant in the staging of the taxi aspect of the Pentagon attack.

There has been much discussion of the reported 85 security cameras around the Pentagon and speculation as to why they are not being released.  Some predict that this is because no plane would be seen, and has even given rise to theories that a missile hit the Pentagon.  According to this EFP&PT, the reason the Pentagon will not release the photos and videos is that it will show that the approaching plane was on the wrong trajectory.  It hit at a 90 degree angle, rather than a 45 degree angle.

View from DoubleTree hotel shows blast going up

[Graphic1 coming soon]
This would men the blast went out, then up

[Graphic2 coming soon]
If plane blew up prior to impact, blast goes up

Photos show the blast going upwards.  This could not happen to that degree if the blast had to go out the hole, then up.

Why control the damage at the Pentagon?

The objective was to do sufficient damage to the Pentagon that the public would be outraged.  Why would the perpetrators bother to plant explosives, if the plane would do it? 
Why stage the 45 degree approach to the Pentagon?
Why not just let the plane do it?

We must remember that they had only one chance to hit the Pentagon on 9/11.    They had to plan for all possible contingencies.  What if the wind blew the plane too far north?  What if it blew too far south?  What if a ground effect pushed it up and over the Pentagon?  What if the plane did not hit the Pentagon hard enough?

All these situations could be accounted for by the use of carefully placed Pre Planted Explosives.  They could be put in the same rooms as the records that they wanted to destroy.  They could prepare evidence for a definite trajectory regardless of what happened to the plane.  The ideal would be that the plane approached at a 45 degree angle, to match the internal damage.

There are two possible reasons for the discrepancy between the plan and reality.
1) It could have been planned to divide the witnesses.
2) It could have been an accident, due to unpredictable wind blowing the plane

Official Conspiracy Theory -Pentagon

Explosives Filled Plane & Pentagon Theory

Plane hit Pentagon at a nearly 45 degree angle
and continued to the C Ring
accounting for 100% the observed damage
Red line is the path of the plane

Plane hit Pentagon at a nearly 90 degree angle
and continued through the E ring only, about 33%
The 67% rest of the damage was done by explosives.
Red line is the plane. Orange dots are explosives.



In the above diagrams, the red line is the trajectory of the plane.  The arrow head is where the nose of the plane came to rest.

It should be noted that few claim that the nose of the plane made it to the C Ring.  Explosives would explain the hole.  

During the renovation of the West Wing of the Pentagon, in a Top Secret environment, boxes of old plane parts could have been brought in, with approval of top level perpetrators.  If no one was able to open the boxes, as 9/11 approached, no one would know.  Presumably, on the morning of 9/11, the boxes would be unpacked, and the plane parts were strewn about.

In this statement by Frank Legge:

CIT claims that their 13 witnesses, who describe the path of the plane approaching the Pentagon as being to the north of the former Citgo service station, provide irrefutable proof that the plane could not have hit the Pentagon in the manner described in official accounts and must therefore have flown over.

CIT is correct that the plane approached the Pentagon on the north side, but is incorrect in stating that his "must therefore have flown over."  It does not follow. Another option exists. It could have hit the Pentagon at a 90 degree angle and disintegrated.

How did the debris get scattered on to the Pentagon lawn?

Explosives explains this perfectly.  Other theories force us to consider that they were planted by hand (difficult), or expelled out the hole (they would only go one main direction).  The first version of Loose Change implied they were planted.  If the plane exploded inside the Pentagon, then the part (below) would have to go out the hole, then turn South West and land on the lawn.  A curved trajectory would violate Newton's First Law of Motion, that an object tends to stay in motion in the same direction, unless acted on by an outside force.  A plane exploding just prior to impact would send parts flying in a straight path in all directions, and scattered across the lawn, which is exactly what we see.  

How did the plane part land here from the plane?
Newton's First Law of Motion

An object stays in motion, in the same direction, unless acted on by an outside force.

Old Theory
Part flew out from Inside the wall
Curved trajectory of plane part

Part came from plane as it exploded inside the Pentagon.
It flew outwards in a curved trajectory.
It landed at a 90 degree angle from the source.

Violates Newton's First Law of Motion

New Theory
Part flew from Outside the wall
Straight trajectory of plane part

Part came from plane as it exploded outside the Pentagon.
It flew in a straight trajectory.
It landed straight from the source.

Follows Newton's First Law of Motion

The above graphic shows the most "generous" Old Theory part path.
The Official Conspiracy Theory requires an even sharper angle for the part path.
The expected location should be in the diagonal direction towards the light poles.

The Actual Location, just outside a circle in the grass, beyond the heliport,
 would require a curved trajectory.  That's quite a "curve ball"!
The Expected Location of the Plane Part is in the direction straight out the hole.

