9/11 Recipe: Top 10 Ingredients

How to stage a False Flag Operation, fool billions of people, and terrorize peaceful American citizens into supporting massive increases in military spending, reduction of civil liberties, and wars of aggression.

# Description of Ingredient Purpose Graphic
1. Ability to Remote Control planes, including Lock Out of Navigation and Communication, installed during jet maintenance and preparation For computer controlled, speedy, accurate crashes into buildings with no hesitation, to be the "cause" of collapses

2. High tech explosives, such as nano-thermite and/or similar "bunker busters" with wireless, computer controlled detonation, hidden in elevator shafts and ceiling panels Pre-planted in the WTC 1, 2, and 7 plus west wing of the Pentagon


Construction modernization projects at the WTCs (ACE Elevator  Company) and Pentagon (west wall strengthening).

Cover story to allow workers months to plant explosives

4. Landlord of WTCs willing to commit insurance fraud for billions.
Generals willing to sacrifice accountants at the Pentagon, and to order military guards to prevent monitoring of workers
Cooperation of Larry Silverstein to plant explosives, control security and keep anyone from monitoring workers

5. Hire "devout" Muslims as Informants to infiltrate suspected terrorist groups and ask them to get on planes to fly to L.A. for a meeting. Use them to as the scape goats to blame 9/11 on, and their DNA found in the crashes


Realistic Voice Morphing technology in real time, using an array of super computers, and background information on family members of some scheduled passengers

Fake the cell phone calls, as has been done at Los Alamos National Laboratory
and get the "official story" to the public

7. Schedule many NORAD drills going on to confuse military defense

Make sure no fighter jets intercept the passenger planes

8. Control of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the 9/11 Commission Make a scientific cover up story under guidance of Philip Zelikow, using tools such as Dr. Sham Sunder

9. Control of major media, and actors to testify as "eye witnesses" Cover up story about Bin Laden etc.

10. Ability to pay off, dissuade, or terminate (through "accident", "natural" heart attack dart or "suicide") anyone who comes forward Protect the Official Story.  Take out:
Barry Jennings, Hunter S. Thompson, Danny Jowenko, Philip Marshall

These ingredients show how 9/11 was done.
1. "Hijackers" were Muslim informants for the FBI, simply flying to LA for their next assignment.
2. Remote Control takeover of planes with pilot Lock Out of Navigation and Communications.
3. Everyone on board could scream, but no one could hear, as the planes crashed with computer controlled precision, speed, and unemotion.
4. Voice morphing of calls to relatives got out the hijackers and box cutter story to the public.
5. Explosives, pre-planted during construction projects, collapsed the entire buildings.
6. Media blamed the total collapses on the planes, and put the blame on former CIA asset Bin Laden.

Top 11 Mistakes of the Perpetrators of 9/11
The Best Laid Plans Often Go Astray

# Blunder Consequence
1. Flight 93 remote control malfunctioned, or pilots were able to regain control of the plane.  It had to be shot down, or explosives in the baggage compartment were remotely detonated. Flight 93 was not able to hit WTC 7, so it had to be brought down suspiciously.
2. Flight 77 was too far North of the Citgo gas station near the Pentagon It did not go over the light poles as planned.
3. Too much explosives, causing massive dust clouds and horizontal ejection of steel beams weighing tons It was obvious that the WTCs came down by controlled demolition
4. Larry Silverstein interviewed on PBS and said "they decided to pull it, and we watched the building collapse" Larry gave away the fact that WTC 7 was a controlled demolition
5. Lloyd England's taxi cab hood was unscratched despite a light pole supposedly going through the wind shield. Shows that the light pole and taxi cab incident was staged.
6. NORAD generals did not anticipate such a 9/11 inquiry and had to submit 3 different versions of their timeline story. This shows at least 2 of the timelines are lies.
7. Muslim undercover informants, such as Zacarias Moussaoui, were discovered by FBI Agents such as Coleen Rowley and reported to Robert Mueller Mueller had to order the investigation terminated, raising suspicions
8. The "dancing Israelis" were seen photographing and celebrating the WTC collapses by a neighbor How did they know there was going to be something significant to photograph?
9. Did not predict YouTube.com which was introduced in 2005. People can analyze broadcasts and videos from 9/11/2001 in great detail, and see inconsistencies.
10 Thinking we will forget and give up. There will be a trial, and the perpetrators will be brought to justice.
11 The script of the collapse of WTC 7 got to Jayne Stanley of BBC about 20 minutes too soon She read that WTC 7 collapse while it was still standing.

Criminals always make mistakes
because they are violating natural law.
A good detective finds them