Upcoming Debates about September 11, 2001
from various perspectives and professions

Those who know the truth are confident to speak publicly in debate

"Encourage substantive debate on the evidence by knowledgeable proponents of all points of view."
Dr. Carl Sagan in his Baloney Detection Kit     The Sage Sagans
Sagan's Debating Tips - Logical Fallacies to be aware of and avoid

We support open debate about 9/11
"The way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion,
but allow very lively debate within that spectrum."  Noam Chomsky (PhD, MIT Professor)
Note: Richard Gage presented the Collected Articles On Nine Eleven to Dr. Chomsky

9/11 Physics Debate for 2018

Accepting nominations for a challenger to debate Physics and Mathematics
Professor David Chandler, Master of Science, California Polytechnic University
Coordinator for ScientistsFor911Truth.org
   more videos by Professor Chandler

Basic physics experiments prove 9/11 was an Inside Job

Debate Resolution: The Bush Story of 9/11 about the complete collapse of
the World Trade Center towers violated Newton's Laws of Motion
Therefore, we need a new, scientific, official investigation.

Debate challengers must be a Professor of Physics or at least a
Masters degree in Physics from an accredited university
or Hirsch Index >= 5

Professor David Chandler wins the 9/11 Physics Debate for 2018
No Lies Radio Show to Debate@ANETA.org
2014 debate 
2015 debate
2016 Debate
2017 Debate
2018 Debate

Honorarium  prize is .00911 Bitcoin sponsored by the Shaddock Foundation
and Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness


Steven Jones, PhD9/11 Physics Debate for 2017
March 14, 2017 - Einstein's Birthday

Dr. Steven Jones
PhD, Physics, Vanderbilt, Professor Emeritus, BYU, h=13
Articles published in independent peer reviewed journals questioning 9/11

Dr. Kevin Barrett's No Lies Radio show
Click to hear the audio of Dr. Jones and Dr. Barrett

thermitic material (explosive residue) found in the dust of the WTC


Basic physics experiments prove 9/11 was an Inside Job

Debate Resolution: The Bush Story of 9/11 about the complete collapse of
the World Trade Center towers violated Newton's Laws of Motion
Therefore, we need a new, scientific, official investigation.

Accepting challengers with a PhD in Physics and Hirsch >=10
to debate on Dr. Kevin Barrett's No Lies Radio show. Email to rick@aneta.org

9/11 Physics Debate for 2016
Winner: Dr. Crockett Grabbe (PhD, Physics, CalTech, h=11)

March 14, 2016 - Einstein's Birthday
3rd Annual 9/11 Physics Debate
Broadcast on Dr. Kevin Barrett's radio show
www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFJvoDRXhE8Debate Resolution: The Bush Story of 9/11 about the complete collapse of
the World Trade Center towers violated Newton's Laws of Motion

Now accepting qualified nominations to debate 
Dr. Crockett Grabbe (PhD, Physics, CalTech)
Author of 13 books including  "How the WTC was Really Demolished"
Anatomy of Mass Murders and National Swindle of the World Trade Center
Who was ACE Elevator Company - working in the shafts 1994-2001/9/11
Over 1000 scientific publications from over 40 years of research

Challenger Requirements: 1) PhD in Physics from an accredited university
2) At least 10 papers published in independent scientific research journals
3) Hirsch Index or i10 Index of at least 10
3) Membership in the American Physical Society or international equivalent

Qualified candidates who want to defend the Bush Story of 9/11 (BS911)
please respond with curriculum vitae to Rick Shaddock Rick@ANETA.org

The winner, decided by vote of the physicists invited from 28 universities and 2 societies
(click graphic on left) will receive .911 Bitcoin, up to a value of US$1000, for charity.

video about the Invitations


Photograph of A.K. Dewdney www.physics911.ca - by Professor A. K. Dewdney

Advertising for a challenger
for the 9/11 Physics Debate

Invitations have been emailed with a follow up phone call to the
physics departments of the following universities and societies.