Note that the grass is worn in that direction, as if often walked on,
possibly by planners of the 9/11 attack, staging the light poles.

Plane parts could not fly out the hole, then turn a corner.
The plane must have begun exploding outside the Pentagon wall.


What happened to the two titanium engines of the plane? 

If a plane did hit the Pentagon, then why don't we see the marks for them in the wall, or significant remains of them?

This question assumes that the plane was Flight 77 and had two such engines.  This EFP&PT proposes that a plane definitely hit the Pentagon, but is not definite about which type of plane.  It could have been a plane that had engines that were more fragile, and would disintegrate upon impact.

engine hit between column 16 and 17 pentagon crash site entry point photo
Damage to the Pentagon supports the Explosives Filled Plane & Pentagon Theory

The 6 Photo Frames Released by the Pentagon

In response to a Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) request, the Pentagon finally, and reluctantly release the following 6 frames, instead of all the photos from the 85 security cameras the FBI reported were operational on 9/11.  Also, note the the date on the photos is wrong.  It starts at "Sept. 12, 2001 17:37:19" which is not even Greenwich time.  The time is over 1 day off.  The photos show signs of being manipulated.

Why is the plane blowing up outside the wall, and we don't see the plane go in the wall first?


Another explanation is that, in a plane of pre planted explosives, they exploded just prior to impact.  Note in the following photo, you can still see a bit of the plane's tail exploding towards the right.  This would include the two engines.  Therefore, we do not find a hole for them in the Pentagon wall.

From photos released by the Pentagon
The Smoking Gun - going off!
Note that the tail is visible flying towards the right


The lack of two engine holes gave rise to theories of a missile, or that the plane flew over.  But this can be easily explained by an explosion just prior to impact, that disintegrated the two engines.

What they let us see (not much)

OCT - Officially released frames

What we would expect to see

Artist's conception

The Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT, red line) proposes the plane continued through to the C Ring.
The Explosives Filled Plane & Pentagon Theory (EFP&PT, yellow line) proposes it only went through the E Ring,
and that Pre Planted Explosives made the rest of the holes through to the C Ring.

The Pentagon refuses to release the full photos possibly because
the plane was on the wrong trajectory (90 degrees to the wall) and
Pre Planted Explosives in the plane went off a split second prior to impact
to reduce the damage to the Pentagon

Pentagon Impact Areas


Why Was the Hole So Small?

Many reliable witnesses, both from CIT and PIO, say that the plane that approached the Pentagon was a large passenger jet.  However, it did not need to be so big as to cause 100% of the damage in the Pentagon.  It only needed to be large enough to cause about 33%.  It could have been smaller than a Boeing 757, and still be considered quite large.  It did not need to be a Boeing at all, but any reasonably sized aircraft, which was painted with the American Airlines colors.

It is possible that explosives could have been attached to the two jet engines, which are often made of titanium, to make sure they exploded in to bits, upon impact.  It could have been a specially prepared plane, for all we know. It was capable of maneuvers that neither Hani Hanjur, or a Boeing 757 could make.  The plane could have indeed "vaporized" but not just by the impact with the Pentagon, but combined with explosives.  This would help make sure that tell-tale plane part serial numbers would not disprove it from being Flight 77.  It is possible that the plane was remote controlled, and loaded with explosives, not passengers, so that it would seem to disappear in to the side of the Pentagon, rather than bounce off the thick concrete wall.

Why would an Exploded Plane Makes Less Impact?

A plane that explodes just prior to impact makes less damage than an intact plane.  When the parts are dispersed, so is the impact.  The impact is distributed into many contact points, rather than combined in one contact point.

For example if you drop a 10 pound bowling ball on your foot, it hurts, even with shoes on.  But if you drop 10 pounds of sand on your foot it does not, even bare foot. 

Which hurts more when dropped on your foot?

10 pound bowling ball

10 pounds of sand poured

even wearing a boot

Don't hurt
even bare foot

The explosives in the drone plane fragmented and softened it up.

Why Smaller than expected Engine or Tail Fin Marks in the Pentagon Wall?

There were no engine or tail fin marks, as found on other flights, because the plane could have contained explosives, which blew the entire plane apart, just before it reached the wall of the Pentagon.

Notice that there is a considerable explosion outside the Pentagon wall.  There appears to be a tail fin in this frame, which may have exploded in the next frame.

Why such a big flame?

It may seem obvious that jet fuel would make big flame, if ignited by a spark.  But does an aluminum jet on a concrete wall make a spark?  If Boy Scouts are trying to start a fire, do they rub an aluminum soup can on a rock?  Or on steel?  No.  