Messages have been posted on

(High IQ Society)  forum

(formerly JREF, disowned by Randi)

(Michael Shermer's)  thread

Continued debate discussion:
(founder: Alex Tsakiris)

individual email addresses available















9/11 Professional Engineers Debate Proposal

Challenging any PhD in Engineering, PE, or SE to a debate about the collapse of the WTC towers on 9/11

World Trade Center
Building 7
Experiment and Evaluation Project


An independent and open scientific investigation of the collapse of World Trade Center 7 on 9/11.  Class photos

Professor Leroy Hulsey, Ph.D.
Doctorate in Structural Engineering
PE - Professional Engineer
SE - Structural Engineer

Department of Civil Engineering
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Outstanding Teaching Awards

Interested and qualified PhD, PE or SE please send CV to info@ANETA.org

9/11 Physics Debate for 2015

Dr. Griscom Wins Again in 2015
NASA, DARPA, and U.S. Navy Physicist
Click here for the audio

The 9/11 Physics Debate was first announced on January 11, 2014.
For the 2nd year, no PhDs in Physics have come forward to defend the
Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) - the Bush Story of 9/11 (BS911).

9/11 Physics Debate III
March 14, 2015
Albert Einstein's Birthday
Pi Day = 3/14/15  (3.1415...)

Dr. David Griscom (PhD, Physics, Brown University)
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Fellow of the American Physical Society, Fulbright Fellow
Professor of Physics, University of Arizona, 3 in France
Hirsch Index = 52   He has published over 190 papers in
peer reviewed scientific journals  DavidGriscom.com - vitae
Winner of the March 15, 2014 debate I by default
Winner of the September 11, 2014 debate II by default

Others physicists who speak out and write for 9/11 Truth
 Dr. Crockett Grabbe (PhD, Physics, CalTech)
Dr. John Wyndham (PhD, Physics, Cambridge University)
and more physicists at ScientistsFor911Truth.org

Qualified candidates who want to defend the Bush Story of 9/11 (BS911)
please respond with curriculum vitae to info@ANETA.org

ANETA is still looking for any PhD in Physics with a Hirsch Index >= 40
This requirement has been reduced from H >=50 to make it easier to find a challenger

It takes qualified physicists to properly evaluate a debate on physics,
so the winner will be voted on by physicists from 30 top universities.

Debate will be broadcast on Dr. Kevin Barrett's No Lies Radio show.
as was done for the 9/11 Physics Debate I on March 15, 2014.
Not a Single Top Physicist is Willing to Defend the Official Story
2014 debate 
2015 debate
The winner will received .911 Bitcoin
to the charity of his choice as an honorarium
such as 911CrashTest.org or MarkBasile.org

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Debate is sponsored by ANETA

9/11 Truth Outreach Extends Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s
Debate Challenge to Colleges and Universities


The Challenge is for $500 and is open to tenured professors in schools of physical science, architecture or engineering to publicly endorse and explain NIST's NCSTAR 1A analysis. Tenured professors who would champion the NCSTAR 1A analysis as technically sound are invited to apply.

The flyer is here:

Press TV: Sabrosky vs. Budowsky

9/11 Debate between Dr. Alan Sabrosky (USMC) and Brent Bukowsky

Former link: http://www.veteranstruthnetwork.com/index.php/false-flags/item/412-press-tv-9-11-debate-alan-sabrosky-vs-brent-budowsky
Brent at 10 minute point: "Well, I'm always suspicious of everything in a situation like this.
I'm always on the look out about everything in this kind of a thing...
I'd like to hear what anyone else thinks actually happened."
Because, believe me, I've read all the conspiracy theories."  (Here is a list.)

Kenneth O'Keefe's Debate Challenge

Mark Ragev
Spokesman Israel's Prime Minister's Office (PMO)






Kenneth O'Keefe
U.S. Marine Corps - now a Peace Activist

Let me also extend an open invitation to Israeli, British, and American government representatives so as to challenge me on on any point I make on this program or future programs, with a special invitation to Israeli spokesperson Mark Ragev, who I will devote an entire program to one-on-one debate, if he has the courage to take me up on it.