What if a plane hit the Pentagon, and the kerosene jet fuel spilled out and just got everything wet?  What if a plane hit the World Trade Center, made a hole, but no flame?  What if no hot coffee pot or electrical spark ignited the fuel?  Then it would be difficult to claim that the buildings came down due to fire.

In order to make an immediate, huge flame at the Pentagon, and at the World Trade Centers, explosives were probably put on the drone aircraft.  This ensured a huge fire ball, which could be stated as the cause of the collapse.

But some witnesses said they saw the plane enter first, then explode

Think about this claim for a moment.  Does it sound plausible?  The plane was reportedly going over 500 miles per hour. That is like a speeding bullet. Can these people claim to see a bullet enter a target, then explode?   It is nonsense.  It happens much too fast for the human eye.  It happens in a small fraction of a second.  So we need to be skeptical, and even suspicious, of people who make this claim. The perpetrators would try to imply that the plane entered the Pentagon first, then after some time exploded. This is not even corroborated by the Official photo (above) showing the plane clearly exploding outside the wall of the Pentagon.  We are not provided with any photo showing a plane going in to the building, without a burst of flames. 

Why Strike the Pentagon at a 45 Degree Angle?

A 45 degree angle of attack has advantages and drawbacks for the perpetrators.  If a terrorist wanted to hit the Pentagon, a 45 degree angle would mean it would be a glancing blow, and thus would be counter-productive to their mission to do maximum damage.  If the perpetrators were American, a 45 degree angle would do the least damage.

For example, if you hit something at a 45 degree angle it may well bounce off. The force might not be great enough for the plane to go through the E Ring, much less the D and C Rings.

For example, if you are boxing, and hit your opponent in the stomach at a 45 degree angle he hardly feels it.  The force is distributed laterally.  But if you hit him at a 90 degree angle, he will feel it. 

Why did they pick this angle?  Perhaps is was because it would do less damage to the Pentagon.  After all, it was their own building.  The perpetrators wanted damage that could be repaired within months.

Perhaps because there are more light poles to show a direction.  On the 90 degree angle approach there are only 1 or 2 poles.  It could also be that, because criminals have warped thinking, they didn't think this out, and made a mistake.  Criminals often underestimate investigators. That's how they get caught.

The purpose of a 45 degree angle may have been due, a little bit, to the availability of street light poles. But a major reason is that it provides a margin of error, in case the plane did not hit at the planned spot.  If it hit a little to the left or right, that would be better masked in a diagonal line of damage.  If the line of damage was perpendicular to the wall at a 90 degree angle, then the plane better hit right at that spot.  Otherwise you would end up with a very suspicious looking line of damage.

Damage at a 45 degree angle
masks the missing of the target by the plane
which appears to have hit a bit too far east.

Hypothetical damage at a 90 degree angle
and the Plane missed its target
resulting in a suspicious damage pattern

Why Strike the Pentagon at a 90 Degree Angle?

The best direction for a plane wishing to do damage to the Pentagon would be head on, at a 90 degree angle.  This applies the maximum weight and momentum to the building wall.  By the Law of Conservation of Momentum, it also does the maximum damage to the plane.  It would cause it to disintegrate.   If the plane was not really Flight 77, then the perpetrators would want it to disappear as much as possible.

This is a video of an F4 Phantom Jet hitting a wall at about 500 miles per hour.  Notice how the plane disintegrates, while the wall appears intact.  This matches what many witnesses saw - the plane merging right into the building.

This is why explosives were necessary. An aluminum plane cannot do so much damage to a steel reinforced concrete wall.  The parts would be scattered about the lawn, and even on to the highway, as was the case on 9/11.

This theory also hypothesizes that explosives in the plane, particularly the engines, set to go off upon impact.  This is why so many parts are on the lawn, and why there are not two holes for the engines, nor the wings, nor the vertical stabilizer.

It may well have been the plan to strike the Pentagon at a 45 degree angle. 

Did "Mother Nature" Intervene on 9/11 to give us Clues?

There was a wind blowing east that day. Perhaps the wind suddenly ceased, forcing the plane, which assumed a constant east wind, to the North West. Or perhaps there may have been a sudden gust, forcing the plane to over-compensate. Fortunately, "Mother Nature" caused it to take the NOC path, rather than the planned SOC path, giving us a clue that something was not right.  Perhaps "Mother Nature" intervened by chance, to give us a clue, blowing the plane off course, causing it to over-compensate and take the North of Citgo path, deviating from the carefully planned South of Citgo approach to avoid the Department of Transportation tower.

Something else may have gone wrong with the "best laid plans" of the perpetrators for AA Flight 43 from Boston, the "Fifth Plane", which was grounded due to mechanical problems, probably was intended to hit World Trade Center 7.

Why did the Perpetrators give us clues?

In their effort to save the Pentagon the full damage of a plane, they exposed themselves.  If the plane made a standard impact, then we would see all the signs of a plane crash.  No one would question it.  But, because the damage was odd, that started the "conspiracy theories" and the 9/11 Truth movement.  The perpetrators did not plan on so many questions.   They underestimated the public, and over-estimated their ability to fool everyone.

Why Stage the Light Poles?  Why not just hit them with a plane?

The planners of the Pentagon attack must have been meticulous, and probably spent years accounting for each contingency.  It is not so easy to hit light poles reliably, and keep flying.

In the event of an unexpected flight path, caused by unpredictable winds, the perpetrators wanted some evidence that establishes a clear direction of flight to the Pentagon.  It should have occurred to them that if a plane actually hits light poles, a wing could come off, and the plane would come immediately down.  Then they would be faced with the embarrassing situation of having a plane on the front lawn, not reaching the Pentagon, then the Pentagon explodes.  Then, obviously explosives were in the Pentagon and people would be asking who put them there.

There was never any intention of the plane actually hitting the light poles.  The perpetrators depended on public ignorance of what would happen when a plane hits a light pole.  George H.W. Bush was expecting a plane in Dallas when it hit a single light pole and crashed at Love Field (same airport JFK came in to in 1963).  The plane went out of control after hitting just one pole, even with an experienced pilot.  If he was in control he would have landed somehow.  But the pilot died.   So how are we to seriously believe that an inexperienced pilot like Hani Hanjur could control a plane that hit 6 light poles and kept flying?

The purpose of Staging the Light Poles was to reinforce the alleged direction of the plane, to be consistent with the line of explosives planted inside the Pentagon, and the directional damage.  As it turned out, they were necessary.  Their "best laid plan" went a bit astray.  It may be that wind blew the plane too far north, so that it impacted the Pentagon at about a 90 degree angle.  The light poles helped to convince the public that the trajectory was actually more like 45 degrees.

The light poles could have been put down the night before 9/11/2001, or with a small remote controlled explosive that would cause them to tip over as the plane approached the Pentagon.  With everyone's eyes on the bright flash of the explosion, few would notice the light poles falling over.  It is important to note that no formal investigation was done on the poles, to see if any explosive residue was found on them.  They were quickly taken away to some unknown location.  They were not properly studied by investigators, nor the 9/11 Commission.

Another possibility is that, after the light poles were prepared for staging, someone realized that a 45 degree angle approach would mean that the plane would mostly bounce off the Pentagon wall.

More photos of the Light Poles.  Note the improbably straight cut at the bottom of the base that supposedly happened when the plane struck the top.


On the other hand, there is this list of Light Pole witnesses.

Would Standing Pole SP-B be in the way of NOC approach?

Light pole SP-B was in line for one of the many possible paths from the North of the Citgo gas station. As you see from the diagram below, the plane could have passed between the poles which are apart.  The wing span of a 757 is only.

But, even so, let's suppose the plane went directly over the top of SP-B, and see if the plane could clear the top of it, and still hit the Pentagon.  CIT has done an investigation on the Required low and level impact, versus standing poles and obstacles on the North Side path.

They point out the ASCE did not find any significant damage to the Pentagon foundation.  This would be consistent with the EFP&P Theory, as a shattered plane which had just exploded, could not do much damage to the Pentagon foundation.

We see several paths the plane could have taken to avoid the poles

The plane has only two potential obstacles to a west side, 90 degree impact into the Pentagon.
There appears to be enough room to fly over SP-G and between Standing Pole SP-A and SP-B. 
If it went over SP-B the plane would need to descent 10 feet per 100 feet to hit the Pentagon.
(Note the suspicious diagonal path through the grass in the same direction as the Official Flight Path.)

Boeing 757 is 44.5 feet high
155.25 feet in length
Plane needs to go down 10 feet
for every 100 feet it goes to the right

Pentagon Wall 77 feet tall

Light poles are 40 feet tall.
(Source: Pilots For 911 Truth)

Distance from Standing Pole SP-B
to Pentagon Wall: 400 feet


Source: Google Maps aerial view of Pentagon with 50 ft scale extended to the right
We can count eight (8) 50 foot increments, or 400 feet, from SP-B to the Pentagon.

The above diagram was made from an Excel spreadsheet you can check
StandingPoleBToPentagon.xls   The scale is 1 cell per 10 feet.

Depending on the Plane's speed, how long did it take to go the 400 feet?
Under 1 second




300 miles per hour ® 400 miles per hour ® 500 miles per hour ®
5 miles per minute 6.7 miles per minute 8.3 miles per minute
.08 miles per second .11 miles per second .14 miles per second

440 feet per second ® horizontal

587 feet per second  ® 733 feet per second ®
.91 Seconds .68 seconds .55 seconds
44 feet per second ¯ vertical 58.7 feet per second ¯ 73.3 feet per second ¯

It seems reasonable that the plane could fly at a 10% descent rate, dropping 40 feet for every 400 feet going forward.   This would be about a 5.7 degree angle of descent.  SP-B does not seem to be a deal breaker for the EFP&P Theory.  But this is a question for Pilots For 9/11 Truth.