The first thing to discuss about 9/11 is the fact that this event is quite possibly the greatest mind control event in human history. 20:07
Poll after poll makes it very clear that more and more people to not trust the official account of 9/11.   21:19
Despite all the mass media deception, people are seeing straight through the lies and regaining the capacity to think and process information intelligently.  This is absolutely critical.    21:40

Rosie's 9/11 Debate on The View

I do believe it defies Physics for the World Trade Center Tower 7, Building7, which collapsed in on itself. 
It is impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives being involved. 
World Trade Building 7.  WTC 1 and 2 got hit by planes. 
Seven, miraculously, for the first time in history steel was melted by fire.  It is physically impossible. 
Get a physics expert here from Yale, from Harvard. Pick the school.  It defies reason.

Rosie O'Donnell on The View  www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNl964zavcA  5:00 min.

There should be 1000's of physicists clamoring to defend the U.S. Government story.
It would show patriotism, and might even help them get Government research grants. 
But where are they?     Who will debate Dr. David Griscom on behalf of the BS911?

9/11 Engineering Debate

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is offering credentialed building professionals a 9/11 Debate Challenge — an opportunity to publicly endorse the National Construction Safety Team Act Report 1A (NCSTAR 1A), titled Final Report on the Collapse of the World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7) and published in November 2008 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The winner will be determined by audience vote
and will receive $1000 for the charity of his choice

Sponsored by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Credentialed Professionals Need Only Apply

To respond:  DebateChallenge@AE911Truth.org
Wayne Coste, P.E.  Board Member of AE911Truth


Foreign Policy Debate

Michael Lane
Founder of the American Institute for Foreign Policy

Art Olivier
Engineer and Candidate for California Governor


September 11, 2014

Plane / No Plane Debate

Resolved: Two large planes hit the World Trade Center
www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_x7-W4mndc    July 18, 2013

Arguing the Negative

Arguing the Affirmative

Dr. James Fetzer

Dick Eastman

9/11 Debate on C-SPAN
www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sjj03pvlbq4  - May 7, 2012

Jonathan Kay
Author of "Among the Truthers"

Webster Tarpley
Author of "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA"

David Frum - Moderator
Editor FrumForum.com

Peter Ernest - Host
Director of International Spy Museum

Howard Stern and Jesse Ventura

Howard Stern

debated JFK, 9/11, and other issues


9/11 Debate: Popular Mechanics vs. Loose Change

Popular Mechanics

James Meigs

David Dunbar

For the Bush Story of 9/11

September 11, 2006

Backup video

Host: Amy Goodman
Democracy Now show

Loose Change

Jason Bermas

Dylan Avery

For a New Investigation of 9/11
Producer: Korey Rowe
Loose Change Video
Version 2

No Planes vs Planes Debate

Norma Rae
"All Theories Welcomed" Facebook group administrator
Supports No Plane theory
Rick Shaddock
"All Theories Not Welcomed - Except Norma's" Facebook forum
Supports simple Remote Control Take Over theory

911 Computer Consultants Debate

Frank of JREF vs Rick of ANETA

Frank and Rick have been friends since 1985
both working as computer consultants in Washington DC
and for the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex.

They agree on many things such as the value of computers and meditation,
yet they disagree dramatically about 9/11 debating in hundreds
of email messages and on JREF and SkepticForum.org

Host: Dr. Kevin Barrett,   No Lies Radio

RESULT: Frank refused to show up or answer his phone
at the time of the debate even after a 2 hour extension was given.
Later he claimed the topic was "not worthy of consideration",
not even for .911 to the charity of his choice.

With the hour that Dr. Barrett had reserved on his show
Rick discussed 9/11, digital currency, and meditation.



Hear them debate Friday night 7:00 pm Eastern Time
August 15, 2014 and YOU vote for the winner

Vote for the Winner of .911 Bitcoin

Dr. Barrett's $2000 Debate Challenge

Kevin Barrett's Debate Challenge


Offering a $1000 $2000 honorarium to any qualified University of Wisconsin teacher (professor, lecturer, or teaching assistant) who defends the 9/11 Commission Report in a debate with blacklisted instructor Dr. Kevin Barrett.