Light pole on the above graphic, and Excel spreadsheet was cropped from a photo of an actual light pole around the Pentagon for authenticity.


Is this approach aerodynamically possible?

Take a look at the angle of approach.  You don't have to be an expert pilot.  Does such a small, 5.7 degree, nose down approach look "impossible" to you?

What hit the Generator?

There was an electrical generator outside the Pentagon.  It could have been hit by parts of the exploding the plane, or it was moved by force of the explosion of the plane, just prior to its impact with the Pentagon.

pentagon generator 91101 riskus

How did the plane debris go out the hole, then turn at an angle?

Good question.  It can't.  If debris is shooting out the hole, it goes mainly in one direction.  Flying debris cannot "turn corners" in mid air.  Newton's First  Law of Motion states that Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and in the same direction, unless acted on by some other force.  This shows that the plane must have exploded at least partially outside the Pentagon wall.

Was the plane really Flight 77?  Yes or No

Possibility #1: Yes - Gassed Occupants, Bombs in Baggage, Remote Control

The plane could indeed have been Flight 77.  This would make the False Flag Black Operation even harder to detect.  The parts could be identify it by serial numbers.  People could identified by DNA. 

Bombs could have been put in bags in the luggage compartment ready to go off on impact.  A knock out gas could have been released in to the passenger section, as well as the cockpit.  This would render everyone unconscious.  The plane became a Gas Chamber, with the occupants unable to escape, or open the windows to get fresh air.  The plane would proceed under remote control, and crash into the Pentagon.  Remote control was a standard feature for Boeing 757 and 767's.

Passengers may have been able to make calls from seat back phones were possible.  But cell phones had to be faked.  Additional calls, using voice morphing may have been made to ensure that the planned story got out to the press.

Two Types of Luggage Smuggled into the Cargo Section
of the Planes to be Triggered by Remote Control

for knocking plane occupants unconscious
including crew, passengers and hijackers

Hydrogen Cyanide Gas
Released into cabin by remote control

to ensure a smaller hole at Pentagon
and large fire ball at the WTCs.

Detonated by remote control

The baggage containing the cyanide gas tanks could have also contained explosives, or placed next to bags with explosives, so they were not detected in the wreckage.

What happens do occupants when Cyanide gas is released into cabin?

Hydrogen cyanide, under the name Zyklon B, was used as a genocidal agent by the Germans in World War II.  Reports have indicated that during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, hydrogen cyanide gas may have been used along with other chemical agents against the inhabitants of the Kurdish city of Halabja in northern Iraq.

  • People exposed to a small amount of cyanide by breathing it, absorbing it through their skin, or eating foods that contain it may have some or all of the following symptoms within minutes:
  • Exposure to a large amount of cyanide by any route may cause these other health effects as well:
  • Is Remote Control of a Jet Possible?  Yes

    "December 1, 1984. A remote controlled Boeing 720 takes off from Edwards Air Force Base and is crash landed by NASA for fuel research.  Before its destruction, the plane flew a total of 16 hours and 22 minutes, including 10 take-offs, 69 approaches, and 13 landings."  

    Cl;ick for Remote Controlled Jet sequence From Loose Change video

    Click for more information about Remote Control of Planes

    Possibility # 2: No - Substituted Drone Plane

    A problem with Possibility #1 is that the Boeing could not fly so fast, and turn with such G force.  The plane could have been substituted during the time that the radar went out.  Here is a paper about possible Flight 77 Substitution, based on the work of Dr. David Griscom.  He points out that there are hundreds of old plane available at the "plane grave yard" at David-Monthan Air Force Base near Tucson, Arizona.

    It would have been more convenient for the perpetrators to have a modified, remote controlled plane.  This would give them months to prepare it with just the right placement of explosives. It could do the high speed maneuvers that were seen, and less resistance to doing the operation.  It would eliminate last minute jitters by the pilot, possibly aborting the crash.

    Possibility #3: Yes and No - Flight 77 lands, loads explosives, passengers disembark, then it takes off to the Pentagon

    This is a possibility, since there was a time that Flight 77 was too low for radar.  But it is more complex, and requires precise timing.  Sounds like there is a lot of room for error on this option.  But it is a possibility to be considered.


    Either way, the plane could have been packed with explosives to go off upon impact

    It would be even more convenient to have explosives on board.  They could be timed to explode the plane just prior to impact, to reduce the damage to the Pentagon wall.  Explosive charges could be placed in the engines, to blow them up.  This would explain why we don't see a big hole in the wall.  This would reduce the damage to the Pentagon.  After all, the military did not want to do too much damage to their own building.  Just enough to fool everyone.

    Were oxygen masks also fixed with poisonous or knock-out gas?
    Oxygen tanks could have been replaced with tanks of cyanide gas.
    Bombs could have been placed in bags in the baggage compartment

    What happened to the Passengers - if they were not knocked out?

    This theory proposes the passengers were gassed.  But here is a page the deals with this possibility from a prior version of this theory.

    Where there really Hijackers?  Yes

    The hijackers were indeed hijackers.  Their intent was just to hijack the planes,  land them at an airport, then make some demands, holding the passengers as hostages.  Demands could have been millions of dollars, the closing of military bases in Saudi Arabia (most the alleged hijackers were Arabian), or some such benefit.

    The hijackers were duped by the perpetrators.  They were deceived and double-crossed.  They could have been knocked out with the same gas that made the crew and passengers unconscious.  The hijackers were killed in the crash along with everyone on board.

    Naturally, the hijackers would have wanted to make some demands, and actually get something for their time, money, and efforts.  They did not intend to die, according to this theory.  What good does dying do them?  People don't kill themselves for no reason.  What good does killing a lot of innocent people do?  Why give the Muslims a bad name?   Cui bono

    There has to be a motive, for someone to go on such a mission to kill themselves.  Even if terrorizing America gives them a thrill, they would not get to see it.  The idea of hijacking a plane and killing one's self goes against basic human instinct.  It is a preposterous notion that demands a lot of evidence.  But the American public believed such a bizarre story.  Not even "devout Muslim" and lap dancer lover Muhammed Atta would kill himself for no benefit.

    What if even one of the 19 hijackers got "cold feet" and thought twice and refused to go on board.  Even one could foil the mission in flight.  If he was the pilot he could steer away as the building approached.  Or a hijacker could join with the passengers, say "I don't really want to die" and overthrow the hijackers. 

    In this scenario, the mobile phone calls could have been real. Also, some faked calls could have been added though voice morphing technology, to be sure that specific stories out to the press, such as the presence of box cutters.  The hijackers may well have had box cutters, as described.

    What about Atta's will, found in his suit case, that "just so happened" to have missed the connection through Boston airport?  Why would he take a will on a plane if he thought it would crash?  The will could have been planted.  Did other hijackers leave a last will and testament?  Many people write wills, just in case, who have no intent to hijack a plane. Why didn't the hijackers call their parents to say good bye before 9/11?

    It is a much easier to find guys to hijack a plane and live, than to hijack a plane and die. That's why they could get 19, plus more, to volunteer.  If Al Queda was recruiting hijackers for the mission, it would be much easier to get volunteers by offering $1 million each for a standard hijacking.  It does no one any good to accept $1 million to kill themselves, because they would no longer be around to receive the payment, nor enjoy it. 

    The organizing perpetrators knew that they would never have to pay the hijackers, because they would be gassed in the plane and killed in the crash.  So the perpetrators could even offer the hijackers $1 billion each.

    Why did some hijackers only want to learn how to take fly and not to land?  They had every intention of landing.  They would depend on the Auto Pilot to land the planes.  "No one thought of using planes to crash into buildings" said Condoleeza Rice and George Bush. Neither did the hijackers, in this scenario.  Only the true perpetrators thought of this.

    It is possible that some, or all of the hijackers were actually covert agents, who had been recruited to help catch a hijacking ring.   After the hijacking, they each planned to cooperate in convicting the other hijackers, confident that they would not themselves be prosecuted.  In reality, they were all scheduled to be sanctioned by the clever perpetrators who organized 9/11.

    Each group of hijackers did not know about the other 3

    In this scenario, each group did not know about the other 3 groups.  They may have been told there will be some other remote controlled drones involved, in case they were to get word that planes were flying in to buildings. They considered themselves the only plane with live people on board.  They did not envision that they would be gassed and killed as well. 


    What about Flight 93?  By the time the first 3 planes crashed into the WTCs and Pentagon, news of this was getting to the people on Flight 93 via mobile phone calls  The passengers, crew, and hijackers got word that the hijacked planes were crashing in to buildings.  This was bad news for everyone on board, including the hijackers.  None of them wanted to die.  The hijackers probably realized they had been double-crossed and sacrificed. 

    Perhaps the gas mechanism failed to knock them out.  Perhaps someone broke a window let good air in, causing depressurization.  Or perhaps the hijackers struggled to gain control of the airplane against the Auto Pilot.  Either way, they could not be allowed to live and talk.  They had to be shot down in Shanksville, or the Auto Pilot turned the plane's nose down by remote control.