To respond: kbarrett(at)merr(dot)com

University of Wisconsin
Home of the Badgers

9/11 Chemistry Debate

Shambrook - Harritt

9/11: What Really Happened?
April 1, 2014  19:00-21:00
University of Kent, UK
Dr. Niels Harrit vs. Edward Shambrook


9/11 Physics Debate I

Introducing the Debate and
advertising for a Challenger for Dr. David Griscom

March 2, 2014

The 9/11 Physics Debate
David Griscom shows up, ready to debate
March 15, 2014 at 12:00

Barrett_Griscom_2014_03_02.mp3 - audio
Barrett_Griscom_2014_03_02.wmv - video
YouTube.com = X1yogXSpyFM - YouTube

BarrettGriscom_2014_03_15.mp3 - audio
BarrettGriscom_2014_03_15.wmv  - video
YouTube.com = _m8XaLdGKBw  - YouTube

Mohr - Gage Debate

 Rev. Chris Mohr
235 points about the World Trade Center

Richard Gage, AIA
Founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Kaplan - Barrett Debate on Press TV

Lee Kaplan, investigative journalist from Berkley

Dr. Kevin Barrett, an American author and political expert in Madison, Wisconsin

Mackey - Szamboti Engineers Debate
on Ronald Wieck's HardFire Show

This debate between Ryan Mackey and Tony Szamboti
was monitored by official story supporter Ronald Wieck on his Hardfire show.


Richard Gage, AIA, San Francisco Bay area architect and founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth debates Mark Roberts.  July 22, 2008.



Mark Roberts
on Ronald Wieck's HardFire Show

Mark Roberts vs. Richard Gage

James Fetzer,PhD vs. Mark Roberts

April 17, 2007

Hosted by Ronald Wieck

Fly Over vs. Fly Into Pentagon Debate
Points of Agreement and Disagreement  (12-Jul-2012)

Fly Over

Craig Ranke
Citizen Investigation Team (CIT)
Los Angeles, California

Fly Into

Rick Shaddock
Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness (ANETA)
Washington, DC

The official Bush Story of 9/11 (BS911) is a lie.
Plane flew North of the Citgo gas station
Explosives were planted inside during remodeling.
The downed light poles were staged.

The official Bush Story of 9/11 (BS911) is a lie.
Plane flew North of the Citgo gas station
Explosives were planted inside during remodeling.
The downed light poles were staged.

Craig proposes that the plane flew over the Pentagon.
Small hole in Pentagon means plane flew over the roof.

Flight 77 taken over by Remote Control using Boeing's patented technology
Small hole in Pentagon could result from plane exploding just prior to impact.

Craig and Aldo Marquis flew from California to the Pentagon area, at their own expense, to make interviews of many eye witnesses, and documented many important facts on CitizenInvestigationTeam.org.  Two Pentagon Police officers witnessed the plane passing north of the Citgo gas station, contrary to the official story.  Craig interviewed the cab driver whose window was allegedly hit by light poles near the Pentagon, and exposes the fraud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnboQNTHTYM  Part 1 (15 min)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=chUECF3paEU  Part 2 (15 min)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sOYFVR3b5Y  Full debate (2 hours)

Ken Doc's 15 Hard Facts $1000 Challenge

"I am offering the FIRST person $1000 if they can fully debunk this list of 9/11 Facts!"

Respectful debate leads both sides to truth

9/11 Commission - the biggest lie in American history

Disagreement Hierarchy

from Dr. Paul Graham (PhD, Computer Science, Harvard) 

Debating Tips
Logical Fallacies to be aware of and avoid
by Dr. Carl Sagan

Ben Shapiro's 7 techniques to win a debate

How Dr. Jordan Peterson wins an argument

Sponsored by the Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness
1629 K Street NW, Suite 319, Washington, DC  20006