    In such an operation there were multiple contingency plans.  Flight 93 may have been the "backup" plane for Flight 77 in hitting the Pentagon.   The perpetrators, being Americans, had no real intent to hit the White House or the Capitol.  The Pentagon was the only building in the Washington DC area that had pre-planted explosives.  So, when Flight 77 succeeded, the radio signal was given to the explosives in the baggage section of Flight 93 to detonate, as it would have just before impacting the Pentagon, so it crashed in Shanksville.

    It is also possible that Flight 93 was planned to be the 1 failure of the hijackers, and the 1 victory, to show that America was not totally vulnerable.  It could also have been a "backup" for Flight 77, in case it missed the Pentagon.  Or in case Flight 77 did not take off, as happened with Flight 43.  In this carefully laid plan, there were multiple contingency plans.  Without knowing any details of flight 93's crash, Dick Cheney said "I think an act of heroism just took place."1  Cheney had no way of knowing what had happened on board.  This was part of a carefully pre-planned script, for every contingency.

    Who were the hijackers really?  Some of the people have turned up alive, so there was Identify Theft.  One of the men lost his passport.  So we may never know who they really were unless we have a thorough investigation.   The 19 hijackers may have been covert assets, possibly of the CIA, who "knew too much" about something, or had outlived their usefulness.  Sending them on a hijacking mission was a "convenient" way to get rid of them, and they were sanctioned for elimination.


    Why did the rest of the building cave in?

    The initial impact photos show the upper floors to be quite stable.  So why did they suddenly collapse?

    This was to cover up the small hole, lack of wing marks, and other signs.  A scatter analysis may have shown that the plane had exploded just prior to impact. This had to be quickly covered up.  Pre-planted explosives in the upper floors could have brought the rest of the section down.

    Before the collapse

    After the collapse

    The upper floors were not so bad that they would have crashed down by themselves.

    Why was the crime scene covered up?

    Indeed.  Why cover over the lawn, then put up tents on top of a Federal crime scene?  Here's a photo of "Camp Cover Up".

    Why a Closed Military Trial for those held at Guantanamo?

    This is so the water-boarded "confession" will not be exposed.  A "defense attorney" will be appointed who will not try very hard.  Statements will be suppressed and carefully spun before being released to the public.  Of course none of the evidence for 9/11 as an inside job will be permitted to be discussed.  It will be a kangaroo court.

    Why Haven't Any of the Perpetrators Come Forward?

    Why should they?  They feel what they did was justified for America, to increase military spending and bring "democracy" to the world.  They believe killing about 3000 people was worth "saving" 300 million Americans.  Also, they would be implicating themselves and their associates in murder.

    A Consideration of Other Theories

    The small hole at the Pentagon, with few wing marks, has been a quandary, leading some 9/11 researchers to hypothesize:

    Theory Basic Idea Drawback
    Missile Small hole was caused by a cruise missile Witnesses said a larger plane approached the Pentagon
    Small Plane A small plane, painted as AA, hit the Pentagon Some witnesses said it was a large plane
    Folden Wings A plane, folded its wings back to make a small hole No one saw this happen
    Fly Over The plane went up and over the top of the Pentagon Many witnesses would have seen that
    Hologram A hologram of a plane went in to the Pentagon Technology is not known to exist. 
    No Plane No plane was there.  It was all done by explosives Many people saw a plane.
    Official Story A plane hijacked by terrorists flew in to the Pentagon Hani Hanjur bad pilot. Plane could no go so fast

    Isn't this theory contradicted by 911Review?

    The issue of the size of the hole in the Pentagon has divided the truth movement.  So far there have been only 2 choices, that not everyone agrees with.  This forces people to take 2 "black or white" sides.  People had to pick 1 or the other.
    1. The hole is so small that only a missile or no plane hit the Pentagon.  0% of the damage was from Flight 77.
    2. The hole is as large as one would expect from a crash.  100% of the damage was from the Flight 77.
    Neither choice has been satisfying to everyone. If we go with #1, we are forced to discount those who saw a Boeing 757.  If we go with #2, we are forced to discount the statements of General Stubblebine, main stream news broadcasters, and others who remark on the less-than-expected debris.  People had to take sides.
    But there is a 3rd possibility, a "gray" possibility.  The size can be somewhere in between.  The damage could still be from a 757 and make a smaller hole.  Explosives would fragment the plane, and lessen the impact.  Explosives in the Pentagon did the remainder of the damage. Whether the damage was mitigated 25%, 40%, 60% or whatever remains to be determined.  My theory approximates that 33% of the damage was caused by explosives in the plane and 66% by explosives in the Pentagon.  But it could have been 50% - 50%, 60% - 40% or whatever.   We are just not limited to 2 choices: 100% versus 0%.
    911Review was a major inspiration for this theory, read years ago.  A review of the Review provides evidence fully supporting this new theory.  (Although the Review is limited to the old "100% versus 0%" thinking.)
    The publicly available photographic evidence is fully supportive of this theory:  everything from main stream news, to the frames released by the Pentagon. 
    The 96' gash on the first floor was made by the plane, along with pre-planted explosives, according to this theory.  There is no more need for a "black or white" choice - either plane, or explosives.  It was a combination of both. 
    It is important for the truth movement to have a plausible theory that unifies the opposing sides.   This theory accommodates the best and most evidence and testimony of both sides, the North of Citgo and the Plane hit the Pentagon. 
    Forcing people into an artificial limit of 2 choices is what has wasted time.  There are really 3 choices. 
    We don't have to pick from a "menu of 2 choices" any more.  Some percentage of the damage was caused by explosives in the plane, and the remainder by explosives in the Pentagon.  The only question is what percentage was done by each.

    Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, but not with the full impact of an intact plane.  It was Flight 77 - partially exploded.

    Materials and Situations needed to pull off 9/11:

    Boeing aircraft capable of being flown by remote control
    19 Hijackers who think they are doing a hijacking to land and make demands, or
        Covert Agents who think they are helping to catch hijackers and will not be prosecuted.
    Explosives in a suit case, trigger to go off before impact (Pentagon) or after impact (WTCs)
    Gas to be released in to cabin by remote control to knock out crew, passengers and hijackers
    6 War game simulations to confuse NORAD and air defense, and provide plausible cover
    Opportunity to pre-plant explosives under a plausible cover
        WTCs: ACE Elevator Company working in the elevator shafts and ceiling panels of WTC
        Pentagon: Renovations of Accounting Wing of the Pentagon


    This paper presents a plausible Explosives Filled Plane & Pentagon Theory referred to by the acronym PPE-NOC-SLP-PIP.  This means that there were Pre Planted Explosives (PPE), with Staging Light Poles (SLP) including the taxi window, with a plane passing North Of Citgo, and the Plane Impacted the Pentagon.  One variation proposes the plane had passengers.  Another proposes it was a drone, substituted when Flight 77 went off radar, as hypothesized by Dr. David Griscom

    Either way, this theory accommodates the largest number of witness statements, and the physical evidence.  Both views, the North Of Citgo and the Plane Impacting Pentagon are true.  Not one or the other. 

    The plane did about 1/3 of the damage, and explosives did the other 2/3, approximately.  Now we can all shake hands, and work together to get a New Investigation of the events of 9/11.

    Now we have a better idea of what happened at the Pentagon.
    Now it is time to Write Your Congressman
    Demand a New 9/11 Investigation
    To get the complete answers

    A Better Way to Build an Invincible America
    If little Afghanistan cannot be conquered in 10 years,
    America is already Invincible to attack by anyone.
    We don't need such a military presence or weapons.
    We need creativity, intelligence, and peace.




    Official 9/11 Commission Report - PDF - Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Zelikow - PentaCon, C.R., A. M.
    Pump It Forum - Jeffrey Hill
    A New 9/11 Hypothesis - Dr. David Griscom
    Major General Albert Stubblebine, Natural Solutions Foundation

    911 Planes Exceeded Their Software Limits / Cell Phone Calls Could Not Have Been Made

    How rogue elements in the Military Industrial Complex pulled off the biggest "protection racket"
    scheme for "job security" in history, and fooled over 300 million Americans for almost 10 years.

    Look!  Up in the sky, and the Pentagon!
    Was it a Bomb?
    Was it a Plane? 
    It was a Bomb AND a Plane!


    Your ideas are most welcome
    We're all in this investigation together

    email to


    Old Abstract

    The Explosives Filled Plane & Pentagon Theory (EFP&PT) proposes two scenarios of a remote controlled plane with explosives in the baggage compartment: 1) Flight 77 itself with gas to knock out the passengers and crew, or 2) a drone plane substituted during the radar and transponder blackout (accounting for its flying so fast). The explosives blew its wings, tail and engines into bits, just prior to impact. The explosion created a suddenly wingless plane, blown into smaller parts, thus creating a smaller hole without distinct wing or tail marks.






    remote controlled plastic explosives blew about 20 windows at once, balanced with 10 each side of the fuselage, so the plane would stay level, and equalize drag. 

    The Explosives Filled Plane & Pentagon Theory (EFP&PT) proposes the planes were the actual planes specified, but remotely detonated explosives were loaded in the luggage in the baggage compartment.  They blew its wings, tail and engines to bits, just prior to impact, creating a smaller hole. Explosives in the Pentagon, planted during the renovation, did the rest of the damage of the damage.